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Adjectives such as "beautiful" and "breathtaking" have been thrown at Avatar, and they're apt. But I'll throw in a third B: Boring.

December 22, 2009 Full Review Source: Washington City Paper | Comments (152)
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Jason G.

Jason Grant

Good lord when are they going to stop letting women review scifi movies. Stick to your Chick Flicks and Twilight and let the real reviewers comment on this movie. You probably wrote this review on your trendy little Mac computer too, thus proving you have little understanding of technology as well.

Dec 24 - 02:01 AM

Jeanine R.

Jeanine Rouvinen

Could you be anymore offensive? Her disliking the movie had absolutely nothing to do with her gender or the genre. I'm female and I love a good sci-fi movie. She disliked the movie because she found the plot to be overused and the characters flat. And as much as I enjoyed how gorgeous this movie looked, she has a valid point. I've seen plenty of sci-fi movies that run circles around Avatar based on plot and characterization. You'd be lying to yourself or just ridiculously stubborn to not admit that Avatar did not have weaknesses in those particular categories. Overall though, Avatar was not a bad movie, and its visuals are just stunning enough to make it pretty awesome. I'd hardly call it the best picture of 2009 though, and it is completely understandable for someone who favors a more plot-driven movie over outstanding visuals to dislike Avatar.

Dec 24 - 03:26 AM

Will B.

Will Beagud

Boring would be the word I would choose; and surprising. All that money for a movie and a story that didn't nake me hurry back from putting money in the parking meter. A 3D war movie, really, with far too much bang for my buck. I'll see it again, but probably under the influence of something to get into the special effects without that annoying writing getting in the way. Perhaps leave before Cameron's shock and awe campaign. One doesn't want to be too traumatised before Christmas.

Dec 24 - 05:24 AM


Luke M

"Boring"? Jesus, Tricia. What kind of movies entertain or excite you if not a movie as epic and beautiful and thrilling as Avatar? You probably shouldn't see anymore films by James Cameron. Steven here is right. If the master of action movies can't excite someone like you, you should stick to movies by Michael Bay.

Dec 24 - 06:48 AM

Mike L.

Mike Logan

I can honestly say that it was the best movie that I have ever seen in my 26 years. I respect other people's opinions as we each have our own tastes, but to call the film boring, of all things, is absurd. And the way you word your review leads me to believe that you are a deeply jaded individual.

Dec 24 - 07:38 AM


Brian Priestley

Its so funny how people take a negative review as an insult to themselves somehow just because they liked it. We understand, there are a lot of people who loved this movie. I personally enjoyed it, but feel that a lot of the praise is greatly overdone. It was a movie with great visuals, nothing more. That being said I can also see where people who look for more than visuals in a movie would dislike it, and a negative review is not an insult, its an opinion. I dont think many of you see the hypocrisy in criticizing someone for their opinion, telling them they are idiots and that they shouldnt be allowed to give their opinion when you people are doing the exact same thing with a different point of view.

Get over it already, its a movie. Many like it, some dont. Did anyone really expect 200 reviews to all be positive?

Dec 24 - 09:58 AM

Oliver J.

Oliver Joseph

Steven pretty much has it down, but I would like to add that you blatantly have no understanding of film whatsoever, if you hate this movie, how can you be serious? twelve years and they have made this amazing world, did you see those graphics?

Dec 24 - 11:44 AM


Joe Wilson

drunkenhopfrog, the whole smart routine is very unbecoming and makes you look like a jackass and a douchebag

Dec 24 - 11:57 AM


Raul M

Boring is the one criticism I do not believe when it comes to this movie.

Dec 24 - 01:49 PM


jimmy tang

I'd like to say that if you don't care for this criticism, just leave it alone and don't be a jerk about it. Plus, stop calling out people who support it. I personally thought that the effects were excellent but the plot was not.

(Steven Hernandez is a moron)

Dec 24 - 02:12 PM

Seth P.

Seth Pompe

I agree with the idea that Tricia is likely trying to cash in on the trendy negativity we see fairly often when it comes to super hyped media.

On the subject of Avatar, it might take an active imagination to really appreciate the creativity expressed here (ahem, Tricia's lacking), but from the general consensus I'll say most everyone's enjoyed it.

