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This film feels so much like a videogame your hands keep reaching for controllers -- shoot the aliens, shoot the aliens, shoot the aliens.

March 11, 2011 Full Review Source: Detroit News | Comments (22)
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Dark O.

Dark Owl

I don't think you've played video games then. If this were a game it would be 3rd person chase cam or first person fixed cam. It was neither of those.

Mar 11 - 02:25 PM

Mike B.

Mike Barnes

to me, it felt like watching someone play a video game. Starts out entertaining, but get's really irritating after a while.

Mar 11 - 05:44 PM

Ben S.

Ben Smith

congratulation Mr. Long, you have pointed out similarities between the film and your imaginary video games from your glorious ancient generation. But you never actually critiqued this film as a film. Your criticisms only pointed to the generation gap between you and the world. Maybe the film to make the aliens and humans go bowling together, would that satisfy you? That would make a GREAT film.

Mar 11 - 06:06 PM


In Your Dreams

Pigeonholing the film as video game candy for video game addict ADD children seems like a fairly accurate review to me.

Jul 31 - 11:33 AM

Armando Lopez

Armando Lopez

Well idiot, maybe if you ever served in and infantry unit, and were in combat, you would realize how many things they got right. But since you clearly haven't, it seems like you don't know what the hell you are talking about.

Nov 21 - 05:58 PM


Mason Kratz

I agree. This movie is clearly just a cheap rip-off of Space Invaders

Mar 11 - 10:35 PM


Kelby Peeler

yes....that's a good thing.

Mar 11 - 11:56 PM


CJ Cox

Guess what! Its what the upcoming NOW generation likes. Just be happy we aren't picking up guns and coming after your old ass and are shooting the aliens instead.

Mar 12 - 12:04 AM

Alex A.

Alex Aurelius

Um, no.
I'm part of the "NOW generation" and I thought this movie was crap.
Don't speak for an entire generation.

Mar 12 - 11:40 PM

Nathanael T.

Nathanael Taylor

Douchebag, you're either a woman or a dude with no balls (Y)

Mar 13 - 01:34 PM


dethburger hates Flixster

Come on Nathanael, you wouldn't know a vagina if you saw one.

Mar 13 - 05:44 PM


Joshua Dinsmore

@dethburger- Haha that made me laugh.

Jun 12 - 09:37 PM

josh w.

josh weaver

May i ask how you can compare this to a video game? In what way apparently can this be put as a video game? I could probably say this about all movies besides love drama. District 9 had a-lot of moments where things were blowing up and you wanted to kill (either the people, or aliens) yourself yet no one thought to compare that to a video game.

Eventually video games will be movies that you are literally controlling... so will you eventually be saying every movie is like that one game? This review kind of cracks me up.

Mar 12 - 12:15 AM

Dark O.

Dark Owl

Agreed and a great point. District 9 drew heavily on Half-Life 2 and Halo yet it wasn't commented on. What you see here is reviewer conformaty in order to protect a non existent reputation.

Mar 12 - 12:36 PM


Todd Garry

I think this movie was very much like a video game. They kept on showing it through the cross hairs, plot was comparable to a video game. Just a whole bunch of point and shoot. Way to many cliches in this movie also. what a big disappointment!!

Mar 12 - 05:16 PM

Dark O.

Dark Owl

I don't understand the video game references. I can't remember any crosshair shots from a first person perspective...?

The combat was largely no different to that of any other mindless action film.

Mar 13 - 11:57 AM


In Your Dreams

Then you didn't see the movie. Every five seconds was a shot down someone's ACOG scope. If you don't know what that is, look it up. This movie sucked balls.

Jul 31 - 11:32 AM

Armando Lopez

Armando Lopez

The plot and story was largely told from the marine grunts perspective. And trust me, they would know about as much as what was passed down to them. As an audience member thats about all you get too.

Nov 21 - 05:59 PM

Andy H.

Andy Hatt

I think some people have already said this, but District 9 was a great science fiction film, yet it was inspired by Halo and Half Life.

Did you know that it was originally going to be a Halo movie?

Also, using the term "video games" is much too general. It would be like including Titanic and Rambo in the same category. Video games aren't just run and gun anymore. They got more story to them than most movies these days.

And by god Hollywood, the day you make a good video game movie is the day I get on my knees and bow toward you.

And....I'd like to know more about the actual movie in this review.

Mar 14 - 10:45 AM

Ken Gabisan

Ken Gabisan

Video game? The film isn't about video games, it's about survival of a group of civilians and soldiers. You must be playing too much video games aren't ya? :)

Oct 26 - 08:06 PM

Deck EntOnline

Deck EntOnline

This movie kicked so much ass on so many levels. Only a critic would not like it. Critics are incapable of enjoying anything.

Nov 5 - 08:59 PM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber

Fuck You, this movie sucked so much balls

Apr 17 - 09:26 AM

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