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½ May 24, 2013
This film has Judd Nelson in it. Do you really need any reviews to know how bad it is? I suppose that's supposed to be some "clever" reference to Breakfast Club since they both involve annoying kids in detention halls after school hours -- but that type of shallow reference should give you insight into how tortured the scriptwriting is.
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January 18, 2013
In this horror take on 'The Breakfast Club' (featuring an appearance by Judd Nelson), six high school kids are forced to spend their Saturday in detention. One by one they die from what seem like freak accidents. Could the spirit of an Indian chief, cheated out of his land by the school's founder, be responsible?
Combining the eighties' teen staple with a spam-in-a-cabin plot-line should make for a fun little horror romp but this turkey, adapted from director Spradlin's own comic book, is more concerned with plot twists than low-budget thrills. Most of the film consists of the kids, none of which are remotely likeable, screaming at each other. A flashback structure attempts to inject some humor but falls flat.
Perhaps unruly high-schoolers could be forced to watch this bore rather than sit detention?
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December 9, 2012
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½ October 9, 2012
A retarded version of Breakfast Club/Gossip girl meets Evil Dead, terribly acted, terribly scripted. It's not funny, it's not scary, it's nada. No matter how many twists you think you can pull or how many flashbacks you can produce, it's still crap. I enjoyed the idea of having a breakfast club feel to the set, but the obnoxious character didn't work out too well
½ June 19, 2013
Basically The Breakfast Club if the students were slowly killed off throughout the movie, Bad Kids Go to Hell is a wickedly funny and twisted little horror film that deftly blends brutality with black humor that keeps you guessing as to whether there is a murderer or something supernatural on the loose.
May 27, 2013
A cynical/dark comedy version of "The Breakfast Club" that never really defines itself. I am not sure what they were aiming for here a dark comedy, a social commentary, or a horror film. If that was the case it wasn't scary nor was it funny. The plot is completely disorganized, filled with hard to follow flashbacks, loaded with stereotypical characters, & filled with many 80's references. In fact the flashbacks are so convoluted that they are basically another plot in of itself. The directors had a mediocre script that produced one of the worst films I have ever seen. The film is too smart for itself & outdoes itself at the end of the movie. Judd Nelson's cameo was so flat, that I did not even realize he was even in this movie until I read reviews on Red Box.

If you are going to do a remake of a 1980's classic teen drama, then you better bring at least your B game or maybe even your A game. Do not bring your D game & pass this off as a good movie. People are smarter than that. I will give you the ending, because you will never understand the plot anyway. The whole thing was basically an experiment that could be turned into a book or movie to make money by Judd Nelson's character & the character Veronica. The rest you can't even figure out. There were aspects of the ending that I liked, but it did not fit the script. Please do not lecture me about society when you have a plot that no one in their right mind can even understand. Were the parents of these rich brats in on it? Who cares. The only redeeming quality this film had was the performance of Augie Duke as Veronica. She was really good, otherwise I would have given this zero stars. The other actors had talent but it was wasted here. The cast was totally miscast in this trainwreck. Duke definitely has a future in Hollywood. You know its going to be bad when the high point of the film is the first 10 minutes. I hope Phase 4 Films has more to offer than this material.
April 2, 2013
With characters that come off more as collections of tics than people and a soundtrack stuck on earsplitting dance remix mode, Bad Kids plays like a straight-to-DVD bad dream.
January 31, 2013
Tripped me out. This is the Breakfast Club meets Nightmare on Elm Street. It was filmed great. It looked amazing. The characters were strong and it told a good story. It's a mystery type slasher flick. Really good, though. Filmed in a pretty modern style.
August 22, 2014
"Bad Kids Go To Hell" is Director Matthew Spradlin's dark, twisted homage to 80's teen movies, as only Americana contemporary film can. Co- written with Barry Wernick, the story follows a group of teens from the complete color wheel of personality mind-f**ked. It is an obvious sinister retelling, or new vision, on Hughes "Breakfast Club" where teens personal, and social turmoil's are exposed and forced into resolution. Only in "Bad Kids Go To Hell" the forced realization comes at the hands of one hell of a twisted, sinister story. The plot follows this group of elitist offspring serving detention for, well-you know- being a teen with too much privilege, without supervision, just trying to deal with school and life sh*t! Cause hey, that sh*t is hard-we all have been there! The film stars Amanda Alch, Chanel Ryan, Marc Donato, Augie Duke, Roger Edwards, Ali Faulkner, Cameron Deane Stewart, Ben Browder and Judd Nelson. The official plot goes like this: Six prep school kids from Crestview Academy, home to the spoiled offspring of society's elite, find themselves stuck in detention on a frightfully dark and stormy Saturday afternoon. During their 8-hour detention, each of the six kids falls victim to a horrible "accident" until only one of them remains. I am not going into detail as to the depth of how or why they fall victim as to not give away any spoilers. Just my review and thoughts on the movie.

