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A movie whose effects are clearly revolutionary, a spectacle that millions will find adventure in. But it nevertheless feels unsatisfying and somehow lacks the pulse of a truly alive film.

December 11, 2009 Full Review Source: Associated Press | Comments (61)
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Phil McGroin

Its 89% Matthew....hmmm....looks like your little theory is getting shot down

Dec 11 - 05:03 PM


Ian Browne

Changed to fresh, I see why, the review isn't all that negative, only a couple of points against it, despite the meh rating.

Dec 11 - 05:08 PM


Sean Pak

Schnoogs, no offense, but Matthew has won the debate. Just an impartial observation of what you two have been saying, that's all.

Even the most ardent of Cameron fans will agree that the storytelling/scripts for Aliens, Titanic and Abyss weren't strong points at all. They were good enough, but it is agreed to be Cameron's weakness. Those films are so praised because they have endearing characters, are well-made, have great FX, and great action. But don't trick yourself into thinking Cameron is a great screen-writer.

From how it sounds from the negative AND positive reviews, Avatar seems to be in similar territory. Overall great experience, but with a marked discrepancy between plot and presentation. Oh well. I loved Cameron's other films so I'll probably love this one.

Dec 11 - 06:07 PM


Phil McGroin

HAHAHAHAH!!! He won the debate? He was shot down entirely. Are you a sock puppet of his? A friend?


You don't think Cameron is a great screen writer?


What a moron.

Dec 11 - 06:17 PM


First Last

Oh my word!

It's got negative reviews!

If the tomatometer drops below 91%, that means I can't see the movie!

who gives a crap about the tomatometer? - it's the reviews themselves and the reviewers you trust that will determine mostly whether you watch a film.

This film, most people will see anyway - even if it gets 25% on the tomatometer when all the reviews are counted.

Dec 11 - 07:59 PM


Phil McGroin

90% now...hmmm....Matthew said it was average though.

Dec 11 - 08:31 PM


Matt Perri

I have zero interest in the movie. It looks like everything George Lucas left on the cutting room floor and got put together by Pixar.

I'm just not impressed by any ads for it. That said, I really do hope Cameron succeeds to make better films.

Dec 11 - 11:56 PM


Phil McGroin

good for you?

HEy Matthew...it's up to 91%. But you said it was average?

Dec 12 - 07:48 AM

Bill F.

Bill Floyd

Jesus, Schnoogs. You're missing Matthew's point entirely...

As an outsider from the entire thread who hasn't had any predispositions towards liking/dislking Avatar, and just by reading these posts: Matthew's arguments are far more valid. He wins, dude.

Dec 12 - 09:10 AM


Phil McGroin

HAHAHHA! He's dead wrong but he wins?

The movie is now 92% but he claimed it's average...in your world that equals winning. That tells me all i need to know about you.

Another idiot.

Dec 12 - 09:45 AM


Alsan Ali

Yes, you can be dead wrong and still win. It's called debating.

Or politics, but that's a different story.

Dec 12 - 03:36 PM


Rafael Rivera

Matthew the hype of this movie was and is about the new technology and the way JC used it in the movie to create a fantastic world. We knew since we saw the trailer the story was simple and not new. If you are a guy that get offended when movies talk bad about humanity because there bad with nature, military people don't think or blah blah I don't give a peanut. When I go to movies I just try to have fun a I don't care about references unless are directly offensive(ex. latino people suck). JC used good stories in Terminator 1 and 2 and his other movies stories are just simple but he has the ability to convert a simple story in a boxoffice hit( ex. True Lies, Titanic) at thats no easy to do.

Dec 11 - 10:49 PM

Zachary P.

Zachary P

Calm down, fanboys. I WANT this movie to be amazing...however, since I first read up on it, I had some concerns that the story would be underwhelming. It looks like that's kind of the case, but you know what? I'm still going to see it in IMAX 3D...because it certainly seems like it delivers on the promise of the spectacular visuals it's promised. So stop defending it by just assuming it's perfect before you see it.

Dec 12 - 09:33 AM


Colt Johnson

In regards to movie-goers relying on the reviews to make the decision to view or not to view, they don't. If you look at movies like Transformers 2, All About Steve, or G.I. Joe, those movies took #1 in the box office, but had mainly negative reviews. If people want to see Avatar and a few critics say "It's over-the-top, don't see it!" then they will go see it.

Dec 12 - 10:36 AM


Justin Miller


Maturity is a trump card.

Dec 12 - 11:21 AM


Phil McGroin

Being right is the only trump card worth playing.

Movie is still 90% and the reviews keep calling it amazing. Hmmmm....does that sound average as Matthew suggested?

Dec 12 - 05:23 PM

Andrew D.

Andrew D


I just HAD to register to inform you: you're a flaming idiot. Matthew D. does remind me of the type of nerdy and slightly annoying fellow that talks to me about random subjects that I have no interest in, but there's nothing inherently malicious about that. You, on the other hand, immediately brand others as biased, make personal insults, and discard differing opinions as stupidity, all in an apparent effort to make an arse out of yourself. And what a fine job of it you've done.



P.S.: No one put me up to this, though you'll probably claim otherwise.

Dec 12 - 11:00 PM

electric snow girl

arisa cox

...and I just HAD to register to respond to this nonsense. I don't know either of these cats but am thoroughly amused.

Schnoogs = made total, complete, obvious sense. And made me laugh while doing it.

