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½ July 12, 2007
Altho the writing's sketchy here and there, I'm gonna go along with the majority opinion on this and say that here is perhaps Ron Howard's finest work, the jarring twist mid-film lasting until the end of the work as another math genius gets tried by their own I.Q. and bigtime (see "Proof"). Strangely, this is Connelly's film as the long suffering wife who takes the audience (us) by the hand and shows us "this is not real!" Liked Proof better, but whatcha gonna do?
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½ April 27, 2012
Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly give stunning, emotional performances in A Beautiful Mind. Ron Howard has crafted a masterful film that is a revealing look at mental illness and deserves to be seen. Brilliantly put together to create suspense, brilliantly acted to make us feel for the characters (Jennifer Connelly is astonishing), and a moving story of love and determination, A Beautiful Mind is a beautiful film.
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October 27, 2012
"A Beautiful Mind" is a beautiful film. Crowe's performance is excellent (and almost makes me forget what a schmuck he's reported to be in real life.) I highly recommend this film.
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August 31, 2012
'A Beautiful Mind'. Emotionally overwhelming time and time again. A remarkable story. A fantastic Russell Crowe.

The schizophrenia is handled very deftly, and never felt deceitful when the revelation came. Even when Nash stops taking the pills and sees Ed Harris, I was still seriously questioning whether it was real, because I completely sympathised with Crowe's character, and wanted it to be as real as he did. Only when he acknowledged his hallucinations, did I.
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July 23, 2011
Gripping, profound and beautiful. Gut wrenching sense of humanity.
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February 27, 2011
A moving, smart, happy, mysterious, and incredible film. John Nash (Russell Crowe) is a Princeton genius but has yet to prove it, he makes a good friend there (Paul Bettany) whp believes in him, and soon earns a place in the Pentagon and as a teacher at a university. He falls in love with a beautiful woman (Alicia Nash), but things go bad when a man in black (Ed Harris) offers him s job as a spy, and he needs to research the Russians. But when a weird turn of events start happening, the problem we thought about John Nash is greater than anything us or him couldve imagined. Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly were incredible, genius acting from both, and Connelly deserved the Oscar. The plot was a better version of the real story, and I think it turns John Nash's story into one of the most incredible brain twisters ever made. The intense 2nd half of this film will never leave your mind, and this movie will never leave it either.
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½ June 2, 2011
A Beautiful Mind is definitely a typical Oscar movie, but man, it knocked me out. Not only were the performances spectacular (Crowe has never been better), but the direction and cinematography are top notch as well. I honestly don't see how anyone can have a problem with this film, because the acting is too great to criticize.
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½ August 5, 2010
A Beautiful Mind is a beautiful film! There's not much to be said of it really.

The story is excellent, spanning over a period of many years in the life of mentally ill, John Nash, played by Russell Crowe. The plot with the reality and hallucination sequences was extremely affective, and well done. Also, powerful and touching.

The acting is fantastic, both leading and supporting roles alike. Supporting actors Ed Harris, Paul Bettany, Judd Hirsch, and Josh Lucas really give strong performances. Russell Crowe received an Oscar nomination...he gives a great performance, but it was the beautiful and stunning Jennifer Connelly who makes this film. Her performance as Nash's wife, Alicia, is brilliant...one of my favorite supporting performances. She's one of my favorite actresses. She definitely deserved her Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Excellent musical score by James Horner!

I think one of the things I liked most about the film is the emotion. Parts of the story are so sad, tragic even. I really felt for the characters and that made all the difference. There are some powerful and emotional scenes in this film.

Even though this film "stole" Best Picture from LotR: The Fellowship of Ring, this is still an excellent, near perfect film. Ron Howard brilliantly directed this movie, and it will most likely remain his very best. Everything about it is excellent...I love this film! I completely recommend this!
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April 4, 2011
A remarkable story that will make you question the mind's logic and reality.
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½ March 8, 2011
Ron Howard's "A Beautiful Mind" is a good film any way you slice it. Though, the less you know about John Nash's life is probably better because it can be a bit of a light rendition. Still, it's a lovely movie about a man dealing with his mental illness. It's well shot by the legendary Roger Deakins and well acted by Russell Crowe (one of the few roles I actually like him in) and Jennifer Connelly (in an Academy Award winning performance). "A Beautiful Mind" is inoffensive, engaging and rather timeless, just don't expect anything too challenging or thought provoking.
The Gandiman
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July 16, 2010
Remarkable Crowe, solid Connelly and crafty Howard pull off an absorbing achievement.
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May 26, 2010
I am sam and rain man are alot better than this one.
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June 17, 2010
A Beautiful Mind is one of Ron Howards greatest achievements as a director. A well told, and acted film, A Beautiful Mind is a terrific drama film. Som,e people may not find it appealing, but if you're looking for a good film to watch about a man who triumphed over a serious disease, then this is the film for you. The story of John Nash is very interesting as he was able to cope with his Schizophrenia and win the Nobel Prize in economics. A very good film to watch, A Beautiful Mind is definitely one of Howards best films.
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May 26, 2010
Not only is this movie thought provoking and beautiful, its also one of the most entertain and well acted movies ever made.Almost every element to this movie was done to perfection,the acting, writing, directing, etc. You almost feel as if John Nash is in this movie not Russell Crowe.
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½ June 24, 2007
An excellent, heart-wrenching look at a brilliant, yet still very troubled individual. Crowe is always fantastic, there's just nothing he can't do. It always helps when you have one of the best actors ever in Ed Harris, who always brings it. It's not an easy movie to watch, definitely very saddening considering this guy had to live with these demons. If the end of the movie doesn't touch you in some way - you might want to check your pulse.
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½ March 2, 2010
A great story.....kind of sad. Maybe Russell Crowe is as good as they say. At least he was here.
Kyle F.
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½ February 19, 2010
A Beautiful mind has a great story and lead performance by Russell Crowe, not to mention a nicely done score. However, the way the film is shot and played out can go from being brilliant to dry and insignificant in an instant. Let's just say that a film with a different story, made in the same way, might not have turned out as well.
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May 24, 2009
VERY well conceived idea, beautifully executed.
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December 13, 2009
If reality has ganged up on you, nothing is safe anymore
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September 3, 2009
Crazy movie with a great script, so technical wif all da maf and science. Sorry about that, but watching this movie makes you want to get some glasses because you feel smarter. Not really though. Good stuff.
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