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We're not here for the plot, we're here for the cool-ass CGI/motion capture/movie magic, and for 2 1/2 hours, this movie never disappoints.

December 16, 2009 Full Review Source: Richard Roeper.com | Comments (14)
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matias cabrera

and the review of peter travers?

Dec 16 - 05:15 AM

Mister A.

Mister Anderson

Yep, people several times send links with all reviews but no, RT is higher or busy than see the link. Almost week they need to change Jenna Busch review.

So we need to wright special comment for every unpublished review? Am I right?

Focking RT.

I will wright about this **** in Wiki, yeah.

Dec 16 - 05:21 AM

Matthew D.

Matthew Dynda

Even the positive reviews are stating that the plot really isn't that original or engaging. So, they're essentially admitting that the jaw-dropping visuals save what would otherwise be a mediocre story.

How is Avatar different from Transformers 2, with had great CGI but underdeveloped characters and a horrid story?

Dec 16 - 05:32 AM


E Spaceman

Matthew D., I didn't see Transformers 2, but my guess is that while this movie has characters that some see as flat, Trans2 had characters that were downright embarrassing.

Dec 16 - 06:36 AM


Phil McGroin

HAHAHAH!! Matthew is literally cutting and pasting the same retarded post into every review. The idiot said the movie would be 70%....WRONG!!! He said Titanic had it's box office record broken many times....WRONG!!!!

He says T2 was weak....WRONG!!!!

Keep trying Matthew....you're an idiot for so many reasons. GO kill yourself...put US out of our misery.

Dec 16 - 07:18 AM

John D.

John Debono

Just seriously dude, grow the ***** up or at least see the movie until you ask people to kill themselves for asking a reasonable question.

Dec 16 - 09:09 AM

John D.

John Debono

As someone who has actually seen both movies I think the biggest difference between ROTF (So AssKlown doesn't get confused) and Avatar is ambition.
I personally don't agree with Roeper and others giving the movie a free pass for its weak plot, dialogue and acting with exception of Weaver and Saldana. I will admit that Cameron does something with technology that no one has ever dreamed of and it looks amazing and personally I'd rather see a film that tries something new with some weak points over a film that is just crap trying to take your money.
That being said I can only really give this a weak 7/10 because while it's fun and stunning to watch in 3D, I can't see it aging very well once better writers and directors get a hold of this technology.

Dec 16 - 09:07 AM

Matthew D.

Matthew Dynda

which had**

Dec 16 - 05:33 AM


E Spaceman

I have a feeling I'm going to agree with Mr. Roeper. I think the movie will amaze me. I'll probably see it again at least one more time on the big screen. I'll probably want to own it on Blu-ray. But, it's probably going to make me cringe whenever these tired old messages get laid on thick (not that they can't be important--it's just that everybody's heard the message so many times by now).

Dec 16 - 06:23 AM

Matthew D.

Matthew Dynda


Um, two. I pasted the same response in two reviews that specifically mentioned the weak storytelling in relation to Avatar's visuals. You're also being deliberately misleading, since I was discussing Transformers 2, not the second Terminator.

"The idiot said the movie would be 70%....WRONG!!"

I said that, at the current time, Avatar appeared to be heading in a direction such as that. Now, Avatar is at 82/100, which represents quite a decline from earlier.

Furthermore, when did I ever discuss Titanic's box office...?

Dec 16 - 07:38 AM

Matthew D.

Matthew Dynda

Also, you're quite pathetic for encouraging death simply because you disagree on a message board. Grow up, kid.

Dec 16 - 07:39 AM

Josh R.

Josh Raymond


AssKlown is just upset because of his over sized rectum from taking it one too many times.

He's nothing but a douche.

Dec 16 - 08:49 AM

JC Martel

JC Martel

***** CGI.

Dec 16 - 01:06 PM

sonny G.

sonny G

Cameron basically wanted to make a movie about a distant planet filled with exotic and mythic creatures especially after going on an underwater expedtion which had wonderful ecosystems and beautiful creatures.He had to build a story around this beautiful planet,so because of that maybe he couldn't come up with an entirely new plot.The plot of AVATAR may have some similarities but the story fits right into his ambition.maybe AVATAR-2 will have a complete original plot and make up for the loopholes of AVATAR

Dec 16 - 05:19 PM

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