Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem to Go Into Space?

Not the footage, unfortunately. The story.

Early reports suggested it would take place in a "Midwestern town," but perhaps Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem won't be such an Earth-bound affair after all.

Of all the complaints pre-emptively lodged against the Alien vs. Predator sequel, perhaps the most frequently voiced has been its rumored location. For a large number of fans, making an AvP sequel was unnecessary in the first place -- but if the studio really felt like it had to happen, the filmmakers could at least stage the latest round in space (where no one can hear you scream).

Well, what do you know? Maybe they did just that.

According to a report posted yesterday at Shock Till You Drop, "an anonymous scooper" has confirmed that Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem "will give fans a long-awaited look at the home world of the Predator species." As the article notes, Requiem co-director Greg Strause recently told Fangoria that "a new world" might "perhaps" be a part of the sequel, so maybe Mr. Anonymous Scooper is onto something here.

Source: Shock Till You Drop
Source: Fangoria



Ryan Campbell

Good Deal!!!

Sep 11 - 09:25 AM


CandyM0untain ...

AVP was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Worse then Aliens 3 and 4 combined.

Sep 11 - 10:28 AM


Matt Baer

judging by the trailer (especially the unrated one over at ign) the sequel looks like they cut the crap and if anything made some memorable action sequences that an alien vs predator vs stupid humans deserves, im sure there will be some not so good human acting but the aliens and the predators should steal the show say what you want but i think im actually looking froward to seeing how this will turn out.

Sep 11 - 11:51 AM


Ken Flenniken

I really, really hope this is good. The first one was so, so bad. An embarrassment, really. The IGN trailer made this one look like it could be scary, which is what I want from it.

Sep 11 - 11:59 AM


Rick V

This actually looks pretty good, much to my surprise.

Sep 11 - 12:48 PM


Chris *******

Yeah the trailer looks promising but I'm sure if the Predator planet is in the movie it'll be in it for about a minute, tops. Judging from the trailer the movie will mostly (if not completely) take place on Earth.

Sep 11 - 01:09 PM


ali abuomar

hey guys, i just went into the avp galaxy website and it stated that the brothers struse or whetever their names are, are saving the setting in space for the third film! Still a little disappointed but still have to wait for the best battle ever to take place in space. Also it will take place in the alien timeline. Very intersting.

Sep 11 - 01:15 PM


dethburger hates Flixster

Why the disapointment? Ever since the first Alien movie the whole point was to stop them from getting to earth at all costs. This is where the real carnage will take place so lets have at it!

Sep 11 - 02:35 PM


Cai Lindh

how in god's name did they go wrong in the first place?
its not that hard to make a good film with those two elements
but no, the human and the predator had to team up
thank god for this second one
R rated, the way it should be, looks as if predators and aliens are both getting and giving their just desserts

Sep 11 - 03:03 PM


James Humpula

Hey, did anyone else notice the Predator/Alien hybrid in the trailer? Frickin' awesome!

Sep 11 - 03:28 PM


Andrew Raine

I missed said hybrid, but I must say that the new obvious dedication to an "R" rating is promising. People don't go to movies like A.V.P. to see things ooze.

Sep 11 - 03:43 PM


damv bat

thay will show the predador homeworld at the end to set up a avp3

Sep 11 - 07:06 PM


Rob McNugget

When are going to petition to have the the law that states "all crap movies have to have pointless sequels" over turned?? This law is a crime against humanity, dagnabit!

Sep 11 - 08:09 PM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

I actually liked the first one, yeah I know shoot me. And this one looks pretty sweet from the trailer. And yeah hopefully we do see the homeworld.

Sep 11 - 08:10 PM


Rob Brown

I liked the first one also, though it certainly could have been much better, and I'm really looking forward to the second one BECAUSE it's taking place in a city or town on Earth, meaning that we'll definitely get to see some things that haven't happened least not in the Alien series. I'm tired of seeing monsters run around in jungles, in space, or other barely populated areas. If the movie were to take place on a different planet or a spaceship somewhere, it would run the risk of being seen as just ANOTHER rehash of any of the movies that came before it.

