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Cameron's signature achievement may have been to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the oldest of all Hollywood maxims: all the money in the world is no subsitute for fresh ideas and a solid script.

December 18, 2009 Full Review Source: Time Out | Comments (53)
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Randy Cox

So True.

The $500 million dollar price tag will not save this Titanic of a movie.

Cameron I have one word....Retirement!

Dec 18 - 07:38 AM


Phil McGroin

Another idiot who hasn't even seen it...the movie is amazing....so go **** yourself you troll bastard

Dec 18 - 07:45 AM

Aidan M.

Phantom Moore

No you thought it was amazing that does not make the film amazing. Do be a bit more subjective.

Aug 1 - 08:44 PM

Iokasti Kassie

Iokasti Kassie

At least he saw it. Unlike the troll who didn't. I wonder what the troll thinks of it now that he's seen it.

Apr 2 - 01:25 PM

Nathan R.

Nathan Rennicker

if you dont think this is a new idea since he built his cameras then your a complete idiot go watch your miley cirus movies this was an amazing movie

Dec 18 - 11:36 AM


jake the rake

We need more real actors and better scripts, not more computer power and bigger CGI.

Dec 18 - 01:58 PM


Ronel mendoza

Why do we need real actors and better scripts? There are already hundred of amazing movies with these in it, name one epic 3-D action movie EVER? This movie is not perfect but it will inspire bigger and better things.

Dec 18 - 02:45 PM


Phil McGroin

luckily noone has ever made a movie like this so it was a fresh idea and the script entertained the **** out of me so it was solid as well.

Oh wait...I'm explaining this to some wanna be film critic.

Dec 18 - 03:05 PM


- Cochise -

It is a good script. Its just that it was better in "Dance With Wolves"

Dec 18 - 03:26 PM

Tim G.

Tim Guy

The script is excellent. The story is excellent, the characters are excellent and the special effects are the best ever done.

what is wrong with these people? I liked every single one of the characters. They were all good.

Some of you have gotten so wrapped up into the mess most modern movies make of personality and character that you don't even recognize something as good anymore unless every character is some conflicted fool from a mental institution.

Dec 18 - 03:50 PM

John M.

John May

Good English Language doesn%u2019t allow you to be a writer or critic my friend! You have to have a passion for the things you are writing about or must love movies to be a film critic. You must let the movie in and think about its problems after you have watched it. Please don't sit there in a movie thinking what you can say what%u2019s wrong.

OK here's the funny part, here's part of your 2012 review:

"Yes, it treats the deaths of six billion people as little more than a tragic footnote. Yes, it%u2019s about as interested in subtlety, narrative invention or character development as the Corkscrew at Alton Towers."

"But what a ride. There are moments %u2013 sights, sounds, special effects %u2013 that have never been seen or imagined before, sequences of staggering complexity, immaculate detail and breathtaking scale."

What a joke!!!! What you are saying here is that don't worry about the storyline but the special effects are amazing... CONTRADICTION!

I personally like 2012 but though the special effects were lacking at times and they are NOTHING compared to Avatar.

Please, Time Out, consider retiring this chap as early as possible.

Terrible review...

Dec 18 - 04:16 PM

Dominique L.

Dominique Laviolette

"John M", whilst good use of the English language doesn't make you a good "reviewer", it does allow you to write cohesively and therefore, allow people to understand you!

People contradict themselves in prose ALL THE TIME! Your "sworn enemy" is merely stating that whilst 2012 is lacking in substance in terms of plot, the effects used throughout the movie are simply astounding. That's all he's stating. He's not saying as you so plainly put it "don't worry about the storyline but the special fx are amazing...". By saying that the narrative is un-inspiring HE IS SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT THE STORYLINE!

Dec 28 - 07:56 PM

Will T.

Will T

Amazing movie in every aspect.

Dec 18 - 07:49 PM


Bryan Wendland

Sure the idea wasn't fresh but Have you ever seen anything like this movie visually? I doubt it. And the script was more than satisfying.

Dec 18 - 10:32 PM

Tamzid S.

Tamzid Sardar

So you gave "2012" 4/5 but Avatar 2/5....fail. Tom, you suck at your job =[

Dec 19 - 03:06 AM

p m.

p m

This movie is mental harassment... A ****ing bull****...

Dec 19 - 03:31 AM


Rich Little

I love how all the cartoon fanboys jump all over any negative review... it's both cute and pathetic, the fanboys that is.

Dec 19 - 03:49 AM


RC Road

Really? Was this movie sooooo bad you had to write something? I'm worried that folks like you will stifle good flicks. Ones I like to watch.

Dec 22 - 09:58 PM


Cory P.

Hey squarehead!!! I'm a big fan of your movies!!! =D

Favorite scene is the one were you helped Superman fly out all of the jews back to thier Imperial moonbase. I cried.

OMG my eyes just exploded!!!

Dec 23 - 10:53 PM

kyle n.

kyle nobles

This movie was good, its didnt have the greatest story line (the story was to me "dances with wolves" in 3d and aliens instead of natives) but that being said their actually was some what of a story not like it was transformers with just special effects and actors who couldnt act their way out of a paper bag.

Dec 19 - 02:33 PM

Janice L.

Janice Luk

Firstly, please learn how to spell substitute correctly before you try and 'diss' a movie.
Secondly, no 'subsitute' for fresh ideas and a solid script??
If you think that was a solid script then you have no emotions whatsoever.
Also if you are a (wannabe) film critic and are not open to new ideas, then you might aswell retire because this movie will inspire people to do better and is clearly not suitable for people who are narrow minded and old fashioned, like you for instance.

Dec 22 - 07:58 AM


RC Road

Oh, Please stop with the rubbish story. This was good film. I hope they make more of these. Otherwise I won't go. That simple. Your type of critic is lost. And not relevant. You are relegated.

Dec 22 - 09:55 PM

Ulla M.

Ulla Mahaka

Cameron is a pioneer that deserves the respect of all us movie lovers. You critics seriously need to know which battles to fight and which ones to let go. On this occassion, I would have thought we would all have congratulated Cameron and the entire Avatar team for going all out to entertain us in a time when there is so much out there that shouldn't even see the inside of a movie theatre.

Dec 24 - 09:38 AM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

you got robbed, you just don't know it yet.

Jul 24 - 01:03 PM


Rafael Rivera

The way he put the actors with this world was more than original. If he used a more complicated script alot of people was not gonna like it and there was no way the movie make more than $300 millions. Maybe the sequel get a better story.

Dec 24 - 11:35 PM

Tom S.

Tom Santos

Most of these poser critics and posters that b*tch about a too-simplistic storyline are a bunch of self-important idiots that want to portray themselves as much smarter than they are. Sometimes complex stories work. Sometimes, straightforward stories are sufficient. In the case of Avatar, its visual sense and story meshed well.

Dec 26 - 10:27 PM


Cory P.

You sir have put it into the best words I've seen yet (applause!)

Some of the greatest movies ever filmed have simple stories and run over the 2 1/2 hour mark.

Length and simplicity does not make a bad film. Well said Tom S.

Dec 27 - 10:53 PM

Dominique L.

Dominique Laviolette

...you wouldn't say that to someone's face, so don't say things like that on an internet forum. Grow up, it's just a review of a movie.

And no...the movie is amazing to look at, but that's about it.

Dec 28 - 07:45 PM

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