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As visual spectacle, Avatar is indelible, but as a movie it all but evaporates as you watch it.

December 11, 2009 Full Review Source: Entertainment Weekly | Comments (10)
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Nick Newman

I'm a little suspicious as he gave Transformers 2 a higher score than movies such as Moon and Let the Right One In.

Dec 12 - 07:01 AM


Eli Sickel

lol good to know he liked this a little bit more than Date Movie...

Dec 12 - 05:52 PM

Matthew D.

Matthew Dynda

Owen liked Transformers 2 (which had one of the most nonsensical storylines imaginable) more than Let the Right One In, which is a classic with a scarily good storyline. Wow.

Dec 13 - 12:14 AM


Sam Rocker

I love how people spend time comparing and contrasting previous ratings from particular reviewers in an attempt to discredit them. What a waste of time. A reviewer doesn't look at a film and think:
"Hmmm, how does this compare to Transformers 2? Well I gave that 2 1/2 so this has got to be at least a 3 right? I couldn't possibly rate it lower!"

Each film is an individual work, and receives, accordingly, an individual review based on opinion. On a 5 star scale, there's always going to be a few ratings that are out of place.

If every reviewer took the approach of making certain he checked all his bases so that no film that was "bad" was ever rated any higher than a film that was "good", there really wouldn't be much diversity in the review world would there? Rotten Tomatoes would be limited to 100% or 0%...oh how useful it would be then

Dec 13 - 10:43 AM

Penelope O.

Penelope Oseguera

Thanks for the intelligence!

Dec 13 - 06:16 PM

RJ Smoove

Ryan Rutherford

Thank you. It seems like these people jump for joy when Avatar gets negative ratings, but when it gets a good one they throw all they can at the reviewer to make them less believable. People are stupid.

Dec 13 - 08:39 PM


Joey Long

I hear that. Rotten Tomatoes is becoming the new youtube in terms of people trashing the comment section with nonsensical babble.

Good movie. Great movie, even. This reviewer wasn't terribly impressed. Big whoop.

Dec 19 - 12:18 AM



Thank you samrocker. I hate when RT users discredit multiple critics based off other reviews. It's not a matter of if the critic is good overall, but rather decide whether a critic is good or bad, based off their feelings on the most recently anticipated movie. They even do it for Ebert for christ's sake.

To further show the ridiculousness of this attitude, how many movies do most of you dislike/like that your friends/co-workers/family members/etc. mostly like/dislike? I bet that figure needs to be counted on more than one hand, if it's not in the double digits. If everyday people judged other people's tastes based off this arbitrary judgment scale, we'd all think our opinions on movies are stupid.

Dec 20 - 07:33 PM



THanks to 'top critics' like you, i lost almost three hours watching avatar; but i see that your critic is correct, as the effects are astonishing and the plot is really awful. You top critics should give more importance to the plot and not to special effects , even if they are revolutionary such as in avatar - this way, we simple movie goers are always gonna trust this site. If you have the time to disagree with my oppinion, my email is guilhermepa@gmail.com.

Jan 30 - 09:04 PM


Luke M

Owen, Owen, Owen... you were once a truly respectable critic for EW. You gave Titanic an A and not the A+ it so deserved. But, at least you were more fair.

Avatar is worlds ahead. It has short-comings. Every film has short-comings. But, unlike those other films, Avatar's genius far outweighs its flaws. The same can be said about all of Cameron's films.

You should take a less bias trip back to Pandora, Owen.

Jan 5 - 11:45 PM

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