Everything about "Bad Kids Go To Hell" is almost perfect in it's utilization of nostalgia it tries to capture, with all the tribute images and backdrops that so epically scream "John Hughes". From the library, the character traits of the kids, (only more modern and less wholesome), who make up the cast, right down to the awesome Judd Nelson cameo as Head Master. The flaw (which is minor) is that it seemed to go hardcore in referencing the 80's high school flick but sadly no real dialogue reverb from the movie, what - not one kid could have found a way to declare "I wanna be just like you. I figure all I need, is a lobotomy and some tights". Okay, I know new decade , new social commentary. The film does have some very awesome quotable moments that I loved, my fave "I don't worship the devil, I just promote him". The cast where killer in their role and all had more than enough back story and depth of personality to bring the characters to life. I did want a bit more bravado, overt-expression from a couple of the characters. I thought they where more subdued than they should have been, but still the acting was stellar. Plus a hot cast can hardly ever go wrong.

The movie's "spooky" element was a nice premise to keep the plot stimulated, (remember I am not giving any details away here), which seemed to put the kid's paranoia in overdrive, and the ending twist was cool. Although it almost came off as lame, thank god it was the ending, and not revealed earlier or the film would have failed, much like "Cry Wolf". The effects and gore are there but not really allowed to be the focal point of the moment which is kind of a bummer but still it didn't detract from the movie. "Bad Kids Go To Hell" is a fun, dark satire on High School life as well as basic social discourse that we all have to endure. Plus the subtext of how, based on generation gap and over extended lives, adults tend to view life and young people with a very distorted view outside of the reality that teens or young people in general experience (and vice versa). All in all this film is pretty excellent and a great addition for fans of 80's throwbacks or contemporary American movies, although technically it isn't a horror film it does have some pretty thrilling moments in true Draconian fashion. The real meat of the story lies with the way they reveal how each kid got sent into detention. The flashback is totally 90's "here is how..." stylization. Plus for some reason I got an early Rodriquez vibe from the film.
April 13, 2013
It's tough to review this, it had its good and its bad. The practical effects were nice, but the character development was really patchy. The plot had it's problems, but it did have its moments too. I just feel like if the ending had a little bit more room to breath and let us develop all the twist and turns that they threw at us then it would leave a lot longer of an impression but it just left it as a so-so experience.
January 19, 2014
The whole Breakfast Club + murder seemed like a cool idea, but the movie was slooow. Boring for 3/4s of it, with pretty terrible acting, and in the end it didn't make a lot of sense. Not worth my time.
January 4, 2014
Damm how can i download a Trailer -_-
July 24, 2012
BKGtH... Loved the comic, can't wait for the movie!
October 7, 2013
One sentence summary: I still like Ben Browder, but hope never to see the other actors again.

