Weekly Ketchup: Bryan Singer takes on Battlestar Galactica

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This week's Ketchup features the usual smorgasbord of movie concepts. An old TV show? Check! A video game? Check! A popular toy franchise? Check! A biopic about a dead musician? Check! David Mamet doing The Diary of Anne Frank and some Brits are making 3D musicals based on the works of William Shakespeare... Check? #1 BRYAN SINGER MOVING FROM X-MEN AND SUPERMAN TO BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Universal Pictures has signed Bryan Singer to produce and direct a feature version of the popular sci-fi TV franchise, Battlestar Galactica. Bryan Singer's career got started with the award-winning The Usual Suspects, but most fans might best know him as the director of the first two X-Men movies and 2006's Superman Returns.Back to Article