Bigfoot County Reviews

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December 15, 2012
If you're really looking for Bigfoot, then you may ultimately be disappointed. If you are looking for a great film, then you will probably be disappointed as well. Bigfoot County is another backwoods horror flick that uses the found-footage aesthetic to little effect...
November 16, 2014
Kind of fun. Good twist, great final shot.
June 5, 2014
80 minutes of terrible found footage garbage. with: terrible acting & redneck rape
½ December 3, 2013
What a waste! Look at the cover and that's MORE than you see in the movie of bigfoot. It's actually a California version of "Deliverance". I'm amazed the writer/director would even list his name as the script is so incredibly lame! His girlfriend gets dragged screaming into the woods, they chase after her a bit then they're moaning about their lives and how one of them envies the other. Really?!!! A bit of dropped drama? Ludicrous! A really good documentary type Bigfoot story is The Lost Coast Tapes. There's character development of people you CARE for, great monsters and one heck of a twist at the end! This one had to be one of the BIGGEST RIP-OFF'S I've ever seen. Really, if you like bigfoot, just look at the dvd cover and call it a night.
April 5, 2013
It achieves what The Blair Witch Project failed to do. An excellent Found Footage horror film with a lot of Dark Comedy.
March 15, 2013
It starts fine, in a Troll Hunter-like manner but as soon as the first real occurrence begins it goes downhill fast. The monster doc turns hillbilly Horror and all of it is foreseeable and not especially enjoyable.
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