Crestview Academy is a private school for upper crust brats. The film starts with the beginning of an eight-hour detention for six very entitled scumbag teenagers. Dr. Day locks them in, but not before Veronica poisons him (ongoing vomiting, perhaps not death). Within twenty minutes I was ready for all these useless bastards to be slaughtered. That's what I call successful writing.
Megan dies first from the inability to find her ventilator while under the stress of a seance.
They try to escape; they try to explain the recurrence of large roaches. They end up in round upon round of recriminations against one another, anti-enforced by flashbacks.
The adults are clueless; why don't they pull the plug on the bad behavior? Why not have the perpetrators arrested? Turn off the electricity to the sound system at events? There are ways to assert control non-violently. Even good old expulsion comes to mind.
After firing bullets at the bookcases to soothe his conscience, Craig Cook gets a nice piece of steel through his thorax. Nice.
Tricia assaults Matt Clark with a nail gun, but does not kill him.
Someone kills Veronica with a shard of glass, only it was a fake out. She was in alliance with Dr. Day, or so she thought.
In a last reversal of expectations, only Matt is left standing, and the cops pick that instant to enter the detention room. The cops immediately taser him, then muzzle him. Max explains what really happened, knowing Matt will never be able to credibly repeat it.


Cinematography: 7/10 OK, but little was done to disguise the bad casting.

Sound: 2/10 Unforgivable. Whoever mixed the sound did a bad job. The rotten music was set down much louder than the conversational tracks. To hear the conversations, I have to crank up to 50; to avoid blowing out my ears while the useless, irritating 'music' is on, I need to drop it down to 10. Ridiculously bad. The incompetence extends into the credits.

Acting: 0/10 Bad, except for Ben Browder. Judd Nelson might as well have phoned in his performance. You'd think actors in their twenties could do better jobs at playing teenagers. Amanda Alch (23), Mark Donato (24), Roger Edwards (32), and Ali Faulkner (over 22, probably by a lot) were the actors for whom I could find ages. Those may be their stated ages, but they look even older. Augie Duke looked about 40 in a closeup; searching on the net suggested she's 27. I think real teenagers could do a better job than this crew of non-actors. The extras were uniformly terrible.

Screenplay: 4/10 The rotten non-teenagers do get good and dead. On the other hand, the sequencing of current time versus endless flashbacks was poor. On the whole, this was a muddled piece of nonsense.
January 16, 2013
A rather good cast and unusual and sometimes clumsy directing techniques, this awfully edited, poorly scripted film is worth watching just for fun. It can't be taken seriously.
July 30, 2013
this movei is amazing.
½ July 14, 2013
Is not a horror movie nor a comedy. Bad kids go to hell gets trapped in its own weirdness, delivering one hell of a mess.
½ July 19, 2012
Saw this at Comic Con. So much fun! Loved it!
June 18, 2013
Matt is stuck in detention with five other troublesome teens on a rainy Saturday afternoon, but rather than swapping sappy to bring them closer together, the students are forced to face off against an evil spirit that is out for revenge! Matthew Spradlin adapts the hit comic book series BAD KIDS GO TO HELL for the small screen in a bloody new supernatural thriller, but these kids sure ain't part of THE BREAKFAST CLUB (in more ways than one). There isn't a likable character among them, but you have your pick as to who you'd rather see die first between the pretentious bitch, the asshole jock, the prissy nerd, or one of the other poorly constructed teen stereotypes. Any attempt to endure their obnoxious behavior and snotty attitudes will only be met with further disappointment, as the death scenes are hardly any payoff for all of the preceding torment. BAD KIDS GO TO HELL never moves in a firm direction, and flip-flops between its set-ups as a teen slasher and a supernatural revenge film. Neither option is particularly appealing, as both plotlines fall back on tired old genre cliches. The script isn't nearly as clever and witty as the writers would like you to believe, either. A fitting title, at least, for this self-important teen shocker.

-Carl Manes
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