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January 25, 2009
OMG iluv this movie.Ranbir kapoor is so so cute.I love the way he dance in the begining of the movie.I love the actorees too.all three of them are pretty.But i like Deepika Padukone more than the other 2.I love the song lucky boy and the song that played in the beginning of the movie.I love this movie!!!!!!!
½ September 2, 2008
This movie was very different than I expected. When they were talking about three loves in one lifetime, etc, etc, I thought they were really talking about love. That is the mindset I went in with.

Unfortunately, it quickly becomes clear that Raj is a complete jerk. He uses and abuses women in quick succession, makes them love him, then leaves them (sometimes at the alter), after getting what he wants from them, until meeting a woman who knows his ways, knows his past, and has absolutely no intention of marrying. Then he proposes to her, she refuses, and he vows to fix his past. He tracks down his past lovers and tries to right the wrong he's done.

There were things I really liked about the movie. It has lots of singing. It has a good plot, and very, very good dialogue.

Things I didn't like about the movie: Raj is not in any way attractive. I fail to see how he gets so much play in the movie. His psychobabble gets women from his past to forgive him too easily...I don't think it would be that easy. Mahi always looks like she's been crying, even when she's supposed to be happy in the movie.

Not a five star movie by any stretch, but definitely worth seeing.
June 14, 2011
One of the COOLEST bollywood movies Ive ever watched!
April 19, 2009
Bachna ae haseeno charms viewers with colour, comedy and abundant Indian music as well as a few exciting twists.
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