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After revisiting Pandora via Blu-ray transmission, I have to state the obvious: this is some serious movie-making. There's good reason it's the highest grosser in film history.

April 29, 2010 Full Review Source: Cinema Signals | Comments (12)
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Esteban H.

Steven Hernandez

Seriously? Have you looked at the numbers? No movie comes close to Gone With the Wind adjusted for inflation, Avatar is 26th. Not to mention it was showing all day in every theater in the USA and that ticket prices were exceptionally high for the IMAX, where most people were going. Not to mention it got the biggest, most expensive marketing for any movie since, at least, SW Episode 1. At the very least you could be intellectually honest.

The movie, as a whole, is empty, boring and long, unoriginal and painfully predictable, poorly performed, only standing on its ability to wow people with its visuals.

May 11 - 08:35 PM

Esteban H.

Steven Hernandez

Okay, 15th as of today, just checked.

May 11 - 08:40 PM

Michael M.

Michael Morse

This movie came out 6 months ago, and you're coming on here to talk about how much you don't like it. Get a life dude.

As for the review, I fully concur. I was mightily impressed at what I saw on my screen when I bought the Blu-ray.

Jun 6 - 10:17 PM

Duncan W.

Duncan Willoughby

yea who cares about your stupid opinion....gone with the wind sucks its outdated and old fashioned...good for you if you're like 70 or 80....the only reason it sold so much was because cinema was like the only escape for people back then and it was newer than it is now and thats all people did...avatar was a way better, more entertaining movie, good story, impressive visuals, exciting and thrilling...i dont know what rock you live under if you thought it was boring...this was way better than gone with the wind...it can be watched over and over, gone with the wind is a boring hippie musical...so stfu

Oct 28 - 09:37 PM


Elliot Newton

What makes you think we care about your stupid opinion. People went to the cineima in the 1930s and 40s because they loved film, it became a massive part of culture. It was not the only escape, people went to jazz clubs listened to music etc. Your clearly to immature to watch films like Gone With The Wind. I've watched Avatar once, it was a decent film, and I think thats the only time I'll ever watch it.

Feb 7 - 08:48 AM


Amanda Morris

Good God Duncan, you must be a young little douche. Movies like Gone With the Wind were classical masterpieces that paved the way for our films today. Movies didn't rely on amazing graphics just to sell tickets. They relied on a solid storyline and excellent directing. And I find it extremely hilarious how you called Gone With the Wind a "hippie musical"... lol. The movie was about war and was not even close to the dawn of the hippie era you FUCKING IDIOT. DEAR GOD, PLEASE GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN SOMETHING. PARTICULARILY IN HISTORY. PICK UP A HISTORY BOOK AND TRY WATCHING GONE WITH THE WIND AGAIN, BUT WITH YOUR EYES OPEN THIS TIME. I'll end this and let it simmer by saying people who are easily amused by bright lights and pretty picture are simple-minded and drowning in their own ignorance. The next time you try to step up and be a big boy and try and have a mature convo about cinema, just forget about it and unpause your Black Ops game you were playing... you'll just end up embarrassing yourself again.

Feb 9 - 08:26 PM

Frederik K.

Frederik Korsgaard

Lets get one thing straight, I play Black Ops and have an IQ of 183 so it's not something stupid people do because we can't "compwehend yo big bad cinemaaaa" it's a game so shut your mouth. Avatar was a good movie. If you want to be an internet troll and bash it because it made Gone With The Wind look like shit then that's your issue. Oh, yes I have seen Gone With The Wind. It's my 72 year old grandmother's favorite movie so yeah, it's a little out dated.

Mar 30 - 06:07 AM


Luke M

THANK YOU, Jules. If only more reviewers would look back on Avatar and Titanic with such objectivity. There is good reason for the success of both Avatar and Titanic.

Great review, Jules.

May 11 - 11:33 PM


Porkenstein the Great

Despite the message, this is essentially the greatest triumph of capitolism ever-- using public sensebilites, advertising, and money to make money.

May 13 - 09:43 PM

Duncan W.

Duncan Willoughby

avatar was amazing...impressive visually and the story was moving, but there wasnt much that was striking or shocking about it....but i loved it nonetheless....the imaqx 3d sales most likely helped boost its sales, but if any movie deserved to be the biggest in history, it should've been The Dark Knight....that was serious movie-making....intense, unpredictable, moving, thrilling, exciting.

May 26 - 09:33 PM


Luke M

Duncan, you don't see it, but I'm holding the world's smallest violin for poor Christopher Nolan, who I'm sure made millions off of The Dark Knight.

Jun 2 - 01:07 AM

Alex L.

Alex Lavoie

The Dark Knight is one of the most overrated movie ever.

Jun 7 - 09:26 AM


Darin Grant

Seriously, Alex L...? Like, seriously??

The Dark Knight (with being adjusted for inflation, I understand) is the 3rd biggest money making movie EVER. IN. CINEMA.

I'm sorry, but to call TDK overrated is one of the most ludicrous statements I've ever heard. (This coming from someone who only like Memento, and TDK of CN's movies)

Sorry, sir, but if you were to take a poll and ask people if they thought that TDK was overrated (out of 100) I can GUARANTEE that 95 would say NO, NO, NO!

In conclusion, for a movie to be overrated it has to be very divided between critics and audiences alike...94% on RT and #12 on IMDB's Top 250 of ALL TIME...? Sorry, you lose :(

Aug 10 - 09:04 AM

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Oct 26 - 05:13 AM

James T.

James Tallman

While the visual effects were amazing, I just did not care much for the storytelling. I still give Avatar an 8/10, but it just seems like the plot in the film has been told too many times.

Nov 2 - 12:56 PM

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