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For all its powerful technologies, Avatar can't get out from under its essential cardboardness.

March 11, 2010 Full Review Source: PopMatters | Comments (21)


Brittany W.

Brittany Williams

Cardboardness? What movie theater were you sitting in? Try waking up to watch the movie before judging it.

Mar 11 - 06:14 AM


MA Done

I read your full review instead of stopping at one sentence and judging the entire review on that sentence. I really wanted to like this movie more than I did, but found it to be full of holes and way too violent. I agree with much of what you said.

Mar 12 - 12:09 AM


None None

I'll disagree with the comment above me. It was not the violence at where it was flawed. It was that James Cameron converted acting, talent and plot to a Visual Eyegasm. It is as if all things which make movies great are no longer important.

Mar 24 - 06:19 PM

Stepping Razor

Stepping Razor

@Derrick. I agree. I finally saw Avatar, and many parts were overly silly and laughable.
It was best when the military was attacking Pandora, but overall it felt like Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s.
I found myself laughing when I knew it was trying to be serious. The dialogue was often awful, the acting too hammy for its own good.

May 18 - 01:24 PM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

lol some people in the theater cried when the marines killed that big*** tree in Pandora. i wanted to slap them.

Jul 24 - 01:07 PM

Josh T.

Josh Tremblay

i can see how you didnt like this, but i went into not expecting much dialogue haha and a pretty simple story, i was just expecting action with great visuals. i think if you just took it for an action movie with no real deep motive or story you could enjoy it

Nov 2 - 06:16 PM

Bryan S.

Bryan Sein

This is true but its hard to not get over the subpar plot and general lack of acting when it was nominated for MOTY. If this was your general summer blockbuster like Transformers or Fast and Furious, you sit back, eat your popcorn and gladly give it a 50 or 60% on the rating scale for the cheesey sci-fi escape it is. This thing gets nominated for MOTY because of the name Cameron. Its an enormous insult to people that actually enjoy a plot.

Jun 7 - 02:04 PM

Stephen G.

Stephen Gauk

Hu, you expected more? I came in the movie expecting it to be ****y, but i was wrong. Were like the opposite.

May 1 - 07:54 PM

Lord Naseby

Lord Naseby

I fully agree.

May 29 - 06:42 PM

Vicky M.

Vicky Miller

Dances with Wolves, that's all I have to say.

Jun 9 - 06:40 AM

Jason K.

Jason Keough

yep dances with wolves, fern gully, Pocahontas. avatar doesn't have an original storyline and all it really is to most people who notice is just a giant cg effect which is really sad because the academy didn't even notice this when the put it up for an oscar

Jun 9 - 11:08 AM


Josh Rosenfield

Yeah, but neither does Star Wars, does it?

Nov 21 - 05:53 PM

Brad H.

Brad Heelbeck

Have you actually SEEN Dances with Wolves??! I finally got around to seeing it recently and other then both films having natives in them they are two very different features. So different you can't really draw a comparison unless you vaguely link them with the native point again. This makes the "nothing-new-story-wise" bitching a load of crap. It's like saying there's nothing new story-wise between Alien and Aliens because they both have a big explosion at the end. :- S

Dec 28 - 06:16 AM

Alyssa W.

Alyssa Wolcott

C'mon, how can you not like this movie?

Jun 13 - 11:35 AM

A55 Velcro

Bob Bobertson

I can easily not like this movie for many reasons.

Jul 3 - 07:42 PM

Dave F.

Dave Freedman

I don't like this movie since I saw Pocahontas when I was 5, and this time I spent 25$ to see it with special effects....

Nov 19 - 07:25 AM

Tommy S.

Tommy Shay

how CAN you like this movie? It's a childrens' cartoon that says "b*tch" and "sh*t" every now and then to avoid being a childrens' cartoon.

Nov 27 - 11:39 AM

Chris K.

Chris Kirk

Itâ??s a shame that the films marketing has had a detrimental effect on its critical reception. In my opinion it was incredibly over-hyped which naturally caused critics to analyse it more pessimistically than they normally would. Although it doesnâ??t quite fill the shoes its makers boast, the movie is still a visually epic and narratively engaging film I canâ??t help loving!

Aug 16 - 03:56 AM

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Sep 5 - 04:51 AM

Allison F.

allison fortune

"Cardboardness" I agree and I watched it in HD. You either love or hate this movie and the people who love it are the same people who love other empty action flicks...

Oct 15 - 09:59 PM

Allison F.

allison fortune

"Cardboardness" I agree and I watched it in HD. You either love or hate this movie and the people who love it are the same people who love other empty action flicks...

Oct 15 - 10:33 PM

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