Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem -- See What A "Predalien" Looks Like!


According to USA Today, when you cross an Alien with a Predator, the result is "either a bad joke or a box-office hit." Back to Article



Brian Gaul

I've always suspected the whole Aliens-take-on-the-characteristics-of-their-host-organism explanation was just something the filmmakers told annoying fanboys, who kept complaining that the original Alien looked like a guy in a rubber suit, in order to get them off their backs. I imagine the scene went a little something like this:

Fanboy: Hey, that's not an alien, it's a guy in a rubber suit! This movie sucks!

Filmmaker:'s not a guy in a rubber suit, it's...well, you see...uh... the Alien, uh...takes on characteristics of its host organism and that makes it LOOK like a guy in a rubber suit. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Fanboy: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

(Fanboy quickly waddles back to his mother's basement and jumps on the internet in order to spread his newfound wisdom to the world)

Oct 27 - 04:00 PM


Mustansir Abid Ali

I liked the first one despite the devastating reviews it got and have my high hopes on this one as well...

Oct 27 - 04:01 PM


Alsan Ali

So if they call it a "predalien" why aren't there other ones called "humalien"?

Oct 27 - 05:18 PM


chad lottinville

BlueMobius & Moviemonkey, you guys rule, i haven't read any of the novels, & only a little of the comics, but it feels good to read stuff about the series from people who know their *****. i really like contemplating the biology & history of the aliens, as well as the predators, i even have several ideas of how the predator's homeworld would be, it's very possible that they'd have a gladiator's colosseum, like that in rome, but much larger, where they battle all sorts of creatures from other planets & times, as well as ones they've cross-bred with aliens. i also kinda wonder what a female predator would look like, & i have a feeling they would be even more fierce than the males, their mating ritual being quite like that of the praying mantis, with the exception that the offspring are only allowed to live if the male survives the ordeal. but i'm talking way too much, & someone will probably steal my ideas PATENT: everything in this comment is mine! don't steal!
anyway, i think they did a great job on the predalien, tho i think it coulda used less dreds.

Oct 27 - 05:40 PM


Homer Simpson

This picture does nothing for me, but the trailor is certainly intriguing. I am paying attention, I can say that much. If this film gets moderate reviews, I will make sure to see it.

Oct 27 - 11:53 PM

Lizard Brain

Greg Bonnette

That ain't no costume. I've seen a Predalien. One attacked me in my room once. Don't joke about such things...

Oct 28 - 06:06 AM


Rob Potter

A desire for the preservation of lucrative franchises.

Oct 28 - 08:37 AM


D.S. Levy

Hey Chadlot, thanks for the kind words. I wasn't going to post for fear of being pegged as a hopeless fanboy but figured there are worse things to be called. For the record, I'm actually an English teacher and writer/scholar so these geeky things interest me! :)

Your ideas for the Predator homeworld are pretty cool...and pretty close to the mythos already established. Sorry, bud. :( I don't remember where it was put on paper (no real Predator novels to speak of besides movie adaptations) but I think it was in the original AvP comics that we learn the Predators come from a jungle type planet where it's hot and humid. This is why they choose to come to Earth when the planet is hot and humid (something like this is also explained in Predator 2). The send their young to Earth to hunt as a way of proving themselves (very Spartan-esque, now that I think of it) and once the young predator has made its first kill, it is allowed to return. It's acknowledged that they can be beat, of course, but their culture does not allow them to be taken prisoner which is why they have the uber-nuke bomb seen in all three Predator movies (AvP being more of a Predator 3 than a sequel to Alien anyway).

Here's a random thought about the time frame for the movie, btw. In the first Alien (and, more specifically, in the Aliens), it's suggested that the Company already knows about the Aliens. It's later revealed, in Alien3 that Bishop's creator is the owner of the Company and, if you look closely at the end of the movie, Bishop's creator is also an android (he's bleeding white after Ripley shoves him into the fence). Isn't possible that Lance Henriksen's character from AvP had already completed an android of himself, knowing he was dying, and that the android winds up taking over and starting this whole mess of sending Ripley to find the Alien in the first place?

That's all a bit convoluted but it was just a thought that came to me while I was writing this. Hmmmmmm...

