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"Avatar" looks amazing on Blu-ray. If the plot wasn't so pedestrian, it could have been a great film. Paul Chambers, CNN.

November 20, 2010 Full Review Source: CNNRadio | Comments (37)



Luke M

Paul, Avatar is a great film whether you like the plot or not.

Jan 14 - 06:02 PM


Elliot Newton

It's a mayyer of opinion...I feel it's a good film not a great film.

Jan 21 - 04:07 AM


Elliot Newton

It's a matter of opinion...I feel it's a good film not a great film.

Jan 21 - 04:07 AM

Kris Wiebe

Kris Wiebe

When a movie is basically ferngully and looks pretty... it's not a good movie.

Feb 3 - 09:06 PM


Amanda Morris

OMG THANK YOU!!! This movie was such a rip off, but yet, everyone claims it's the most amazing movie ever made. Long story short, people who are easily dazzled by bright lights and pretty pictures should probably ride the special bus. Good effects do not make good movies.

Feb 8 - 11:48 PM

Stephen Dmytriw

Stephen Dmytriw

Dude, that's hilarious. Sadly, because it's true.

May 26 - 07:26 PM

Christopher Murphy

Christopher Murphy

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Jul 1 - 12:47 PM

Alex B.

Alex Bauman

Don't deny it. This guy is actually right on. The film looks pretty, but the plot's so old and stolen. Don't give me that crap about "how it's so hard to be original." True, maybe, but that doesn't give you the right to copy Pocahontas and Dances with Wolves

Jan 22 - 01:26 PM

Blake B.

Blake Box

The film is beautiful and fun to watch, but only once, three times at the most.

Jan 25 - 05:09 AM

Edgar W.

Edgar West

This film was the epitome of suck. I mean plots can be stupid and can be ignored but this movie is so freaking preachy even though it is utterly hypocritical. They merchandies the hell out of this movie and that'l all come from sweatshops and such. And of course it would be "environmental". The plot was THE most predictable one ever to the point where most the characters are bad stereotypes. It was just too long as well. Just awfull.

Apr 5 - 04:34 AM

Bryan S.

Bryan Sein

Its one thing to borrow ideas from other stories and movies. Its another thing entirely to take the exact plot, change the names and settings and call it a masterpiece.

Apr 14 - 09:44 AM

Andrew Le

Andrew Le

right on! to all u complainers, give me something from the plot that actually made it interesting or how was it even a good plot to begin with?

Sep 22 - 04:40 PM

Jacob Ferguson

Jacob Ferguson

Well, the thematic of jake Sully being put in a new world while the audience is being "put" there in 3D was kinda original... story aside. But tell me how star wars ISN'T borrowed from Flash Gordon and the TV show Kung Fu... but in space? That's all Avatar is, Pocahontas and Dances with Wolves... but in Space. Nothing wrong with that. District 9 was Alien Nation, and the Hurt Locker was every war movie I've ever seen. Sorry, but cinematic technology is kinda badass.

Nov 15 - 07:33 PM

Ronald W.

Ronald Willems

A stupid war about some stuff UNDER a stupid tree... DIG under it! SORRY had to let thatone out! :D And they said there would be the greatest war in it ever... Did I fell asleep? Guess so...

Apr 18 - 03:45 PM

Djangolulu S.

Djangolulu Smith

To be frank, I completely agree with you.
Eric Smith, No Affiliation

Aug 10 - 07:09 PM

PlanetaryAssault S.

PlanetaryAssault Systems

For all the money put into special effects, less care and attention to detail was put into the writing. "unobtanium"? Really now?

Jan 23 - 08:50 AM

Daemon Redd

Daemon Redd

The writers: "Gosh we're clever."

Oct 13 - 01:59 AM

Michael A.

Michael Archer

Taken from ask.yahoo.com/20070305.html

For all you writers struggling to come up with something original -- it's not your fault. There are only so many ways to construct a story.
Writers who believe there's only one plot argue all stories "stem from conflict." True enough, but we're more inclined to back the theory you mention about seven plot lines.

According to the Internet Public Library, they are:

[wo]man vs. nature
[wo]man vs. man
[wo]man vs. the environment
[wo]man vs. machines/technology
[wo]man vs. the supernatural
[wo]man vs. self
[wo]man vs. god/religion
Ronald Tobias, author of "Twenty Basic Plots" believes the following make for good stories: quest, adventure, pursuit, rescue, escape, revenge, riddle, rivalry, underdog, temptation, metamorphosis, transformation, maturation, love, forbidden love, sacrifice, discovery, wretched excess, ascension, and decision.

Overlap must be common under this theory. For example, "Rocky" is a story of the "underdog," who goes through a "transformation" and falls in "love" while on a "quest." We're not sure, but we think "Dude, Where's My Car?" touches on at least 16.

So are there really a limited number of stories? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure, though -- writers will always find new ways to make 'em interesting.

Chill out. The movie was a fantastic twist on an old story. Shut up and enjoy it for what it is: a well made, well directed, extremely enjoyable film.

Feb 22 - 10:18 PM


Pat S.

I don't mind if a movie "takes a new spin" on a story that has been done before. That's totally fine.

But Avatar didn't even TRY do deliver a real story. It completely focused on having pretty 3D graphics, everything else was just a soul-less, hollow frame for showing those pretty 3D graphics.

Both the characters and the story were so RIDICULOUSLY one-dimensional and predictable, and the same-old "evil technology, good nature" litany so RIDICULOUSLY unimaginatively and mechanically recited in terms of pure black and white (without any genuine reflection or thoughtfulness whatsoever), that I just felt completely ripped off when watching the movie.