Speaking of repetitive, I was never a fan of Jurassic Park, but yeah, it was still neat to watch the dinosaurs run around, because they'd never been done in that way before. I was looking forward to The Lost World though, because I figured that once they spent an entire film showing off the monsters, they HAD to do something different, right? Nope. Lost World was more or less a retread of the first movie, only this time, everyone was smart enough to bring guns. It wasn't until the last 10 minutes or so, when the T-Rex was running loose in San Diego (I THINK it was San Diego) that I really got interested, because THAT is something we didn't get to see much of, but then it was over.

Alien vs. Predator 2, if nothing else, at least seems to have some interesting set-ups for some really unique action setpieces. Putting the action in a small town actually makes it seem more intense and more like a horror movie (more Friday the 13th than Godzilla) than even putting it in the big city, like in Predator 2, as these are folks that clearly aren't prepared for giant monster attacks. There's a greater variety of potential victims, not just the usual soldiers and scientists that eat it regularly in these flicks, so who knows, maybe there might be someone we *gasp* CARE about. Well, probably not, but I think that maybe the deaths might have more of an impact if its soccer moms, high schools kids, farmers, and innocent bystanders getting caught in the crossfire, not necessarily the people that regularly get wasted in sci-fi action movies.

Sep 11 - 11:34 PM

Lizard Brain

Greg Bonnette

I will say that the trailer looks decent. Also, the first one wasn't all that bad, just not a blood fest (did see it at home on an unrated version). We'll see...

Sep 12 - 03:13 AM


Daniel Klooster

The first AVP was awful. The plot sucked, the acting sucked, the predators sucked, the aliens sucked. Besides that, it was still bad. This one has some promise and if it's good, there should be martial law to burn all copies of the first AVP movie. While they're at it, they can get rid of that disgrace of a Aliens movie, Aliens 4.

Sep 12 - 05:47 AM


Craig Mottram

I think they've gone all out on this one. I wouldn't read too much into the plot as both franchises are about the suspense and shock factor. The first one was watchable but seemed to belittle both alien legacys. All we really want is elements of both sets of films that made the Predator and the Aliens so appealing . I've been playing AvP 2 online for 5 years, its the only game I play(I'm soo sad), part of the appeal is the fear of being torn apart by the alien. Really it is! lol. If the Strause brothers can emulate this kind of tension in the new film, then good for them.

Christmas is too jolly anyway!! ho ho harrrRRRRRrrr GGRwwww (crunch)


Sep 12 - 03:07 PM

Daniel Aaron

Daniel Gentry

I think it looks lame poor cgi and you can tell by it's look it's going to be a mind numbing action film rather than a well thought out or well paced Alien or Predator film. I will go see it of course but wont expect nothing if they go to the predator home world that would be interesting but judging from the effects budget and those executing them it will probubly be lame and the last ten minutes with a limited set with a cgi back drop mabey a cut above the Sci Fi channel if they really wanted to do either story justice it would be cool to see Ridley Scott helm a Predator film if you were to show there home world you should get coin and a good direction I'd set it in the future human slaves from pirated transport's are used to farm aliens for the predators sport then have colonial mariens show up following a hidden becon and war breaks out between the Colonial Fleet and the Predators to save the humans and send the Predators a message and show them that earth does not take them lightly "not just a bug hunt but lions and tigers and bear's" plus it would be cool to see full units of mariens and thier troop movements a war movie anyhoot thats my idea of the top of my head mabey i will write the script and get a green light....if you need to find me on christmas I should be at the bargain showing if they have one or mabey pay the full ten bucks...hey It's Christmas mabey i will go big . :)

Sep 14 - 11:36 PM


spindel smith

Firstly - why set it in "a midwestern town"? Why does everything have to happen in middle America?
Secondly - why does it need to occur NOW? Budgetary constraints?
Thirdly - the obvious one - does it need humans at all? Or would that make it a nature documentary........hmmmm

Oct 2 - 08:23 AM

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