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The Barbarian Invasions (Les Invasions barbares) Reviews

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August 5, 2014
Not sure what to really make of this movie as it isn't really as story-focused as it could've been given the concept. Each character has its own individual story, and at the very least each character gets a little color, but there's no real 'narrative' other than this group of intellectual and socially conscious friends, whose 1960s mentality has carried over to this decade, to come together one last time as one of their own has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Over the course of the course of these days, however long it is who knows as the movie doesn't explicitly state how long it is, these friends have conversations about politics, sexuality, art, literature, etc. It's everything a group of current republicans would hate, intellectual conversation. And I think it works, mostly because this group of friends does very much feel like a real group of friends. Perhaps that is the familiarity the cast must have had with each other as this is sort of a sequel to a film made 17 years prior to this one. So that air of familiarity is certainly there, like you're just seeing old friends shooting the shit again. In that regard, I thought the film was excellent. But, and this is my own personal opinion, this film wasn't good enough to be an Oscar-winner. It's certainly very good, the acting is excellent and the writing is incredibly smart. But there's just nothing here that screams Best Foreign Movie Oscar. Personally I thought the relationship between Remy and Sebastien could've been much better developed than it was. They spend a lot of time either arguing or not even talking to each other. It's clear that Sebastien was affected by Remy's philandering ways and how that affected their relationship. It's almost as if Sebastien wanted to be the exact opposite of Remy, and in a lot of ways he is, but where it's most important he's almost exactly like Remy. They do spend time on that, but not as much as to make it truly effective. They never really truly solve their problems but, at the end, that doesn't really matter. Remy is still Sebastien's father and there will always be love there regardless of whatever issues they may have. That part was certainly good, handled subtly as well, which makes it even better in my view. Personally, I found it more touching once Remy's friends start to say their goodbyes. It's very heartfelt and genuine but, again, and this is the most important part, it's all done very subtly. It doesn't exploit cancer in order to manipulate your emotions. It's a character study on how Remy's prognosis brings these group of friends, and even Remy's somewhat estranged family, back together in spite of everything they may have gone through. That's my favorite part of the film, easily. Though I still don't think this film is really Oscar-worthy, I very much enjoyed its approach to its characters and dialogue. The narrative itself isn't great, but it is interesting enough to hold your attention throughout. Very good stuff here, but it's definitely gonna be an acquired taste for some. Not a movie that's gonna appeal to everyone.
July 24, 2014
Vecchi che se la menano perché sono i più intelligenti di tutti e che poi un secondo dopo se la ridono perché il meglio della loro vita si sublima in qualche scopata e/o mangiata. Potere alla terza età!
May 27, 2014
In the very oddest sense, through humour and honesty, it is a perfect social commentary from first scene to last.
May 10, 2014
the ups and downs of life. in sepia.
April 9, 2014
it is a best movie that I saw ever!
February 4, 2014
funny and profound; great acting
January 2, 2014
Awesome little film. Well written, well directed and nicely played by a bunch of interesting actors/characters.
November 21, 2013
An overrated critics' darling that can use a tighter pace of editing.
November 3, 2013
The follow-up to the Decline of the American Empire. Both were up for awards at the Oscars. This sequel is more accessible. It's a good example of Canadian cinema. In fact, many consider it one of the very best to come out Canada. It deals with life, death, sex and drugs. The heroin addict is such a wonderful actress. She was also in Maelstron.
May 8, 2013
Not a happy movie, but a moving one that brought tears to my eyes by reminding me of my father's death. I wish could have arranged matters for him as the son did in this film. It is what I would prefer for myself, as well, but not the reality. We choose our pets time to die and don't let them suffer, but can't do the same for our human loved ones.
May 14, 2013
One of my favorite films. I have never enjoyed a reconciliation with life's absurdity as much as I did while watching this movie.
April 27, 2013
A fresh, smart, witty -but not all the way through-, dialogue driven exploration into the past of a dying man and his close group of friends and past lovers.
A pretty good script and a great performance by the lead actor.
April 6, 2013
LOVE IT! What a wonderful movie. Very funny.
February 27, 2013
it was nice enough, but i think a lot of the humour was lost on me as I don't have a strong French background. however the finale was touching, it's true, it would be wonderful to die surrounded by the people that love you and when you want, not when the illness gets you.
February 24, 2013
Les Invasions barbares has to be my favourite film to come out of Canada, although saying this is not saying much, considering how few I've seen. There are a lot in common with "The Sea Inside", although in the end I think both are surprisingly "upbeat", but I feel Invasions is a lot more critical and less hopeful than "The Sea Inside". Overall it's well written and directed, and there are some great performances (especially from Marie-Josée Croze), but I just couldn't ignore that the father son relationship is largely underdeveloped! Where this should be the center of the film, the son of the dying guy is only a supporting character, who doesn't know what to do except use his money to make everything happen in an artificial way. The moral message of the film could easily be: "Without money, u can't die peacefully surrounded by your friends and family".
February 3, 2013
mortality sure hell ain't the right before-bed topic, and it didn't help that there were bits that cut too close to home.
the most enjoyable bits - whenever the whole gang got together to just talking, talking.
like in the good ol' days.
John B

Super Reviewer

January 30, 2013
The sequel to the Decline of the American Empire takes the life pondering group of friends into the age of death and decay and their attempts to embrace it with dignity. A treatise on relationships and how complicated ones end up being simple when faced with the end of life.
January 27, 2013
Its a story of one man dying but it is also a darkly funny and definitely unpretentious look at the importance of family, friends and life
October 15, 2012
Euro moral relativism set around a bloated dude I assume is dying from super-AIDS. Not bad, but I wasn't terribly excited.
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