It felt to me like the filmmakers didn't care about the content of the movie at all, but were just blindly following (and exaggerating far beyond ludicrousness) the standard formula for "emotional good-nature/evil-technology movie", to get just enough fake plot and character outlining to be able to pass the whole thing off as a movie (rather than what it really is,a 3D effects demo).

Mar 29 - 05:32 PM

Cody H.

Cody Halpert

Thank you Sam S. It's good to know that some people in the world are sane.

Oct 4 - 03:55 PM

Sean P.

Sean Patrick

The movie WAS a bit preachy. And the plot DID kinda stink. And the fire effects weren't anything to write home about. That said, the models were amazing, and most of the graphics/special effects were mesmerizing. But Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, says you can't have story based on spectacle. In the end, Avatar was almost complete spectacle. That's really the only reason to watch it at all. For that reason, i'd have to give it a thumbs down as well. Not to mention, I really despise Cameron. he's completely anti-American, and, in this movie, the Capitalists are bad. That kind of bothers me. It's just my opinion, true. But at least recognize the movie for what it is and stop adding to the overhype this movie has received. The MAIN elements of a good movie are all missing. The plot stinks, the character development is actually kind of skimpy considering the length of the movie, and the soundtrack is vastly overrated. I just don't see why this movie received the great reviews it did.

May 22 - 11:05 AM

G P.


"Capitalists - BAD EVIL THEY WILL DESTROY ANYONE IN THEIR PATH" now before watching this film make sure you have bought your popcorn, drinks at the kiosk and keep your eyes peeled for release of the bluray/special editions. Also, make sure you've bought all these 3d tvs complete with megabucks glasses you have to buy separately to enjoy this at home. And don't forget to go into fastfood chains and pick up free avatar merchandise, assembled by indigenous people in a country far away, with your burger meal

Jul 16 - 08:34 AM

Shake Zula

Shake Zula

I totally agree with you.

Feb 26 - 04:20 PM

Alex Aston

Alex Aston

I really thought it was just an effort by James Cameron to promote his overly sentimental anti-western message into the movie, which has been done in Hollywood a million times before, i think the only pro impiralism colonialist vs. Natives movie I've ever seen was the 1968 film "Zulu" and whether or not you agree/disagree with the message it's a far better movie than Avatar, esaily surpassing it in terms of character development, story structure and acting.

Cameron really stopped creating original and unique story structures after T2 and resotred to generic cliche storytelling with Titanic and Avatar.

Apr 10 - 10:36 AM

Manish Nair

Manish Nair

You are a dumb ass! Flash Gordon sucked in every way. Star Wars changed the landscape of movie history u asshole! There was a movie adaptation of that comic and it sucked more,Comparing Star Wars to Avatar? You are a stupid malformed child.Get your ass out from this site,go to your room. and grow up batty, then we can discuss this matter.

Apr 20 - 12:31 AM

Manish Nair

Manish Nair

Totally agree wiyh u Avatar is a silly ripoff of other movies and painted blue.

Apr 20 - 12:37 AM


Chad B

For those of you saying the plot was stolen or unoriginal or whatever....he wrote the 'scriptment' before Pocahontas came out.

And the story line mirrors classic native american literature...he didn't steal anything. Cameron just used some of the main themes or mythology from native american history stories and built on them. It's just like star wars and it's classic use of the mythology from King Arthur and such.

For those of you over-generalizing that this movie sucks because of the 'stolen' or cliche plot I have an over-generelized statement for you as well...

You are all whale nukers!! or something...you get the idea...you hate the think green stuff in and because this movie made you realize how your destroying our Earth you hate on it...sorry, just over-generlizing much like avatar plot hater do...how does it feel to take some of your own medicine?...there is so much more to the plot/movie then the classic native american mythology and themes it uses.

I agree it's not the best screenplay in the world but all together a great movie...that's why it would have won an oscar for best picture if the academy wasn't so against sci-fi...

And for my final over-generilized statement to avatar haters:
If you don't like Avatar or didn't enjoy watching it you must not like watching movies and should find another hobby like collecting stamps.

Apr 23 - 02:38 AM

Stephen Dmytriw

Stephen Dmytriw

"If you don't like Avatar or didn't enjoy watching it you must not like watching movies and should find another hobby like collecting stamps."

LOL - You're a moron.

May 26 - 07:24 PM

Cody H.

Cody Halpert

Did that make you feel better? Were people saying means things about poor, poor Avatar that you didn't like? It's okay to cry. But, you obviously did that already and now you're just trying to insult people who didn't like this piece of shit.

Oct 4 - 04:01 PM

James Stiles

James Stiles

You're Just a Hater.

May 25 - 08:46 PM

Stephen Dmytriw

Stephen Dmytriw

This movie stunk like hot poop on ice. I saw trailers thinking, wow!!!! this is gonna be great...then I realized the entire plot...and was so disappointed Watching the trailer I realized what South Park would later call...

Dances with Smurfs.


May 26 - 07:22 PM

Christopher Murphy

Christopher Murphy

Stanley Kubrick and Andrei Tarkovsky are turning in their graves.

Jul 1 - 12:59 PM

jan r.

jan robbins

For all those sophisticated people who are far superior to us morons intrigued by a bright light: bad plot or not James Cameronā??s laughing at you all the way to the bank, with Avatar grossing $2,783,919,000 worldwide as of August 2011, and $760,500,000 for the same time period in the United States... Need I say more?

Jul 20 - 11:07 AM

Cody H.

Cody Halpert

Yep, that definitely proves that there are a lot of stupid people who waste their money on Attack of the Giant Smurfs.

Oct 4 - 04:03 PM

Daemon Redd

Daemon Redd

I've stopped going to see bad films in theaters. It just encourages studios to make more bad films.

Oct 13 - 02:01 AM

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