Oct 28 - 09:09 AM


never machine

well said moviemonkey2. if you ever have the chance, you should read the Aliens book trilogy "Earth Hive". it goes into great detail about the order origins of the alien race, the hive world and the mother queen alien (which controls all normal queens like they control their drones). it would make a great film. also, just to add a few points about the alien lore, any creature that gets infected with a face hugger, the alien that spawns from that creature will inherently take on slight physical appearance of the host. in some of the comics, aliens infested a jungle and infected a bunch of gorillas- which became a sort of top heavy, very strong and mobile alien.

i think that this predi-alien looks sweet. I'm glad to see that they are adding more depth of the alien possibilities in these films. I am also glad that they are avoiding too much CG. thats what made the first alien movies so great and believable. Aliens was the ****. it is a shame about the time period though. i would have rather seen space marines deal with this rather than a bunch of dumbass teenagers- but at least that makes for more aliens.

Oct 28 - 11:17 AM


Craig Mottram

Its quite brave to show the Predalien in full light. The suit looks extremely well made. There will also be a tail and the moving mandables/inner jaw. I think this film has the potential to be very good. Like some of the fans who have posted comments, I also read the AvP/Alien comic books. They had some very good stories and massive story arcs, its just a shame that Hollywood dosen't use writers who know their subject matter.

I'd like to see the Pilot from the first film incorporated at some stage in to the films. I think the most important thing about this film is damage control after the first film. I think AvP disappointed most of its audience. I was very surprised with Foxs' decision to let Anderson direct AvP 1 when you consider how much the Alien franchise has generated for the studio. You'd have thought they would have invested more time and effort (and money). Its a bit like Paramount and Star Trek.

I think this film will be a success. You can already see from the trailer many elements from the Alien and Predator films e.g the ripley heroine, the over confident marines, lots of darkness "If it ain't broke don't fix it". I really can't see these two franchises ever being seperate again, there's too much history between them now. I just hope that this is the start of reboot that finally delivers, both to its fans and to people who just want to be entertained.


Oct 28 - 11:52 AM

~*Admiral Snowstorm*~

Dominique Amsterdam

Unlike most of you, I haven't written this movie off as a failure just yet. To be honest, it looks like it could be a lot better than AVP 1; I've seen nothing but good news so far. The fact that they're forsaking CGI for costumes is just the icing on the cake.

Even with all of the smart decisions I'm hearing about, it's still possible they'll make a bad movie, though. However, I do believe this one will be worth watching, if only for the action. AVP was so shoddily made it wasn't even good for entertainment value, let alone story value. With an R Rating, though, we might actually get something worthwhile this time around in terms of fight scenes.

Remember Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer? I don't think anyone will deny that that was a bad movie, but it was definitely better than its predecessor. That's the minimum I expect out of AVP: Requiem. It might completely surprise us all and be genuinely good, but that's being a little too optimistic. Realistically, all I'm hoping and expecting is for this movie to deliver some memorable moments that AVP 1 failed to give us. If it can be a movie worth remembering then fantastic, but I'll not get my hopes up.

Oct 28 - 01:05 PM


lexcorp1 godti1

come one - do I get to be the first to say it? Its an Alienator!

Oct 28 - 03:09 PM

Lee Bowers

lee bowers

Crap sorry about that godti1, didnt see your post!

Nov 1 - 12:01 PM


James Weigand

This is what Ridley Scott and the original creator said about aliens:

The origin of the Xenomorphs are never fully explained in the films. In the Alien DVD commentary, Ridley Scott merely states that the Aliens may have been bio-weapons created by an ancient race known as the "Space Jockeys". The Expanded Universe indicates that more than just one of the Space Jockey race remains alive, though their civilization is in ruins. An unknown amount of time later, the Xenomorphs are discovered by the Predators, a race of trophy hunters. The Predators then exploit the Aliens, considering them the prey used in the "Blooding" ritual or the rite of passage for young hunters.

A similar theory is briefly expounded in the spin-off novel Aliens: The Female War, suggesting that the Xenomorphs were originally engineered as weapons for a long-forgotten war, and speculating that their creators lost control of them.

The comic books speculate that the Space Jockeys or other alien race might have taken the aliens away from their home planet. Without their natural predator, the aliens were capable of infesting other planets.

