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Even if this is old-fashioned storytelling, there's a lot of it -- and it has Cameron's directing DNA in every scene.

December 15, 2009 Full Review Source: Newark Star-Ledger | Comments (7)
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Phil McGroin

Gee....another top critic...another fresh.

Dustin, Kevin, Walter and Nick are HACKS!!!

Dec 15 - 09:51 AM

Michael M.

Michael Morse

So many fresh reviews haven't been added, including Peter Travers' review. Seems like there should be at least 200 reviews for a movie like this one.

Dec 15 - 09:53 AM


ernesto cabrera

there's so many fesh reviews still not in

this one could end up at a 90%

Dec 15 - 08:00 PM


meagan wheeler

I think that having old-fashioned storytelling and new (DNA) technology is a god-send!

Dec 15 - 10:15 AM


pete kesic

Stephen, you looked a little TOO deep into the political side of this. you guys ruined the film for yourselves. but i guess that's your job. for such nitpicky little things, i will ignore all of it. just look at the trash we've had to put up with this decade, i'm happy that a HALFWAY DECENT film is available for me to enjoy this week. could care less about dances with wolves and political comments, i will look right past them and be a vegetable.

Dec 15 - 10:47 AM


Joe Wilson

I would call anything over 85% an overwhelming majority anyway. It got best picture from the NY Film Critics Assoc.

Dec 15 - 08:06 PM

Scott W.

Scott Wilson

Yet another Hack Job review by Whitty.

So Whitty spends most of his lengthy review listing the numerous errors and flaws with the film, then feels fit to award it Three out of Four stars anyway. Yet another mainstream hack job by Whitty.

It seems that one of Whitty's main complaints is that Avatar's anti-war theme makes some references that relate to our own country's eight-year Iraqi war. He appears upset that Cameron's "Muddled Politics" would dare make subtle comparisons between Avatar's corporation-backed-military preemptively invading Pandora for mineral profits, and America's Halibuton & Blackwater-backed-military preemptively invading Iraq for oil profits. No, Whitty's right, there's hardly a real comparison there at all.

Ironically, Whitty spends a good portion of the review criticizing Avatar for being morally naive, and the other half for attempting to be morally relevant, simply because he doesn't agree with the political viewpoint of the director. I can't think of any other reason for a critic to invoke Noam Chomsky's name when reviewing a PG-13 fantasy family adventure flick.

So, the verdict? Lame 3D, passable special effects, and a "naive" and cookie-cutter screenplay. Why, it must be a Three Star film.

And I really fail to see what Cameron's multiple marriages have to do with his political views towards feminism. Then again, if you are determined to give a Three-Star bad review, I guess it helps to take pot-shots at the director's personal life instead of his film.

Dec 27 - 07:08 AM

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