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½ August 17, 2015
Although it's funny, original, and charismatic, Bill and Ted's adventure was not as 'excellent' as it should've been.
August 14, 2015
The idea of two metal-head teenagers riding back in time and meeting great historical icons is a lot of fun and holds amazing comedic potential. It is a simple yet fun adventure, but it never takes off. As far as comedy goes, it is a little light on the laughs. The historical figures are probably the funniest, but they do not develop as characters. I wish they had a bigger part and influenced the plot more than they do. It becomes more about the boys ability to travel across time to dictate their near future, rather than amusing situations that arise from the time travel. Alex and Keanu Reeves are loveable idiots, and are probably why such a shallow movie works as well as it does.
July 18, 2015
Usually, when I go back to movies from the 80s and 90s, they are nowhere near as good as I remember them to be, but this one held up most excellently. I actually think it puts on a deceptively stupid act that hides a certain sophistication in how it handles certain time travel cliches. One of the writer/directors is the son of a very famous author, and I suspect he might have had some expert help in putting this screenplay together, but even so, I think it is the chemistry and lovability of the lead actors that really makes it work.
July 17, 2015
A bodacious and most excellent adventure.
July 7, 2012
A most bodacious adventure
½ January 24, 2009
Four stars for Bob "Genghis" Khan.
June 10, 2015
It's undeniably stupid and has dated visuals, but Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is a most triumphant romp featuring endlessly quotable lines and endearing turns from Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. Verdict: B+
½ May 26, 2015
This is a fun time travel comedy where it's best to leave some logic at the door. Plus phone booth is my third favorite way to travel in time (behind Delorean and Tardis)
May 24, 2015
What an "Excellent" Movie! One of the most fun movies I've ever seen! One of the most dumb but yet awesome premises with two of the biggest loveable idiots as our main characters. Their whole journey through time is full with laughs and "most triumphant" quotes. With an great soundtrack, and probably one of my favourite scenes in movie history with the shopping mall scene, this movie is fantastic! Words of wisdom: Be Excellent To Each Other, Party On Dudes!
May 13, 2015
75% on my Tomatometer.
½ April 28, 2015
Excellent! Bodacious! Party on, dudes!
½ July 22, 2012
When I was younger I thought this was one of the best films ever made, but back then, I was quite a moron. In fact, looking back on it, I can't even believe I was even impressed by such a disaster of mainstream trash when I was 18. In many ways, this film represents everything that was wrong with mainstream 80's culture, and indeed Hollywood at the time. Perhaps the worst part about it was the story, which, not content with being another mindless time travel flick, seems to be infested with plot holes and all manner of illogical characters and plot devices. The acting is pretty bad, but the main characters have got to be some of the most insufferable human beings of all time, and the fact that you're stuck with them for 90 minutes is guaranteed to take its toll on your patience. If this where any time other than 1989, they would be so hated that I dare say they'd be sleeping on the streets. To me, it seems like the producers focused more on making the film look cool for its time than actually making a well-written comedy. In small doses, this film's approach would alright, but it overstays its welcome very quickly. The film pulls out nearly every 80's cliché in the book, including the dreaded air guitar cliché, and the end result is so ugly and foul that you'll wish you never laid eyes upon it. The worst part of all is that it's presented as a comedy film, but there's barely any laughs to speak of. In fact, the film's blatant display and promotion of idiocy isn't even in a satirical context. It's just mindless trash, and in the end, I think that's how future generations will remember it.
July 25, 2012
What the hell was I thinking when I first saw this movie? This is one of the dumbest movies ever made. Even when it was new! Never did I think I would come back to a movie and it made me pray for death when I did. Every character acts so dumb, and the entire plot is so innately poor, that the film fails lead you away from it's inherently airheaded nature, and the fact that it's basically just a regurgitation of the low end of what used to be popular culture. And I don't believe I will ever understand what I thought was so good about the movie the first time.
October 7, 2006
Enjoyable but Dumb. It really is a brainless, but cute, exercise in a scenario where you find a time travelling machine that does help you prepare for your history presentation for class. I can't help but ask myself hundreds of snobby, (un)necessary, analytical questions. If these two suck at history, and are so obviously stupid, is history the only course they are doing? No mathematics, science, art at San Dimas High? The historical figures barely get any character and are somewhat lame, but charming enough to get me through the movie. The Time travelling aspect itself is not that well thought out. I want to make it clear, I like this movie, I make it a tradition to try and watch it every couple of years, but it would have benefited from being shorter, or just from being better written. There are laughs and fun memories, but honestly, Napoleon Bonaparte's discovery of the Water Slider will always stay with me, because it truly makes me wonder: Have these important figures from history truly missed out on the "EXCELLENT!" opportunities of life such as the Water Parks of San Dimas?
½ March 25, 2015
"A Late 1980's Parody Comic Film"

***** 1/2

This Movie Has Split Down The Middle Reviews By The Audience; Half Of The People I've Asked Have Liked It & The Other Half Have Said That It Annoyed The Hell Out Of Them.
(& I Guess There Were Those Very Few Who Didn't Think)
(That It Was Great Or Bad; Just A One Timer Watch)
Its A Late 1980's Parody Comic Film That Is On The Light Hearted Side About Two Struggling High School Students That Are Planning On Forming Their Own Band; That Just Ain't Gonna Happen If They Can't Pass Their Final Oral History Report. To Make Sure That Happens They Will Be Assisted By A Time Traveler From The Future Named Rufus.
For Me This Film Was Very Entertaining, But As I've Seen From So Many That I Have Asked About The Film, They Either Like It Or They Hate It.


I Give This Film An A (Amazing) ***** 1/2
March 21, 2015
I imagine this is a movie that you have to grow up with to "get" I appreciated some of the jokes and how fleshed out some of the time travel concepts were, but I dunno it just didn't move me in any significant way. The whole concept of getting historical figures together for a history report comes off as remarkably boring. and George Carlin's role is woefully brief. It just wasn't my thing I guess.
February 25, 2015
May be just happy memories from childhood but I love this movie. Probably Reeves' best acting ever (which is sad) and Winters was excellent as well.
½ November 22, 2014
Lost potential, swamped with bad humor.
February 20, 2015
Anyone who knows me is well aware that Bill & Ted is my favorite movie. I've been quoting it since I was 10. It's a film whose sole purpose is to bring joy to the world. It's a comedy-adventure of the best variety--and that's my favorite genre. Throw in some time travel and it's perfect. It's created to make us laugh and to buy into the normally-ridiculous scenario that one band can bring harmony to the world through the power of their music alone. And the script is so well-written that you believe it, too.

Sure, it has a couple of minor time travel paradoxes, but you just don't care because it's such an awesome ride that you won't want it to end! It snubs it's nose at overcomplicated time travel movies by making itself one that is very matter-of-factly presented, and it has some fun with causality loops while winking at the audience. It calls attention to the notion that when you have a time machine you can literally go back and fix anything you want--or even PLAN to go back and do it later so that you can help yourself out in the present (it makes sense if you watch it).

But this movie is so self-aware and so silly and innocuous that you can't help but love it. Everyone has that film in their life that they feel like it was made for them. Mine is Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Twizard Rating: 98
½ February 19, 2015
Not so much a film as it is a vehicle for one-liners which plague us to this very day!
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