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March 19, 2013

RT on DVD & Blu-Ray: The Hobbit, Zero Dark Thirty, and Les Misťrables

Three of this week's new releases on home video were recognized by the Academy with Oscar nominations this year, so that's already a pretty good start. The other three selections include two comedies that earned mixed reactions and one French import featuring some impressive performances, and those are followed by a number of notable rereleases. Click through for the full list!More…

September 7, 2012

Critics Consensus: The Words Doesn't Know What To Say

This week at the movies, we?ve got a literary fraud (The Words, starring Bradley Cooper and ZoŽ Saldana) and a kidnapping plot (The Cold Light of Day, starring Henry Cavill and Bruce Willis). The Words is an ambitious film with an undeniably intriguing premise: how does someone rationalize reaping the rewards of a big con? Unfortunately, critics say The Words is mostly a missed opportunity ? despite the best efforts of its talented cast, the film is elaborately structured but rarely emotionally fulfilling. Not all globetrotting spy thrillers are created equal. Take, for example, The Cold Light of Day, which critics say borrows liberally from the Taken and Bourne playbooks without adding much.More…