Assault of the Killer Bimbos Reviews

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September 6, 2010
A stupid and simple story, but it does have a few funny scenes, so I sort of liked it too. Overall it's just okay.
June 22, 2010
The characters aren't so smart, and the plot is kind of simple, but there are some funny scenes. It's kind of amazing how the cops are even more stupid than the three main "bimbo" girls. There is a good ending, but I don't know if this movie is really worth watching. Overall, it's an okay movie, but nothing special.
June 18, 2011
I think it's fair to say that it would be very difficult for this movie to disappoint since the title sets up expectations perfectly. It's an extremely slight action comedy with the expected nudity and not a lot more. Eddie Deezen appears as a sheriff's deputy which probably tells you all you really need to know.
May 23, 2010
When this appeared on television I simply watched because the title was so daft ... surprised to find something genuinely lively, witty and funny. No need to be pretentious; high rating!
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