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½ December 14, 2010
I was very excited to see this film, a neo-Beauty and the Beast sounds intriguing. Unfortunately with high expectations comes greater pressure to succeed. And this film goes down as one of my most disappointing films of all time.
The acting seems more suited for a teenage television show. There were several unbelievable scenes involving a character standing unnoticed only a few steps away from another individual. The plotline involving Lindy being forced into staying with the "Beast" was was not convincing; the character of her father in particular was not well thought out. Finally Ive heard multiple people point out how cool the main character looked after he turned 'ugly'. In fact, Ive seen quite a lot of people that intentionally give themselves a similiar look!
Neil Patrick Harris was wonderful and is actually a bright spot in the movie.
When the movie was over the basic theme that was left was not 'beauty within' but more like 'it doesnt matter how ugly you become as long as you have money...'
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½ November 11, 2012
Another film that appears to have been snatched out of the pages of a high school girl's journal. Immature characters with vapid character development -- which is particularly problematic when teenage character development is the whole point of the film. And that Olsen girl?! Awful! Stick to lunch pail modeling, Mary Kate!
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February 23, 2011
I have to admit, it was better than I expected (by that I mean I could sit through it!). Both the leads I found pretty weak as actors. For me the highlight was Mary Kate Olsen as the goth witch. Seriously, she was the most convincing part in this (I can't believe I am saying that). I totally bought her as a bit twisted and sod the romance, the ending with her character was the best bit!
I didn't like the makeup on the beast very much. There is ugly and then there's ridiculous. His markings and veins crossed the line to ridiculous.
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½ June 23, 2012
So awful. The championing of superficial qualities in the script is overbearing and cliche, even for high school students. Alex Pettyfer is just a pretty face, and Vanessa Hudgens is so hipsterly twee.
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½ June 13, 2012
First off I have to say that I viewed this film under protest as my niece was visiting and for god knows what reason, wanted to check this stinker out.

Now that that's out of the way, let me critique this unfortunate attempt at updating the classic Beauty And The Beast tale.

Early warning signs: This film was produced under the aegis of CBS Entertainment - which, let me tell ya, ain't HBO. Think more of a Saturday afternoon Disney channel effort and you wouldn't be far off. A second hint that you may be in for a distasteful experience is that this was written and directed by the same guy - it's seldom that this formula works and this film could be the poster child for "Don't go there".

It has been said that the acting in this film is atrocious, but I disagree - you could have Meryl Streep uttering this lines and even she would seem almost cartoonish - which is an idea - why didn't they dispense with the acting all together and do this as Japanese style Anime? I mean, like really, (quoting from the film), the two main actors Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens are earnest enough, but their efforts are sunk by banal material. Hudgens in particular, as the girl who falls for "the beast" seems to at least have some screen presence (or maybe I'm just smitten by those cheekbones).

In supporting roles you have Lisa Gay Hamilton as the perky housekeeper who, in spite of never being shown the slightest bit of humanity by the beast, tries to school the lad by spinning homespun homilies in an atrocious Caribbean accent. And speaking of schooling - when Alex is turned into the beast, his dear old dad squirrels him away and then hires a blind tutor to school him. This is probably the best part of the film (and the bar has been set really, really low). Neil Patrick Harris (what's with all these actors with 3 names anyway - 2 names was enough for John Wayne, ya woosies!), has all the funny lines and he delivers them with panache.

I could go on and on about what is wrong with this film - from the laughable "deformity" of the beast (that looks like children's face painting on drugs), to the heavy handedness of the script (let's make this really, really obvious in case there's a 6 year old in the audience with a learning disability), but in truth, the long and short of this film is that it is so very formulaic and over the top. The film even does a little wink wink in an attempt to show how slick it is by mentioning several times that the story isn't original. Really, ya think?

