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Tim M ½ December 17, 2011
One of the rare movies that has been overedited. Many of the scenes in the trailer aren't in the final cut and the film is poorer for it. Fun heist movie with a great cast in a beautiful setting. Pretty good for a PG-13 flick.
Andrew Pratt Andrew Pratt December 4, 2011
i wanted to like the movie but i think they had to many actors
Francisco Raposo Francisco Raposo September 25, 2011
Not perfect, but good, great actors and interesting movie, recommended.
keygii keygii ½ August 31, 2011
ammm it was ok but second time I wouldn't watch it
Millo T April 8, 2011
You can see it with some amusement, but it isn´t the funniest movie, neither a good thriller...
johnnytangster johnnytangster ½ January 11, 2008
"The Big Bounce" isn't as violent or as imaginative as either of Armitage's previous efforts, he keeps things humming as everybody plots against Jack to make him the fall guy. Even though it's not as good as other Elmore Leonard's film adaptations, it manages to be consistently amusing when it isn't visually resplendent. It may not ever be seen as a great or memorable movie, but you'll have a good time watching it. It's one of those movies where you either loved it or hated it. Like the frosty tropical drinks the people keep sipping here, it's refreshing and icy-cool, a sinful pleasure mixed by experts. By not trying too hard, this remake of a dumb movie has got spring in its step. The bounce is on us.

VERDICT: "Matinée" - (Mixed reaction). These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. This rating says to pay matinée prices to see at a theatre or buy an ex rental or a cheap price the DVD to own.
bigdaddytj2006 bigdaddytj2006 January 23, 2011
pretty good movie , Love the cast !
jjb3332003 jjb3332003 ½ March 18, 2009
I felt like I was watching a 5th grade film project. Absolutely no plot or direction of any sort.
Kandise W December 13, 2010
1of the worse movies everrrr
joseph e. joseph e. August 3, 2010
Was this suppose to be a comedy? Or a lifeless, boring film? I say the second statement. Great cast, yet they all sucked in a sucky film, directed by a sucky director, most certianly written by a second rate scerr writer for a second rate film and cast.
andrew p October 12, 2010
i wanted to like the movie but i think they had to many actors
Super Reviewer
September 19, 2010
Jack (Owen Wilson) is a low-key thief in Hawaii, looking for a scam after getting fired from a construction job. He winds up working for district judge Walter Crewes (Morgan Freeman), doing odd jobs and gazing at Nancy (Sara Foster), the hooker mistress of the construction magnate (Gary Sinise),from beginning to end, the leading female character, Nancy, is central to the plot of the story, Heists almost get pulled, fates almost intersect, but not quite....Apart from some beautiful shots of Hawaii and some kewl cliff diving footage, there was nothing that really grabbed me about this movie......
moviebuff18cab moviebuff18cab ½ January 4, 2005
Agent R F ½ January 30, 2007
some good views of Oahu Island, Hawaii.
carloslotr carloslotr September 4, 2010
It pretends to be a film of the style of Tarantino's films, but despite the nice cast, it sucked a lot.
dodurovan dodurovan July 19, 2010
Owen Wilson is one of my favorite actors. He makes it look effortless. This is one of my favorites of his.
Jonathan W ½ July 9, 2010
Owen wilson is a liitle bit funny. Reminds about his character in "You, Me and Dupree". But otherwise this is a real B-movie!
Asif K June 14, 2010
The story has been so poked and prodded and spun around it barely knows how to end. Everything here is too mild, too sloppy. Boring, unsexy, styleless, sluggish and physically ugly. worst movie, hated it.
Adinda Rubie P ½ June 5, 2010
my rating will change if i watch again!
Mark B. Mark B. May 8, 2010
The only thing I can say is that I seen it and can't remember anything about it, and if the movie isn't memorable for, I know that it was junk.
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