Matthew = so desperate to hate Avatar that he posts 'evidence of suckage' WITHOUT having seen the movie yet. Huh? And I'm guessing that reference to The Dark Knight means his Batman hard-on has banned him from considering any other movie actually good? Even if a ton of highly respected critics can't help but love it even if it's not puuuuurfect? It's called drinking 'haterade' and you sir, are drunk on it. I really hope you watch it and hate hate hate it. I hope you refuse to enjoy one moment of a superfun, decade-ending honest-to-goodness event/experience film after a year of ****tastic movies that made bajillions of dollars.

Life's too short to be so damn miserable.

Dec 12 - 11:40 PM


Rafael Rivera

Why people see propaganda in every film made this days my god!!!!!!. Obama won so get over it and wait for next election to vote for the other guy!!!!!! And if people don't give a **** about contamination and how corporations are destroying evrything in our world and want to life in a toilet so go ahead is your life!!!!! The overhyped of the movie is for the technology used to create this world and if JC made good use of it in the movie is going to sell because the story is simple like Titanic. If you really like movies you should watch the movie the way it is great futuristic action romance fun and fantasy, remember fantasy. I heard people calling the Navy unrealistic and smurfy so can this people tell me how a fantasy world with aliens should look like. This is a movie, fake for Christ sake.

Dec 13 - 08:28 AM


Phil McGroin

Another moron. Matthew claimed it would be average yet it STILL is over 90%. He also claimed that movies have grossed more than Titanic which is flat out wrong.

He's an idiot...you on the other hand are an even bigger idiot for taking the time to register an account just to side with a known idiot.

Dec 13 - 09:54 PM

Brad E.

Brad Evans

Based on a different reviewer's comments (Ebert), the movie comparison for Avatar is Star Wars. If true, the criticism of the storyline or characters is beside the point; the purpose of the movie is to set a new standard for special effects and their impact on moviemaking in general, much as Star Wars did. Remember, Star Wars was heavily criticized for being a 2-dimensional space western with little originality in storytelling or depth of character. Today, we appreciate Star Wars for its impact on the last 30 years of filmmaking, and appreciate the story and characters as just the mechanism to set the effects in motion.

Dec 12 - 02:04 PM

Nicholas M.

Nicholas Maddon

I like how we have all these random comments popping up defending this "mathew" guy who made a series of long winded idiot comments. The short of it is this "assclown" guy or "schnoogs" or whoever he is called out the guy for making stupid comparisons and bashing a director with one of the best portfolio in Hollywood. Saying movies like Terminator had no story? Give me a break, did you want a flipping character drama with emotional robots?.....get real. There is a reason idiots like that could never get payed to be critics.

Dec 13 - 06:48 PM


Sean Pak

Hey AssKlown (your user name is accurate, I'll give you that) and everyone else who is anti-Matthew and hating on those of us defending him:

I DON'T agree with Matthew that the film will be seen as "average" and get a tomatometer in the 70s. I never said that at all. What did I say I agreed with? Look back at my first comment. Just the fact that Cameron isn't a perfect filmmaker/writer. However, yes, he still makes great movies DESPITE that. I even said I love his films, even Titanic, Aliens and The Abyss, where the writing and characterizations were pretty much stock and second fiddle to the action. But I still love those movies. Avatar will get a high tomatometer, but don't think it's a perfect film, just a great one.

Dec 13 - 10:34 PM


Sean Pak

Oops, I meant "I don't think it will be..." ss I haven't seen the movie yet myself.

Dec 13 - 10:42 PM


Joe Wilson

Matthew D

Now 45 with 4 rotten, sucks to be wrong huh?

Dec 14 - 12:25 PM

Angelos L.

Angelos Loukatos

There's still the option of watching the movie Before you criticize it guys... That's what i usually do.Maybe i'm wrong I don't know,it's just a suggestion :PPP

Dec 14 - 04:02 PM


iv4n w

I think people should try to watch movies(when possible) with few or none knowledge of the plot at all. That was my case with Avatar and I really enjoyed it this way.
Of course I knew that it was the return of James Cameron, saw the trailer and also knew that the story was about natives protecting their land from an evil corporation, but beyond that, I did not pay much attention to rumors or reviews. After watching this movie that I considered great, then I came here to RT to see the opinions of everyone else.

Feb 9 - 11:13 AM


Collin G

seems to be doing good 48 reviews and only 4 of those are bad

Dec 14 - 04:53 PM

Sally C.

Sally Carson

I disagree with Mr. Coyle, the movie was tremendously satisfying. It's great to see a 3-D, science fiction movie that is filled with human dignity and warmth. I loved the story, I got tears in my eyes many times during the movie. The low-key script and dialogue are actually more true to real life than the fluffy, wordy, constant dialogue in a Jane Austin flick, for example (I love Jane Austen's books and movies, but in real life, people don't talk quite like that). The understated comments of Sully who is obviously has emotional conflicts were perfect. The Na'vi are a primitive people, so how else could they talk or behave? I saw the movie twice in the last week. The 2nd time I saw it, I sat by a family who were also seeing it the 2nd time. This is an uplifting movie, it will enchant you and the visuals are so stunning that just like the story, they will bring tears to your eyes too.

Dec 26 - 02:48 PM


Chad Bennett

Wow, does someone really care how many fresh and rotten reviews the movie gets, just to compare it to 'The Dark Knight'?

If someone likes the Dark Knight more so be it.. They shouldn't need their opinion to be justified by the reviews of a completely separate movie.

I don't care if Avatar ends up with a 70% rating, I enjoyed it so who cares?

Arguing about what movie is the best based on percentages on this website is a complete waste of time.

Feb 8 - 12:30 PM

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