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August 15, 2009
delayed seeing this b/c it looked gimmicky (a cross btw Look Who's Talking 3 and Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer) and trivializing of Nazism; but the dog's monologues play a supporting role to the ordinary traumas of the human characters, which include old people who let themselves go, the middle-aged people who experience disappointments in love and family life, and a desensitized kid who fixates on Hitler's mass-destructive suicide as an alternative to complete coldness; the colors and light are perfect and the the movie never becomes bleak or fatalistic; it ends up an interesting commentary on the constant temptation of nihilism, and fascism as one response to the temptation; Baxter is trapped by his nature, and the movie produces a sympathy for that more than for the child sociopath, who makes choice after choice to hate, worship force and cause pain

One charming thing is that the dog's dialogue plays at the edge of realism in paraphrasing what a dog feels and can revisit in memory -- granted, at the end he starts meditating on death and the change of seasons.
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½ April 11, 2008
Baxter is a bit of a K-9 sociopath.

But the film is shot in such a way that you really feel like he's a "troubled youth" going from one 'foster home' to the next. No one every really knowing the 'real' baxter.

Ultimately it is a very moving tale of 'the human conditon' through the eyes of a dog.

Another very human lesson learned here (the hard way) is that sometimes the thing that we think we want/need most...might not actually be the thing that fullfills us, or makes feel whole.
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December 22, 2007
really disturbing and unique black, black 'comedy' told from a dog's point of view. i really felt for this dog! animal lovers proceed with caution. in french.
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½ June 27, 2008
A lot to say about racism, and the human condition. It's not a comedy, its deep drama.
½ November 8, 2010
The dog character is anthropomorphized with human sentience and cognitive internal monologuing but I had trouble relating so, and extracting the film's significance - might have to see it again. What I got was that humans are one beast away from unleashing the inevitable violent alter ego, but anyway, it's a refreshing film considering the hoopla normally expected from animals within films such as Beethoven, Air Bud and all that other crap. Unadulterated human-animal relationships pervade this film, but I can't say it leaves much of an impression even though it tried to.
December 17, 2014
Strano. Da una parte sembra un filmetto a basso budget e da bassissime aspettative, dall'altra tira fuori momenti decisamente disturbanti e crudi.Insomma, riuscito a metÓ? Qualcosa del genere.
September 10, 2010
(****): Thumbs Up

Smart and darkly funny. Well-written and directed.
January 3, 2010
I first saw this film when it was released to the US at the time of a wave of talking dog family movies. I knew this wasn't a kids film but I was expecting a light comedy where the dog makes sarcastic remarks about human foibles (those humans are SOOOO crazy). Well, I was wrong. This is a mean dog. As we watch the film we are constantly in fear of what the dog will do but completely sympathetic to his plight. But the film is even deeper, paralleling Baxter with a lonely boy that eventually becomes his keeper. The film makes a strong argument that the abuse and neglect heaped on any creature will eventually turn against those neglecting it and we all pay the consequences. In this way the film is a metaphor for the rise of Nazzism in Germany and simultaneously predicted the Columbine tragedy (and other similar attacks that followed). I have to say that I was completely emotionally moved by the journey of the dog. I warn you, though, that this is rough going. This is not for family viewing and not for anyone who is overly sensitive to the abuse of animals.
March 10, 2008
[color=#000000]This movie totally pisses me off and I think that it should be pulled off the shelves of ALL video stores and should be BANNED gives a horrible representation of dogs...especially the "bull terrier" which is extremely close to pit bull.....this movie allows people to create a biased against all dogs that look like this....i have a 2 bit bulls and they could not be more lovable and loyal:mad: :down: :down: :down: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: ABSOLUTELY APPALLING[/color]
½ October 26, 2007
[i][b]Baxter[/b][/i] >> A different point of view creates an interesting look at the life of a specific dog.
Stephanie Daley[/b][/i] >> About the fears and emotional pains of pregnancy and losing a child. Worth a watch.

[b][i]Running with Scissors[/i][/b] >> It wants to be funny and weird and cool but it ends up being a Wes Anderson idea that was rejected.

[i][b]The Lost Room[/b][/i][b] (Miniseries)[/b] >> Very intriguing and entertaining story is hindered by the uplifting ending.

[b][i]Perfume: The Story of a Murderer[/i][/b] >> Almost fell into the mode of a usual serial killer fare, but by the end, it is much more than that. Imperfect yet darkly charming.
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