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Assassination Tango Reviews

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May 14, 2009
Does a legendary actor deserve the chance to indulge as writer/director? If it's Robert Duvall, and he uses Kathy Baker and himself with a ponytail, I guess I can let it slide. Would I recommend watching said picture? No. I wanted him to succeed, but he takes no risks and elicits no emotions as writer, director, or actor! A major disappointment.
April 28, 2008
Robert Duval, a hired gun, is captivated by tango dancing in a trip to Buenos Aires. Dangers are mellowed by the presence of attractive women. The tango dancing, at the end of the film, is impacting.
December 7, 2013
Very boring and it didn't have much of a plot. The only interesting part was watching the tango dancers.
September 27, 2013
Robert Duvall, gives himself the free-rein to explore idiosyncrasies a successful and respected aging contract killer deserves. In the same spirit, the interwoven habits of the aging and respected director, actor, and character in the movie are explored with persuasive honesty to provide a rare authenticity. The "tango is life" metaphor ripples through the film as the movement in tango and those of his preparation to conduct a hit resonate with each other. Dissonances are tolerated ("welcome to Argentina") as he applies himself to learning tango. Seemingly mutually exclusive threads in his personality are partly reconciled as the complex, mutually aware nature of partners in tango become more fully understood. In the end it is beautiful in a gritty way
August 7, 2012
enjoyed, good story - love Robert Duvall
January 8, 2011
Enjoyable romp with Robert Duvall. Great music.
November 27, 2010
Horrible movie. Horrible actress. Duvall's worst performance.
October 20, 2010
Wtf happened? The panther was the only go part of the movie and even then I didnt understand why the panther was there.
todd b.
February 6, 2010
Ever since I saw this movie a couple years ago I have wanted to go to Argentina to learn the tango. I thought this movie was great and well done.
Reprieved Soul
May 1, 2009
Intense study of a brutalised killer mellowing.
April 20, 2005
March 6, 2004
WARNING: I am about to reveal this film's secrets and ending because it isn't worth sitting through.

It seems that an increasing number of actors are finding the funding to produce their own movies, often directing as well as starring in them. (In this case Mr. Duvall also wrote the screenplay.) Some of these movies remind one of the "vanity press" business in which anybody can have their book published by paying for it themselves. Of course, some of these vanity productions have value only to their authors.

Assassination Tango suffers in the plot area. Why on earth would a group of Argentinian dissedents hire a hit man from New York? A guy who's never been in their country nor speaks its language? Who are they and where'd they get the money? We're told the intended victim is an unpunished criminal from the former military regime so the motive seems simple vengeance. All this assassination plot is sketchy in a way that doesn't encourage curiousity. The secret police are good enough to discover the hit man's identity and hotel, but aren't good enough to discover that he's moved across the street. The hit man hangs around in broad daylight and plain sight on a roof over the victim's back yard without being noticed. He gets to the victim and escapes efforlessly. He kills one guy at the airport who isn't missed by anyone, boards a plane without anyone else looking for him, and goes home to live happily ever after.

It also suffers from poor characterization. The victim is little more than a face to us. The plotters, dancers, and other Argentinians fill space. The hit man's girlfriend is incredibly gullible and lovey. Her 10-year-old daughter Way Too Precious.

The hit man himself, John, is ridiculous. A Man of Two Faces, he's one part cold blooded killer, one part doting mama's-boyfriend. He's portrayed as a loving grandfather figure to the girl and a distant father figure to her mom. He breaks his promise to the girl to make her birthday party because he's too busy killing someone. He forgets the girl's birthday present while chasing the tango dancers and cheating on her mom with a whore. He seems like bad news for a nice lady and her sweet daughter. He struts around acting tough to guys generations younger than himself. He comes across as too old for any of his roles. He's [I]always [/I] in front of the camera.

I guess all of us may end up wishing we'd been better people; tougher, sexier, more loving, more lovable, better dancers, whatever. Just because some turn these wishes into movies doesn't mean we need to see the embarassing results. There are better films on assassination and on the tango.
February 9, 2004
Robert Duvall wrote and directed Assassination Tango, a movie about a 71 year old hitman, who loves kids and the Tango. Its a wonder this movie didn't make more money! Who wouldn't want to see something like this. Duvall's character is assigned a "hit" of an Argentinian General and he goes to Argentina to complete the job. While there he discovers the Tango and proceeds to divide the rest of his time in the country between learning the dance and planning the hit. This movie is really two in one and neither of them work. The assassination part of the film might have been interesting if more time had been spent developing that part of a story. Remarkably, however, the assassination is really an afterthought in this film. The real story here is the Tango and that's where the movie loses its way. You can tell Duvall loves the dance because he spends so much time during the movie having his character learn and practice it. In one scene he spends all night talking to people about the Tango: it really looked like a Mister Rogers segement when Rogers go to someone's place of business to learn more about what that person does. In the children's show it was charming.. in this movie its kind of creepy.

This movie was pretty bad... I would not recommend... Onless of course you love Duvall and the Tango.
December 27, 2003
[b] I just wasted my money :mad: renting this terrible movie [Assassination Tango] starring one of my favorite actors, Robert Duvall. To say I was disappointed and bored to death is a gross understatement! :rotten: But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong...not!:D[/b]
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