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November 21, 2007
Gorgeous cinematography of Vermont scenery. Interesting concept for the story but it never took off. Dull & flat.
½ August 30, 2007
The only good part, and I can barely say that was Tim Daly. The cinematography was beautiful; and I tip my hat to Tim for his direction, but I really was not into this movie...There's not may movies that I have negative comments about...sorry.
½ August 15, 2012
weird, slow, not sure really where it was going...yet I had to see it since Micheal C. Hall was in it, just wish he had a bigger part
½ May 5, 2006
A bit of an odd film. Some really beautiful Vermont scenery makes the film pleasand enough to look at. Well photographed as well. No the cheeriest movie of all time. The cast is good, but it sure was boring sometimes.
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