Finally, the film ends with everything tied into a nice bow - boy gets girl, finds redemption, etc. etc. - witch (who cast the spell making beasty boy beasty) grants him his wish to give sight back to his tutor (not kidding, really), and then in yet another attempt to say something meaningful, has the witch set her sights on dear old dad - you know, he who instilled the beastly attitudes in his son in the first place. Yikes!
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March 24, 2012
Turned out to be a weak performance from both protagonists, the plot goes awry very quickly and I can't recall seeing a worse ending to a film, didn't quite cut the entertainment factor in my opinion.
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½ September 10, 2011
I must admit I was quite excited when I heard about this film, but ultimatley I was disappointed with it. Although it was a fresh take on a old story line, I feel if they had aimed it at an older audience many of the cliches that made it so fractured and dull would have been eliminated. However, solid performances from a cast that I did not have much passion for going into it and one that is worth a watch, but its never going to be timeless.
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November 23, 2010
In this retelling of Beauty & The Beast Kyle Kingson learns about love and caring about other people. Kyle Kingston (Alex Pettyfer), has got it all. He has good looks, a rich and good looking news anchorman, Rob Kingson (Peter Krause) who believes that beautiful people have it better as does Kyle when he delivers his speech for his class president campaign as Lindy Taylor (Vanessa Hudgens), a brainy and beautiful girl stands in the corner listening in utter disbelief. as he talks in vain that beautiful people have it better. At the end of his speech, Lindy tells him that it's nice to meet him after 3 years. Also in the story is Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen), who decides to give him a second chance after Kyle agrees to take her to a school dance. When he shows up with his girlfriend, Sloan (Dakota Johnson), Kendra curses him right then and there. After dancing with Sloan for a while Kyle goes up to a balcony and appears telling him that he has a year to find someone to love him and if he doesn't he'll stay cursed forever. As soon as his dad finds out whats happened he tries to find doctors who can find a cure and when they say that nothing can be done. His dad tells Kyle that he will find a cure and when he can't he's sent to live in isolation where he lives with his maid Zola (Lisa Gay Hamilton) & is tutored by Will (Neil Patrick Harris). He soon realizes that he may be able to fall in love with Lindy, so every night he goes outside his apartment. One night he rescues Lindy, from a drug bust involving Lindy's drug addict father. He then pleads with Lindy's father to take care of Lindy. He's reluctant at first until Kyle tells him that he'll show pictures of the guy he shot and his drugs. So Lindy's father brings an unhappy Lindy to Kyle's house. Kyle tries to win her over with gifts which she rejects and then he gets the idea to build her a greenhouse, which she loves, because of her love of roses. Then surely but surely Lindy & Kyle fall in love. A great & beautiful movie. I don't know why people don't like this movie. It was a great adaption of the book by Alex Finn & I definitely, absolutely want to see it again! :) Go see it if you haven't yet :) You'll love it! :) :) :)
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½ September 7, 2010
The modern version of Beauty and the Beast, it seems. Apparently geared for teen enjoyment, because my teen daughter enjoyed this much more than I did. Cute. An extra half star for the casting of Neil Patrick Harris...he was VERY good. :)
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June 15, 2011
I do not know what compelled me to watch this. Alex Pettyfer is a horrible actor and the whole film itself is a gag-fest. There's awkward WTF moments all over this that just makes you think "What were they thinking when they filmed this?" Mary-Kate Olsen was a surprise but I think she was very limited with the crappy role and lines they gave her. Vanessa Hudgens did the most she could under the circumstances; she's not that bad of an actress I believe but the director and the scriptwriters just made this painful to watch. There's really nothing "edgy" about Beastly.
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½ October 18, 2010
As a fan of the book, I was aptly curious of the adaptation, even though the trailer paints a picture of a very teen oriented and low brow humored version. In the book there is a depth of emotion and a complicated plot that produces true empathy for the heroes of this unfortunate fate. The film lacks any drama or probable plot, instead instituting the likes of Alex Pettyfer and Mary-Kate Olsen. Vanessa Hudgens and Neil Patrick Harris are perfectly cast on the other hand. Even though Hudgens is a striking beauty, she comes off as very down to Earth with excellent range, therefore forgiven. Harris was always the part of Will in my mind's eye and I was not disappointed with his sour portrayal of a blind tutor. The only reason this film even slightly works is because of Pettyfer's strange performance, which is inept of sadness, but is very goofy; and doesn't take himself very seriously, great for the makeup he dons throughout the film. Yes, the makeup is completely contrary to the book, and is pretty ridiculous, but as it goes along all the close-ups and reveals actually pulls the watcher towards sympathy of some sort. Well shot and sweet tinged, it's okay for a watch if your friends force you.
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½ July 7, 2011
Shallow and painfully clumsy movie. Beastly is pure fantasy, and not because of the magic, but because everyone is beautiful. The definition of ugly in this movie is Mary Kate Olson. As it's a film about looks and love, that's a pretty shallow move. Beastly has nothing new or intelligent to say. Watching them try to force the Beauty and the Beast story into modern day was painful. It just doesn't make any sense. The kids at the beginning applaud an absolute douche, Mary Kate and Vanessa Hudgens are the outsiders, doctors don't investigate weird facial deformities, and people just accept stories about witches. It then breaks into comedy with a bit of drug dealing and murder and finally limps to its climax which was exactly what you knew it would be before even watching the movie.
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July 4, 2011
It's a really bad sign when the best thing about this film is... MARY-KATE OLSEN! Horrible in all aspects. What a sack of shit. Neil Patrick Harris is the worst blind actor I've ever seen. Don't waste your time.
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½ December 12, 2009
Cast: Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens, Neil Patrick Harris, Dakota Johnson, Erik Knudsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Peter Krause, Lisa Gay Hamilton, David Francis

Director: Daniel Barnz

Summary: After arrogant teenager Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) humiliates a Goth classmate (Mary-Kate Olsen), she puts a curse on him that transforms him from a hunk into a hideous creature. To break the hex, Kyle must find someone who loves him for what he's become. Living with a housekeeper after his heartless father (Peter Krause) throws him out, he connects with an addict's daughter (Vanessa Hudgens) in this contemporary take on Beauty and the Beast.

