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October 26, 2006

Critical Consensus: "Fire" Blazes; "Scissors" Isn't Sharp Enough; "Saw III" Not Screened: Guess The Tomatometer!

This week at the movies, we've got the return of Jigsaw ("Saw III," starring Tobin Bell), a tale of rebellion in apartheid-era South Africa ("Catch a Fire," starring Derek Luke and Tim Robbins), and a story of family dysfunction in the 1970s ("Running with Scissors," starring Annette Bening, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Alec Baldwin). What do the critics have to say?More…

February 17, 2006

Newell & Bardem Come Down with "Cholera"

International acting stud Javier Bardem and well-rounded movie director Mike Newell are about to bring the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Love in the Time of Cholera" to the big screen for New Line. Adding just a little more pedigree to the mix is screenewriter Ronald Harwood.More…

September 8, 2005

Trailer Bulletin: Oliver Twist

It may be the 412th cinematic adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic tale, but this is the only version of "Oliver Twist" to be directed by Mr. Roman Polanski. Have a look at the trailer for the film right here.More…