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Oliver J October 20, 2012
As a piece of entertainment for the general audience, it just flat out fails; it's a self-indulgent, incoherent drug trip. For hardcore Beatles fans, it's a fascinating watch.
Toni S ½ October 14, 2012
Simply fabulous. Possibly the best film from the Beatles.
Adam B October 10, 2012
There is a distinct possibility that this is a film that can only be appreciated by diehard Beatles fans, but as I am amongst that illustrious number I would not be fit to judge that proposition. For me, this was a brief glimpse inside the minds of the greatest band in history at one of their most creative periods, and whilst it is a chaotic and sometimes messy affair, it does brim with genuine creativity and I am sure that somewhere deep inside the film lies something really rather good, desperately trying to get out. There are moments, however, of pure madness and self indulgence, yet these are tempered with offerings by Victor Spinetti and some well thought out musical sequences that just about keep the whole thing the right side of the ridiculous. Not to everyones tastes, but for me it was an interesting and entertaining experience.
Andrew M August 6, 2007
Bizarre and trippy experimental film by The Beatles, but quite enjoyable. Obviously the musical segments are all good, and the sketches and linking bus journey are all likeably mad. Not at all linear or rewarding, but fun all the same.
Randall R October 9, 2012
I saw Magical Mystery Tour in the 90's when it was shown on the Disney Channel, and I hated it. I was curious if the new 2012 DVD made any significant improvements over this much maligned effort, and I am pleased to say that it is much better now. Visually, the film looks beautiful, unlike the poor quality prints from previous years. The colors are very bright and cheerful. This may be the best color film of the Beatles from a technical standpoint, at least until they restore the films Help or Let It Be.

The Beatles' musical numbers are of course the highlight. "I Am the Walrus" is as good as any MTV video, and both "Fool on the Hill" and "Your Mother Should Know" look and sound much better on this restored print. Although the film was Paul's idea, and John later bad-mouthed the project, it is Lennon that is the star of the film. His delightful facial expressions, fully lines, and amusing array of hairstyles and costumes make an otherwise disorganized film more watchable. In the Beatles' early Hamburg days, it was John who was the star of the show for the same reasons. Ringo has a well-acted scene at the beginning, and longtime Beatles roadie Mal Evans appears in several scenes, just as he did in Let It Be. George Harrison, on the other hand, seems bored and disinterested; he has no lines and appears in a less-than-inspiring music video to "Blue Jay Way."

The film itself is still a disorganized mess, although the edits are a bit more professional that the version I saw many years ago. There was obviously no script. The scenes appear to be out of chronological order. Near the end, there is a sequence where the passengers on the bus sing to an accordion at night, and it's spliced with a scene of Paul trying to ride a tandem bicycle with a dwarf on the beach during the daytime. Nothing really makes sense. A couple of scenes are interesting: the military scene, which starts off disturbing but becomes funny thanks to excellent acting by Victor Spinetti, and the spaghetti scene, which also was difficult to watch but becomes funny thanks to John's funny hairstyle and acting.

If they show this film on TV again, I would cut the stripper and accordion scenes entirely, change the sequence of the scenes (the Mr Bloodvessel as the Courier scene should be before his romantic beach sequence with Jessie), and add commercials, which oddly would provide a needed break between these disorganized scenes.
Gavin P September 27, 2012
An absolute ramshackle! No narrative or actual characters, but some great songs (I Am The Walrus, Magical Mystery Tour, The Fool on the Hill) but not enough to make any sense. Still, it's fun and The Beatles were clearly 'assisted' by other substances, so you can't blame them for trying!
Jack B September 2, 2012
fun in the psychadelic sixties
Jonathan K September 1, 2012
Great Film, First of all the reason why the acting was bad and its got Rotten Tomato is because the script was an A4 piece of paper with a circle. Paul gave the paper to john and said "This is the script, we will make the film up on the way". This film was only for fun and personally i think it was brilliant.
Linda M August 26, 2012
Different, but still The Beatles!
Daniel M August 12, 2012
I think this movie is a crazy representation of every thing the Beatles loved. It's insane and a little crazy.
Jared S August 7, 2012
Almost not a movie. More like a bus "Trip" that has music stops. There isn't a plot. This is for hardcore fans only.
Josué G ½ July 24, 2012
Incoherent movie, but excellent music and music videos.
Joey W ½ July 23, 2012
I'm a huge Beatles fan, but... this movie is... *Barfs* But this movie gets a 2 and a half stars for the kickass soundtrack.
Daniel S July 14, 2012
Might as well be called "Bad Acid Trip".
Noah P ½ June 27, 2012
The Beatles' first, and arguably only critical and commercial failure. You get the frustrating feeling that a plot is about to develop, but one never does, and the Beatles are not talented enough actors to improvise an entire movie. Some bits appear to have inspired Monty Python, but this movie really just a mess, and proof that though Paul McCartney may be the greatest pop musician ever, he has no aptitude for filmmaking.
Scott C ½ July 2, 2007
Trippy Beatles fun. Need to see it again.
Michael H May 30, 2012
THE MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR IS HOPING TO TAKE YOU AWAY!!! Not this time! There is no magic in Magical Mystery Tour, a TV movie with charming musical numbers but just one problem. No continuity. The beginning of the film seems promising enough. Its the song Magical Mystery Tour with weirdly edited scenes. The plot involves a tour bus taking peopleThe characters are Richard (Ringo) and his aunt who like to argue, Paul Mccartney, George Harrision, John Lennon, Paul Mccarteny as a Sgt, Paul Mccartney as a wizard. The Beatles as a wizard, the corriours who don't seem to take responsibility for anything Paul as a walrus, a kid, a old guy who thinks hes a couriour, midget wrestlers and much more. There is no continuity throughout any of the scenes except for they wear the same costumes. They have weird filters in some scenes. There are montages of the beatles singing for no reason, there are too many characters, there are scenes where a stock crowd wave at you which confuses you, weird random colourful explosions, more weird things like food eating scenes that come to quite disturbing, in fact most of the images in this film are disturbing. For example, we have midget wrestlers chasing a bus and the food scene. Oh god, that scene... WAS EVERYONE SMOKING POT?!! God I love that lyrics. These scenes are just weird. All of them. It feels creepy, not cool and just plain scary. This is something they would show Alex in A Clockwork Orange! The wizards are just... there. There are too many characters to care about. I don't think there is any conflict in this movie whatsoever. Now Ill try to explain some good things. Uhm... The songs were good, some of them... the bus I liked, .... .... uhm... there wasn't much I liked about this movie. Its just a whole mess. Its a unfinished, disturbing montage of musical numbers, pretty backgrounds, a plot that is not there, a script that was never completed and some songs that don't add anything to this confusingly mediocre movie. They should have a plot, less characters, more of the LP's songs, continuity and entertainment. This movie barely entertains.

50/100 C
Sean G
Super Reviewer
½ August 29, 2011
Very campy at times. It's basically an early concept for MTV. They do videos for their songs from the album of the same name and try to string them together with a thin plot in between.
Vanessa B ½ May 28, 2012
very entertaining, even though u have no idea what is going on half the time.
Natu G May 24, 2012
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