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August 15, 2009
The first time I saw "Beyond The Law" I didn't pay enough attention to it to understand it so I didn't see what all the fuss was about. After I watched it a few more times while I was visiting my family in Texas, I realized why everybody was bragging about it all the time. Charlie Sheen is an undercover cop surveying a biker gang by becoming one of the crew and gaining the respect of even the leader of the bikers.
If you watch the movie and pay attention to the whole thing, you'll find out that this is a great all around movie in every respect. It has good suspense, action, and best of all great acting. It's one of Charlie Sheen's best movies, if not his best, and one of the best movies to own for anybody if you ask me. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. While I was staying w/relatives in Texas at that time this is about all they watched. It is a great movie for sure, though not the best.
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½ August 11, 2009
Kinda cheesey yet a decent gritty action flick with a nice cast, the whole story is pretty lame and cliched but the whole biker gang thing is always good for punch up's, destruction and some tense confrontations between sweaty guys hehe
Madsen makes it stand out from just an ordinary biker flick really, he is after all a biker nut job haha or he always seems to play these roles, and he does so well. Sheen is pretty much Sheen like in all his films but he always does this kinda stuff ok and keeps you interested. Nothing special but better than most fluff you might see on the back shelf.
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August 3, 2007
Charlie Sheen plays a cop going undercover in a biker gang; there's lots of furry bikers in this flick. It gets a bit dangerous. Some of the scenes are fun.
March 3, 2014
Beyond the Law (1993)

Between the two Hot Shots comedies, Charlie Sheen did this serious biker movie. It's based on real characters and supposedly, the real Daniel Saxon was inside this movie somewhere. This was written and directed by Larry Ferguson, who has written many great actioners.

Dan Saxon (Sheen) is a troubled cop. When he gets fired from a small Arizona town sheriffs department. An agent Conroy Price (Courtney B. Vance) recruits him to go undercover to infiltrate a drug and gun running group of outlaw bikers, led by Blood (Michael Madsen). He's befriended by a motorcycle mechanic, Virgil (Leon Rippy) who builds a bike from scratch and gives him the biker persona that he needs to get his foot in the door.

He also meets and falls in love with a pretty photojournalist, Renee Jason (Linda Fiorentino), who is doing a feature on bikers. Dan's past is encroaching on his biker lifestyle to where he's not sure what he is. He even scares Virgil away, and Renee is wondering if she made the right choice falling in love with Dan.
½ August 31, 2009
Dan Saxon (Charlie Sheen), a small town deputy, is fired from his job and recruited by the Special Investigation Division (SID), to go undercover and infiltrate a ruthless biker gang lead by Blood (Michael Madsen). Saxon carries with him a dark secret from his youth, as well as trying to stay sane amongst the illegal path of the bikers. Based on a true story, Beyond The Law is a gritty road down a grim tunnel of danger for Saxon. Charlie Sheen turns over an exceptional performance, easily being one of his best. The film is severely overlooked in his filmography and needs to be put out there. Michael Madsen never disappoints, reminding me of his stint in Reservoir Dogs here. This is the kind of over-the-top action I love and Beyond The Law delivers it in spades.
July 11, 2007
This has always been one of my dark horse favorite movies. Hell yea, Charlie Sheen is bad *ss in this movie.
February 7, 2007
Charlie Sheen is great in this true story of an undercover cop whose work accounted for hundreds of arests.
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December 29, 2006
Great action/thriller movie about drugs and biker gangs. Charlie Sheen playing a police going undercover in a bike gang to stop the drug / violence on the streets. He must self become one of them to act like a true biker which involved in using drugs etc. Very good movie !
September 23, 2012
i didnt think i would like this one but i was shocked how good it was
½ April 17, 2012
Nothing more than just an action film...and Bad Bad action movie with Sheen Charlie
April 28, 2011
on of Charlie Sheen's best performances ever. Michael Madsen is stellar in the Role of the gang leader involver with drug rackets and weapon trafficking
January 6, 2011
Also known under a much better title "Fixing the Shadow". No idea why they decided to originally release it under this dummy, cliche name "Beyond the Law". I guess it sounds more American and more catchy for the crowds. To me it sounds more B-action-flick as opposed to great filmmaking which this movie is. Fantastic acting by Charlie Sheen before unfortunately to the world of cinematic art he became a TV star and totally lost purpose in this tricky biz.
½ May 27, 2010
Based on a true story - falling deeper into the darkest corner a man?s psyche is transformed.
½ May 27, 2010
"Look..." [i]Beyond the Law[/i] just failed to be convincing in any aspect whatsoever. The overlay of the Indian's tale with Sheen's life was unnecessary. The motive for "Dildo" to build Sheen a motorcycle as well as teach him about being a biker was just silly. Many of the characters were flat and unrealistic, which wasn't the actors' fault; they were simply scripted poorly. This movie turned out to be an downright mess.
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