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Marvelous spectacle for the eyes and ears, with state of the art visual and sound effects

December 11, 2009 Full Review Source: EmanuelLevy.Com | Comments (13)


Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

Who the hell is Tim Grierson and why isn't Emanuel reviewing this film?!?

Screw Timmy! I wanna hear what the Mustached one has to say!

Dec 11 - 09:28 PM


Adam Tobias

"Screw Timmy! I wanna hear what the Mustached one has to say!"

Just read the production notes. All he does is copy them anyway and then throw in a few comments of his own.

Dec 12 - 03:52 PM

Lance I.

Lance Isip

Screw them both (jk!)knowing Mr.Levy he will probably give a positive review

I really want to hear what that shame of a critic Armond White has to say.

Dec 11 - 09:35 PM


Phil McGroin

Armond White will give it zero stars

Dec 11 - 09:48 PM


Syed Rahman

nice review.

Dec 11 - 10:01 PM

Matthew D.

Matthew Dynda

It would have been nice to hear directly from Emanuel, since I've never heard of Tim Grierson before. Ah, well. This is still a largely positive review.

Dec 11 - 10:04 PM


aaron hunt

Armond will assume that the Navi are based off of a racial stereotype of african americans. And call this film racist.

Dec 12 - 02:25 PM

Cat B.

Cat Brandon

I'm disappointed too that Levy has not reviewed this film, as I continue to think he's the best. Hopefully he will at some point. But Grierson's review is top notch. I have read him before on the site.

See that tobias123 is back with his sickly obsessive and endlessly boring comment on Levy ... this time on a review Levy did not even write. Now that's devotion. Tobias123, who reads Levy as religiously as we Levy fans do, is always good for the same pea brained comment. Like a winter flu, he's always around, always unwelcome, always unpleasant.

Dec 12 - 09:49 PM


brian wilson

Well, some people have better things to do then get a job or contribute positively to society in even the smallest way.

Dec 13 - 02:21 PM

Monster Zer0

Kurt Hilgartner

Im hoping Levy eventually reviews this himself, as Im not familiar with Grierson. Im not disputing Griersons review, as I have not seen the film myself.
I just know that I always look at Levy to give my insight as to a films credibility.

Dec 14 - 11:42 AM


george glass

What differents does it make whos doing the review? Either way, its just some random dude giving his opinion of a movie- like everyone else. People cant think for themselves and its a shame.

Dec 13 - 11:18 PM

dj Mark

Mark Marquis

Rexlaboro, you don't "think for yourself" quite as often as you might wish to believe.

We are influenced by the thoughts and opinions of those around us. Usually the influence comes from friends and family. Sometimes co-workers. But many times it comes from politics, advertising, broadcast news journalism, & pop culture.

When people follow what critics say, they often gravitate towards critics for whom they share a similar taste in movies.

Don't be so quick to dismiss the voice of a critic when many here are making an INFORMED and EDUCATIONAL choice to follow what he or she says.

Dec 14 - 02:03 PM

Dead Account

Dead Account

alwaysonacid - another bigot that blames Armond White's idiocy on racism. Armond is an idiot- it has nothing to do with his color. Could you please drop the racial talk and just address the review? This isn't even Armond's review!!

Dec 14 - 06:22 AM

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