Michel Gondry "Swedes" His Own Be Kind Rewind Trailer

Another maverick move from the trickster filmmaker.

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As if bringing the phrase "sweded" into the lexicon wasn't enough, Be Kind Rewind director Michel Gondry has one-upped himself; he's gone and sweded his own trailer, inserting himself as Jack Black and Mos Def and using his crafty wiles to replicate the most conventional aspect of Hollywood movies: the preview reel.

Such a maverick move was to be expected from Gondry, the French-born music video wunderkind-turned-maker of the most visually innovative films in recent years (The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep).

His whimsical ways even made it to Youtube, where Gondry duped us all (you know he did, for a little bit!) with the simple video of himself solving a Rubik's cube with his feet. That video, achieved by employing a rather simple, but effective, camera trick, spawned plenty of response videos and validated Gondry as a champion of simple magic in filmmaking. He's since updated his Youtube following by solving a Rubik's cube with his nose.

Now, with his latest film opening in theaters today (Be Kind Rewind, boasting a 68 percent Tomatometer rating), Gondry has unleashed another gem unto us. Where the first trailer for the film gave a taste of the story -- two video store schlubs (Jack Black and Mos Def) must remake the most famous movies in the store when all the tapes get accidentally demagnetized -- this second clip goes even further. In Gondry's sweded (read: re-made) trailer, something's gone wrong in the projection booth, and Gondry himself must step in and re-shoot it, special effects and all.

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