I have a close friend with a spinal cord injury, so the story hits much closer to home, and really came accross to me as an amazing story with depths that it seems not everyone can grasp.

Dec 24 - 02:26 PM

Chris N.

Chris Nagasako

Oh look, another pretentious French erotic film hipster says if a movie has mass appeal its boring/bad.


Back in my day counter opinions weren't pretentious. And when pretentious people like Tricia weren't obese.

Dec 24 - 03:35 PM

jeremy s.

jeremy scharf

Sometimes you need to take a movie for what it is..forget breaking every little single thing down and just watch and enjoy this visual masterpiece! It was a very enjoyable story that for me that always had my attention and allowed me to be lost in the world of Pandora for 3 hours, and that was just fine with me..

An delightful film that I can't wait to see again!

Dec 24 - 04:56 PM

E.H. Vodak

Lichard Rewis

Damn, Avatar fanboys. Shut your nurdholes.

Dec 24 - 09:57 PM

Erik K.

Erik Kurtz

Nevermind Tricia's review. I read about a paragraph and realized that she's going with the standard "no story" meme. I've read similar criticism, the analogy of Dances with Wolves in Space, etc., and I simply disagree.

To understand the philosophical underpinnings of this movie, check out this review: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jay-michaelson/the-meaning-of-avatar-eve_b_400912.html

That said, everyone is entitled to their opinions, even the fanboys.

Dec 25 - 01:42 AM

John P.

John Petersons

This movie is amazing and before anyone yells at me for just saying that I have actual points to back it up. For the people who say that this movie is boring I would like to point out that this movie was not supposed to have massive battle sequences that has some dialogue. You people may consider it boring because there was a lot of character development. For example did you realise that Parker, that's the guy who is technically in charge in case you forgot, didn't actually want to go after The People after the big f****** tree was destroyed. In fact he wished he could undo that. He was too scared of the Colonel to do anything though. Maybe next time you should pay attention to the characters instead of the backgrounds. My only gripe with this film is that the environment was so detailed that some people would pay attention to it rather than the story and wouldn't realise what was going on.

And totally on a side note, why would you name a planet "Pandora" and then go try and kill all the locals?

Dec 25 - 05:36 PM

Muumuu l.

Muumuu lin

Avatar is a film that you may either love or hate everybody has the right to state a personal preference. I personally thought it could have been better written the dialogue was pretty cheesy...

Dec 25 - 07:52 PM


Val Mordas

Your mother was boring.

Dec 25 - 09:15 PM

Ben S.

Ben Stoffel

Did we watch the same movie?

Dec 25 - 09:18 PM

Frank C.

Frank Calliendo

I liked the movie, but also found this review to be somewhat interesting. Give it a tumble.


Dec 25 - 11:39 PM

J C.


Some people just will never like a huge, hollywood blockbuster with a big budget. It makes them feel more insightful and witty to trash the movie. News flash: You aren't any smarter for disliking this movie. LOL It seems like a review that was essentially written in her head before having seen the movie. I'm just having a hard time believing anyone can capsule summarize this movie as "Boring."

Dec 26 - 11:58 AM


Ryland Chance

Wow, what a huge group of reactionary, defensive *******s you are trying to rip this woman apart because you loved a subpar movie. Congratulations on riding the blue avadick to the point of blindness. Just because advertisers claim Avatar is going to change movies forever doesn't make it so, it just means it's going to subliminally alter weak-minded people. If you're going to make a claim that this movie will change everything you better blow me the **** away, not give me some candy coating over a poop sandwich.

First, if your best memories of movies are Pixar films you can count yourselves out for even having a valued opinion. Movie critics jobs are watching movies on a constant basis, which means they've seen almost everything. I'm not a movie critic, but I might have literally watched about a thousand movies by now, so I too have seen almost everything. I can tell you visually, yes, wow. Just like Transformers, 2012, blah blah blah. They all look great. Sorry, that's not enough. The characters in Avatar are all generic hybrids of characters we've seen before. The scarfaced colonel of the security force? Are you kidding me with this guy? How many times has there been an angry, stubborn, close-minded character like this? **** the forest and it's people!! Blow it up!! **** em!! That pretty much sums up his character. Not very complex, sorry.