Another alternative theory presented through the Aliens vs Predator comics is that the Xenomorph is a genetically engineered being, created by the Predators for use as training and as a way to let young pre-hunter Predators go through a trial by fire to gain their status as hunters, and thus being allowed to go on hunts such as in the first Predator movie. This is especially implied in the first Alien vs Predator comic book, since the planet of Ryushi was seeded by Predators in order to go on an arranged hunt with their young hunter-students.

Dan O'Bannon, who created the Alien, wrote that the planet on which the Xenomorphs were found in the films was in fact its home world, but that a cataclysmic event millennia prior had wiped out all the adults of the species, leaving only the eggs. The creatures, prior to extinction, had reached a level of intelligence where they were able to construct temples and had their own culture and written language. The Space Jockeys, miners exploring the area much like the Nostromo and its crew, then found the planet, only to come to grief when they came across the dormant eggs. This was written into the original script, and was published in the Alien Portfolio, which detailed design aspects of the film.

Nothing in there about taking on the DNA of the host...

Oct 28 - 05:26 PM


Charbel Boustani

The predalien also can be found in the computer game that these films are based on, he looks a whole lot better in the games and lot more scarie, if they would base the films on the story line of the games or even better the novels by Steve Perry (EARTH HIVE,THE FEMALE WARS ETC,stick a predator or two in the story they would have a Hit! ( stick to the novels they do it a lot these days.

Oct 29 - 01:12 AM


Andrew Toussaint

Why do the haters spread so much discontent? I find their lack of spelling capability so damn humorous. Stupid high school dropouts. Hey, I loved Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien:Resurrection, Predator, Predator 2, and even AvP. Favorite = Aliens To me, as long as they continue to make either creature's movies, I will continue to buy them. I'm a junkie for this kind of s h i t. I find them entertaining and still somewhat unique. The melding of Ants, Parasites, Native American lore, Gladiator logic, and Political/Military Corruption with mild humor, one liners, and a whole lotta death; that makes for a good time in my book. The Predalien is what it is, as in Resurrection, it is the re-birth, the evolution of a parasite. So embrace it, the movie is gonna be fun to watch. Rednecks n' Aliens, the mutant virus has to start somewhere.

Oct 30 - 01:48 AM


Joanne Newton

sweet!!! :p

Oct 30 - 03:44 AM

Lee Bowers

lee bowers

Predalien? Wonder why they didnt call it the Alienator? ;) Then the Governator could have battled the Alienator in Hollywood. Look folks it was just sitting there, someone had to do it.

Nov 1 - 11:58 AM

Lee Bowers

lee bowers

Crap sorry about that godti1, didnt see your post!

Nov 1 - 12:01 PM


Adam Abelkop

This is what happens when overzealous writers get together, **** on a piece of paper with a Fox headletter, and write "Alien v. Predator" at the top. I'm getting tired of directors saying they're trying to bring the franchise back to its roots / are inspired by the originals. I'm calling bull****. Don't get me wrong - I'll definitely enjoy sitting through an R-rated (at least Fox got something right) AvP film to see hundreds of people get mangled in creative ways by those creatures that we all know and love. From the trailers, however, I can't say that this is anywhere in the same league as Alien or Aliens (which are the only films in either of the franchises that I can say I enjoy without blushing). Those films have a certain subtlety to them that is hard to match.. and can't be matched when Fox turns to special effects experts to direct. There's a reason why we haven't seen slasher films getting academy awards. And that is exactly what this is - a slasher film. Now again, I don't want to be misunderstood, because I'm not ripping on the movie or on slashers. I'm just saying call a spade a spade: don't try to feed us the same BS about how this new film will be like the originals. It would be nice if they actually tried to back that up by bringing the film back to the fundamentals. But a comment about how the new film will incorporate - wait for it - "rain," just like Alien did is case in point. It takes more than rain, and that that's the first thing that the Strauses could point to about how they're incorporating the elements of the originals into this new flick is disappointing and makes me embarrassed to say I'm a fan of the Alien and Predator franchises.

Nov 2 - 09:23 PM


Nick Garcia

Might be okay. I mean, I hear its R.

Nov 3 - 12:03 PM

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