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Yes, the wonderful CGI effects and sophisticated editing rhythms in these moments represent all that's good about contemporary blockbuster cinema. But the film is compromised by a rather juvenile story exposition. A pity.

December 17, 2009 Full Review Source: MovieTime, ABC Radio National | Comments (15)
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R B.



Dec 17 - 10:59 PM


Cory P.

Juvenile story exposition.

I don't think any juvenile could put a story like that together.

Just thinking out loud, sorry.

Dec 17 - 11:34 PM


Justin Miller

Why does every rotten tomato Avatar gets need to be attacked as if one's sense of self-worth was being scandalized? It's a movie!

Does everything on the internet have to be polarizing? Is there no room for different impressions without someone taking offense?

Dec 18 - 12:24 AM

Matthew N.

Matthew Naylor

Because only narrow minded idiots would call a movie like Avatar Lackluster, and Juvenile? Wow your expectations for movies are obviously from a different dimension

Dec 18 - 01:44 AM

Bag of Hammers

Skoli Skolerson

I'm noticing that too, it's like all the 12 year old girls who got pissed that Twilight got bad reviews have come back to ***** about this flick.

Grow the F**k up you clowns, it's just a movie, if somebody didn't like it, it's not because "they have no souls" of "shouldn't watch movies evar!" The fact that you have some much invested emotionally in the outcome of this flick says one of 2 things"

1) You're trolling

2) You're probably a pre-teen with too little life experience and too much time on your hands.

Dec 18 - 08:59 AM

Rodney R.

Rodney Rivera

This person is like the corporate guy in the movie.... a pity to me .

Dec 18 - 03:29 AM


Dale Cooper

A time will come when the fapping masses will actually threaten the life of a reviewer of whom the disagree. William Gibson should write that story before it happens.

Dec 18 - 05:02 AM


Randy Cox

Avatar is childish, idiotic and juvenile This "movie" 3D video game (now on sale at a toy store near you)is a joke and a waste of more than $500 million dollars.

It's too long and boring.

James Cameron it's time to resign!

Dec 18 - 08:42 AM


Cory P.

Jerseycajun, theres a fine line between exuding ones differant impression of a particular film, and calling a golden egg rotten.

Annnnnd Bag of Hammers, your talking about twilight (an obvious rotten mess) and lumping Avatar in the same movie viewing experience? Pure comedy, stage left is thata wayz..

I just love getting pep talks from illiterate clown trolls who have so much emotional investment in their great art of disagreeing to disagree.

Dec 18 - 10:07 AM


Cory P.

Disagreeing for the sake of disagreement*

Dec 18 - 10:09 AM

Jimmy J.

Jimmy Jay

Why why are people so obsessed about growing old.

Dec 21 - 02:04 AM

boris s.

boris shusterman

The stupidity never ends. The better a movie is the more idiots there are trying to bash it. Wake up and look around for once.

Dec 23 - 02:13 AM


Vernon Watermelon

Boris S wrote: "The stupidity never ends. The better a movie is the more idiots there are trying to bash it."

Interesting so-called point. By that reasoning, the most fantastic movies receive horrible ratings. On the other hand, really horrible movies receive horrible ratings, too (or are "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" and "Baby Geniuses" actually masterpieces?)

Thus - since both great and horrible movies receive abysmal ratings - those movies (such as Avatar) that receive excellent ratings must be mediocre.

Works for me.

Dec 23 - 11:40 AM


Aaron Barlow

ShirASUWANUM. your reasoning is fallacious, you assume that the reason good and bad movies get bashed are the same, this is not what Boris was saying, he's saying that good mainstream blockbusters get bashed by pretentious philistines who crave the pseudo-artistic credibility only alternative low-budget, foreign, abstract unengaging film-noir abominations can give you.
Bad movies like Ecks vs Sever get bashed because they're genuinely bad.

Now people tha dislike Avatar are grouped for the most part into 3 categories:
1. Pretentious twats who dislike mainstream VFX laden movies in order to appear artistically and intellectually credible. It just reveals their superficiality.
2. People invested in the politics of the New World Order and their Middle East oil grab who draw obvious parallels and don't like it.
3. Idiotic fundamentalist Christians outraged by a perceived nature Goddess (they don't get outraged however by an all-seeing evil eye of fire atop a black tower)

Avatar appears cliched because it plays on the themes of love, compassion, respect for life in the face of greed, and invading army plundering the resources of a peaceful people. These themes are recurrent throughout history and move people. It is emotions that move us, not abstract intellectual musings.
Shakespeare was cliched, battles, love, jealousy, revenge....been done before, but his genius was in the prose, just as Cameron's genius was in the technical mastery and vision.

It was a great movie, deal with it. The end.

Jan 21 - 11:24 PM


joe mosier

I believe the movie has phenomenal effects, editing, and a good direction. But all that means squat if the story isn't very good or original. In my opinion, the story is lame, cliched, and unoriginal. Humans come to planet, native population does not like it, humans want to take over,they send agent in,agent is happy to help, agent then has misgivings, agent falls in love to with native population, agent then fights for native population, native population beats humans, native population lives happily ever after. The End. Wow.

Feb 7 - 07:29 PM

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