Sam Worthington needs a better dialect coach, I havent seen anything with him so far where I wasn't constantly reminded he was Australian. He's like Guy Pearce if Guy Pearce was prettier and couldn't act as well. I liked the part where he runs into the huge beast in the forest and starts talking **** to it, that would have been awesome when I was ****in 6. Really it's just awkward.

Michelle Rodriguez is **** in everything.. EVERYTHING. Resident Evil, SWAT, Lost, Fast & the Furious, which I dont even consider a movie. In fact, any of you who liked the Fast & Furious movies, your opinion also means nothing, so don't bother commenting. She plays the same character in everything.. lazy eyed tough girl with attitude. What was it this time? "I've got missiles too, *****?" Wow.. that's ****ing amazing screenwriting. It's almost like they let her write the whole film.

What a waste of Sigourney Weaver, tricked into playing a tough girl role because she was Ripley and Cameron can't get over Aliens, his only true achievement. Her character was typical; mean ***** til you get to know her and then someone blows her haggard *** away.

Giovanni Ribisi? Who would put his midget *** in charge of a multibillion dollar corporation? I actually like that actor but again, weak *** character. He's just like the fat **** politician in 2012. I'm rich, I control ****, I'm ruthless, kill millions to save money.. oh millions have just been killed? Here's my remorse face, maybe I shouldn't have done that, bam I'm dead. *jerk-off motions*

Seriously, it's okay, you can admit the movie ****ing sucked, there's no one around. Just say it. You'll feel much better being honest with yourself. Don't be hateful to this woman for disliking a ****ty movie.

James Cameron has always been up his own ***, and has always made spectacle movies with no substance. He didnt make a movie in 10 years.. holy ****, that doesn't make him Kubrick, it makes him a lazy ***. Too bad he couldn't have waited longer, like maybe when someone other than Jerry's Kids writes his script for him. If you liked Avatar, **** you. The end.

Dec 26 - 03:35 PM

J C.


You're in la-la land. I've seen the movie twice, in two sold out theaters, and the both audiences overwhelmingly applauded at the end.

That just doesn't happen if a movie "sucks." Sorry! Does not happen.

Because you read too much into a movie, and the hype morphed your individual expectations into a movie you didn't see, don't take it out on the movie itself. ***** at the studio, the way they marketed it, the theaters, the hype, the over-hype, whatever... But the movie is utterly immersive and amazing.

Dec 26 - 07:20 PM

chris a.

chris anthony

hey JC, i watched rocky III in the theater when it came out and at the end people jumped up on their seats cheering and applauding, now im not going to say rocky III sucked, it was a good movie for what it was, and i actually think AVATAR is a good movie for what it is too, i have some major issues with it in terms of quality and arrogance, but beyond that, just because the audience claps at the end and it sells out doesnt make it the best movie ever made...dont forget transformers two had no trouble selling out to much of the same audience you watched applauding at the end of this one, so maybe yes, they saw transformers two, or maybe 2012 and we so mortified by the quality of what major studios are producign that they were blown away by AVATAR, maybe some of them loved the graphics so much and were immersed so deeply in PANDORA they fealt great, in that aspect cameron succeeded and it was a good movie, still doesnt make it the best movie ever as so many on here are claiming, also doesnt mean it will change the face of filmaking forever...i think martin scorsese is going to be just fine with his own techniques, he and many others are not going to need a tutorial from cameron going forward, again, many of the positive reviews of avatar are suggesting otherwise....even spielberg will be just fine with his own techniques....

Dec 27 - 11:40 PM


Cory P.

Instead of giving a superman speach why don't you just ask her out?


Dec 26 - 07:41 PM

John P.

John Petersons

So the reason you don't like this movie is because the military wants to blow stuff up, the main character has an australian accent, another character is played by someone who is in a lot of movies, Sigourney's character is three dimensiopnal, the head of the co-orperation suffers from character development, and the movie took a long time to make. If i missed anything please let me know. Also being able to swear does not make your opinion any better. One last thing, bashing our opinions for bashing someone else's opinion is incredibly hypocritical.

To anyone out there who would like to have an actual debate about this movie rather than just bashing the movie or those who have opinions about it, please let me know. I'm tired of people thinking that the other person is a moron gives their point of view more weight.

Dec 27 - 07:37 PM

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