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Is it worth seeing once? Sure.

January 1, 2000 Full Review Source: San Francisco Chronicle | Comments (26)
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m z

You some kinda gay, Bob? Sure.

May 6 - 10:36 PM


Jane Holt

Did the Church of Scientology tell you to say that? You're probably in their pocket. Pathetic!

Jun 10 - 12:35 PM


Jonny Petersson

Jul 18 - 04:11 AM


Gabrielle *no way*

Of course you liked it. You are a scientologist! That dear boy is obvious.

Aug 2 - 08:24 AM


john durazo

Not worth seeing ever.

Jan 2 - 10:23 AM


cooper robert

Jan 10 - 10:06 AM

Agent Neville Flynn

Matt Buckner

It is worth seeing once: the spectacle of it all will blow your mind in a most horrible fashion.

Jan 10 - 09:58 PM


Troy Faubert

Oh please, I haven't seen Battlefield Earth, and because of the bashing this movie gets, it gets me curious to see the movie especially when the trailer has some appeal. So people, this critic actually has a point...

Aug 18 - 08:09 AM

Graeme W.

Graeme Wright

quite possibly the crappiest film ever made...cept maybe Gigli

Apr 4 - 01:34 PM

Neil F.

Neil Forde


May 14 - 02:41 PM


Aaron Dicken

This film should have a 0% rating but you're a dumbass so it doesn't.

Jun 25 - 12:48 PM


joe adams

It's totally worth seeing once if you appreciate film. This film is the pinnacle achievement(if thats the right word) of how not to make a movie. There should be a class at most film schools entitled "How Not To Make Battlefield Earth 101"

Nov 24 - 10:00 PM


Dig Bick

you sir, are an idiot for ruining a Top critic 0%

Feb 3 - 06:45 AM


The Watcher

Fcuking Scientologists.

"Bob, Bob.....Bob, my gun, Bob" *gives gun* "Thank You, Bob" *Bang!*
-(c) The Joker
-Tim Burton's Batman

Mar 7 - 07:51 PM

Josh T.

Josh Tredinnick

****in jew

Mar 9 - 04:59 AM

JC Martel

JC Martel

He has to be a Scientology crackpot, there's no other explanation for this.

Mar 29 - 12:36 PM

Jesse D.

Jesse Di Zenzo


Mar 30 - 12:02 PM

Forrest F.

Forrest Forte

Don't you mean, no. Sure.

Jul 11 - 07:48 PM


Kenneth W.

You lie!

Jul 17 - 02:20 PM

Jason T.

Jason Tomczak

Yes, if you are a masochist.

Sep 4 - 06:47 PM

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