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Batman Begins is for morons.

June 16, 2005 Full Review Source: New York Observer | Comments (173)
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John Nodorft

The only moron is the person who wrote this review

Oct 19 - 01:52 PM

Jyles Ang

Jyles Ang

got that right

Jul 23 - 10:16 AM

Diego Tutweiller

The Artist Formerly Known as Tutweiller

I agree wholeheartedly with Rex. The movie was pure crap.

Aug 11 - 03:45 PM

Dave M.

Dave Mart

Be sure to talk about the film and not about yourself.

Sep 25 - 01:11 PM


Nick Zinghini

"Batman Begins is for morons" says the guy who thinks Begins is a prequel.

Nov 11 - 11:50 AM


Matt Goodman

It is a prequel...

Jun 27 - 12:44 PM

bryson m.

bryson moody

And this is coming from a top critic? I'm a kid and know this is horrible review work.

Jul 19 - 07:30 PM

Ethan Thoren

ethan thoren

How old are you? I'm willing to bet I'm younger.

Jul 5 - 09:54 AM


Tumelo Drametu

It's not a prequel. It's a reboot.

Aug 26 - 11:49 AM


In Your Dreams

No, it was prequel until it did well enough that the studio got greedy and decided to make another one.

Jul 5 - 03:12 AM


In Your Dreams

No, it was a prequel until it did well enough that the studio got greedy and decided to make another one.

Jul 5 - 03:12 AM


Rob McDonald

@ w@velength

No you moron! Watch Batman Begins and Batman(1989) back-to-back and tell me if it makes any sense for this to be a prequel of Burton's Batman.

Jul 5 - 06:33 PM

Danny Donnelly

Danny Donnelly

@ w@velength
Yeah, cause it would all line up if TDK din't exist... You know like how Joe Chill killed Bruce's parents and then ended up dead, and in Batman '89 the Joker was the one who killed them, it was definitely meant to be a prequel...

(There are so many other contradictions, that is just one obvious one...)

Jul 21 - 06:56 PM

Jared Robb

Jared Robb

it's not a prequel. it's a reboot, moron. I'm 13 and i know that

Jul 9 - 09:06 AM

Keenan Byrne

Keenan Byrne

woohoo you're 13, I could be 85 and it wouldn't make a difference. If you were 3 or 4, maybe your age would be a factor.

Jul 18 - 11:04 PM

Alex H.

Alex Haines

what about TDK and TDKR

Aug 22 - 02:06 PM


jonny danger

How is this guy a paid critic? Somebody give this guy some crayons and a coloring book.

Nov 22 - 10:01 AM

Dakota Assomesay Heino Heino

Dakota Assomesay Heino Heino


Jan 15 - 01:52 PM

James Russell

James Russell

How are any morons like him "critics" to begin with? I feel RottenTomatoes is a fucking joke when it comes to some of the people they hire.

Jul 17 - 07:19 AM

Ghetto Critic

Leo Rodriguez

for morons? Go watch your Barney show again, and leave the films for REAL critics

Mar 15 - 07:35 PM


David Voss

Probably not the wisest choice of words for your quote.

Apr 10 - 04:48 PM


Mark Post

Holy crap, Rex. I mean seriously. How can you not recognize excellent writing and acting like what is shown here?

May 21 - 10:30 PM


blake mooney

What a douche bag. Batman Begins is THE best super hero movie ever made. No question.

Aug 29 - 09:22 AM

usayeed h

Usayeed Haque

You're a freakin' moron. You think the people who liked it are? Just because it's a superhero movie with a compelling and dark story with heart, action and acting in it doesn't mean it's for morons. Notice how those traits make a good film in the first place.

Mar 14 - 03:30 PM

Manish Nair

Manish Nair

until the Dark Knight was green lighted.t.

Apr 17 - 10:42 PM


nonofyourbbus nonofyourbbus

hi, I'm a moron, how are you today omnipotent pretentious rose tinted observer?

Aug 29 - 11:02 AM


Darryl Gagnon

Oct 14 - 12:07 PM


Ryan Fluet

Jan 5 - 11:41 PM


zeyad salem

i totally agree with

Apr 21 - 05:28 AM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber

You are a retard

May 14 - 05:37 PM


Brad Miller

I officially hate this man with all of my heart

May 4 - 05:35 PM


Mike DeMateo

I guess that makes me along with millions of other people morons... Id actually feel kinda lonely being one of the few 'non-morons'

Jun 16 - 10:55 PM


Corey Maddox

This review is for morons.

Jun 29 - 10:54 AM


bryn high

well it made millions so
i guess us morons liked it

Jul 9 - 04:43 AM


mark pugh

It's one thing to insult a movie, quite another to insult the people who enjoyed the movie. His quote is a bit of a school yard insult, not very becoming of a professional writer.

Jul 14 - 03:26 PM

Lucas Corradi

Lucas Corradi

Could not have said it better myself.
It doesn't matter if the movie is good or not really. But his review is completely unprofessional

Aug 11 - 06:34 PM


Jerod Diamond

so you liked it then

Jul 17 - 12:23 AM

Brian Raccoon

Brian Raccoon

good one xD

Jul 20 - 01:36 AM


Dan Treppel

Oh my God, does this guy have balls! **** for brains, **** for taste, ****ty opinion, ****ty writing skills, and a ****ty name, but balls nonetheless. Fortunately, we can all rest in the knowledge of what usually happens in life to someone of this description.

Aug 8 - 07:50 PM


Jeff Pike

Calling people idiots over the internet does not mean you have balls. Going up to everyone as they come out of the theater and telling they were idiots for seeing this movie would take more gusto.

Aug 29 - 05:17 PM


mike mikeson

I'd rather be a moron than an *******.

Aug 19 - 03:29 AM

Alexson Philip

Alexson Philipiah

oh ye...well *** u.

Oct 26 - 04:53 PM

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