My Thoughts: "I liked it, didn't love it. The acting was good by most, some fell flat, like Alex Pettyfer. I believe it's my first time seeing him in a film. He was just OK for me. He seemed bored in his role and not very believable. I loved Mary-Kate Olsen in this. She looked amazing in all of her great costumes. Vanessa Hudgens was good in this as well. I am starting to like her. Neil Patrick was funny which saved some of the movie for me. The film has a good message, but the film just wasn't that interesting for me."
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½ March 14, 2011
Painful to watch.
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September 17, 2010
Actually, it's not that bad.. At least they really modernize the story of 'Beauty and the Beast'.. But the disappointing thing from this movie was they didn't write a great screenplay from the book..The story is too short and had no climax, yet the interpretation for the 'beast' here wasn't that beast.. At least he's not furry and still got his abs, so why we should call him a beast?? The only performance that help this movie is Neil Patrick Harris', even though it's short and he's not convincing enough to play a part as a blind man, but he's still one of the funniest actor in Hollywood.. Overall, it's just an okay film.. Watch it without any expectation..
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March 6, 2011
This movie was a very horrible film. Its story was very boring, it was just a human tale of Beauty and the Beast, we know how it ends, we know what girl he falls in love with, and we don't feel any sympathy for this asshole. The acting is horrible, Mary Kate olson wasn't scary, the main actor was not believable at all, and Vanessa Hudgens in a movie, that just proves how low a budget they had. What the hell is that on his face people, is it markings or scars or caveman symbols, cause thats not ugliness, that being deformed and needing medical attention. With so much pop music, I could see this is just another Twilight, and i hated it with a passion.
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May 23, 2010
Love is never ugly

Good movie and a good moral to the story. Unfortunately us men have a tendency of looking the exterior of the oposite sex meanwhile woman not so much and we all men including myself should really start learning from woman in that aspect because it's the inside what counts. The acting wasn't much there but the story, songs and moral really carry this film. It wasn't the best love story ever told but it isn't the worse. My recommendation is to rent it and watch it with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

A curse transforms a handsome and arrogant young man into everything he detests in this contemporary retelling of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Wealthy Kyle Kingson (Alex Pettyfer) has everything a teenager could want in life, but he still gets off on humiliating the weaker and less attractive. When Kyle invites his misfit classmate Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen) to an environmental rally at their school, she questions his motivations but reluctantly accepts. Later, Kyle blows Kendra off, prompting the spurned goth girl to cast a dark spell on the swaggering egotist. The spell causes Kyle to transform into an unsightly creature that strikes fear into the heart of everyone he meets, and the only way to reverse it is for him to find someone who can love him for who he is on the inside. Subsequently sent by his repulsed father (Peter Krause) to live in Brooklyn, Kyle forges a tenuous friendship with his kindly housekeeper (Lisa Gay Hamilton) and his blind tutor (Neil Patrick Harris). When Kyle witnesses a drug addict in a desperate struggle with a menacing dealer, he intervenes, promising to protect the addict under the condition that his beautiful daughter, Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens), comes to live with the unsightly recluse in his sprawling Brooklyn home. Over time, the two forge a relationship that grows much deeper than anything Kyle has ever experienced before.
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½ March 12, 2011
A superior teen romance for the 'Twilight' crowd. Truth be told, the Shakespearean-new age speech pre-transformation is atrocious, but the movie gradually improves from there and Barnz allows the melodrama to breath for the actors to emote convincingly. Neil Patrick Harris is delightful as the blind tutor who scoffs whenever the romance becomes too saccharine.
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October 6, 2010
Beastly has absolutely no surprises, but the idea is fresh; However, that being said, it's the type of fresh that still is easily predictable and cliche. The acting is awful, but it is saved by Neil patrick Harris's blind/witty character, cracking up jokes the entire way through. All it is, is a film that proves that you do not have to be a goo looking person to be beautiful. It sends out a great message to it's targeted audience, but the fact that this film has poor dialogue, poor acting, and a lazy running time, Beastly seems nothing more than a Made-For Television film. Alex Pettyfer should stick to the "I Am Number Four" franchise and Vanessa Hudgens should retreat to the family channel. There is really not much to enjoy here, except for Neil, a quirky plot, and the fact that I was not bored for some reason. Beastly is definitely a very, very weak film, but I have seen many worse romance films.
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