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With Avatar, a cinematic revolution doesn't begin so much as proceed into its next phase.

December 14, 2009 Full Review Source: Slant Magazine | Comments (35)
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Phil McGroin

Slant giving this movie a negative is a no brainer...they hate everything. This actually makes me feel good about the movie. Slant historically has hated everthing.

Dec 14 - 09:26 PM


Anon Y. Mouse

A well written review that confirmed some of my message-pushing fears. I'll probably see it anyway, though, if only for the effects.

Dec 14 - 09:33 PM

Michael M.

Michael Morse

Once again, a negative review based not on the movie itself, but the hype surrounding it. There seems to be a pattern here among crap critics. No wonder some of these people aren't top critics.

Dec 14 - 09:33 PM


Gerard Espiritu

Nothing in Hollywood has ever been original, even those who claim certain movies as original:

Star Wars was based on Kurosawa's The Hidden Fortress; the Lion King on Hamlet; the list is endless.

I noticed that most critics who dislike a movie have a penchant for comparing it with other past movies that they fail to see the movie for what it is.

Dec 14 - 09:35 PM

bob s.

bob sinclair


Feb 8 - 02:26 PM


Phil McGroin

Slant has been a joke for years....I use to read the crap that alexa camp and ed gonzalez put out...they were total contrarians...they deliberately hated anything that had an ounce of hype behind it. Nick is no different.

Dec 14 - 09:37 PM


Gerard Espiritu

Even the Bible story of Noah is NOT original. Almost every culture has its own FLOOD myth or story.

That's why comparing a movie with all the movies you know is like complaining that your friend has eyes and ears like you do.

Dec 14 - 09:38 PM


First Last

Not going to read your magazine anymore, because they hire biased people like you. Avatar is a masterpiece and since you can't recognize that you don't exist in my world.

Dec 14 - 09:41 PM

Michael W.

Michael W

I hope you have seen the movie.

Dec 14 - 09:46 PM

jams l.

jams luke

you must be living in 22th Century.

Dec 14 - 09:46 PM


Syed Rahman

more good reviews please
Richard Roper gave it a A-

Dec 14 - 09:49 PM

Dream C.

Dream Catcher

That's the best review site I've seen yet. I like how he does a video review and the actual website looks professionally done. Roeper is now bookmarked.

Dec 14 - 09:58 PM


Henry Claxton

There are many reviews that are still not listed on RT, and the vast majority of them are fresh. Not sure why it's taking so long for them to be posted.

Dec 14 - 09:55 PM


Stanley Beans

See now this review says the visuals are nice but it all in all the movie isn't really worth seeing or something amoung those lines.

Dec 14 - 10:00 PM


Syed Rahman

this guy thinks this movie is crap?
really look at this exclusive video from AVATAR (its from the 15 mins screening back in Aug that i went to)


Dec 14 - 10:07 PM


Rafael Rivera

Very good bad review that make me go watch the movie even more ..... Again critics the hype is for the technology here not the story!!!!! And people need to stop looking for propaganda in movies just enjoy a good ride.

Dec 14 - 10:14 PM

michael s.

michael soener

So because it doesn't begin a revolution and is only a "next phase" you give it a negative review? It's still a progression in cinema and you don't say anything about the movie here. what a terrible synopsis.

Dec 14 - 10:48 PM

Tess M.

Tess McNeil

You don't like a movie I haven't seen yet?!! RAAAARRRRRGHHHH DEATH THREATS!!!!! I am The Rotten Tomatoes User.

Dec 14 - 11:08 PM

andy v.

andy van

do i sense some of these 'critics' suffering the "tall poppy syndrome"?? they seem to be taking JC's filmaking and statements a little personally don't you think? I imagine that if this film was made by someone "unknown" who didn't stand on a stage and proclaim himself "king of the world" that it would be proclaimed as "revolutionary" and "industry changing" lol....

Dec 14 - 11:11 PM


Chad W

Tess has a good point..

Dec 15 - 05:03 AM


Phil McGroin

Tess doesn't have a good point. The critics giving the movie a rotten are often doing so for rediculous reasons. You do realize that we can READ the review and not just look at the score??

Dec 15 - 07:19 AM


Kay L


Dec 15 - 08:41 AM


Phil McGroin

The typo defense...

(golf clap)

Dec 15 - 08:49 AM


meagan wheeler

AssKlown: It has been a pleasure reading your comments. They are very entertaining!

Dec 15 - 10:18 AM


James D'Ambrosio

Just stop, Screech.

Dec 15 - 06:50 AM


Phil McGroin

The question I have for Nick is how do you find the time to write reviews since you're always so busy polishing Alexa Camp's knob?

Dec 15 - 11:06 AM


Sean Pak

AssKlown, i also think your comments are enjoyable, but the question i have for YOU is how do you find the time to make so many comments on so many Avatar reviews?

Dec 15 - 03:05 PM


Phil McGroin

I get paid to surf

Dec 15 - 03:08 PM

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