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A flock of eagles and vultures wreak havoc amidst blossoming romance in Hollywood, California, leaving bloodshed and destruction wherever they hover. The story features original 'Birdemic' survivors Rod and Nathalie, who are joined by new friends - struggling filmmaker Bill, aspiring actress Gloria and several other Angelenos they encounter as they battle angry birds and a host of new enemies.more
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Comedy
Directed By:
Written By: James Nguyen
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Nguyen's partial self-awareness of his new movie's camp value -- encompassing brief incorporation of zombies -- only makes it an effortful, half-understood in-joke rather than the guiltily pleasurable unintentional joke that was Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

Full Review… | April 29, 2013
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The screwball trainwreck magic is missing, replaced with a nagging comedic consciousness that suggests Nguyen understands his specialized malarkey a little more than he's been letting on.

Full Review… | April 25, 2013

Audience Reviews for Birdemic 2: The Resurrection

Well, here you have it, a sequel to a one of the worst films you will ever witness, and even though the effects are "more consumable" than the first, the story is just as bad and the ego that "Director" James Nguyen brings to the table is far far worse. My jaw was on the floor from boredom and the acting is too wooden to even care. The sound editing is absolutely awful and the editing in general (even though he nothing god to work with) is dreadful. I am never going to watch these movies again, because they make we feel extremely dumb inside. "Birdemic 2: The Resurrection" is a slap in the face to Hollywood, and not is a good way.

KJ Proulx
KJ Proulx

Super Reviewer

Birdemic: Shock and Terror caught the world on fire the way James Nyguyen never intended it too. Becoming a cult classic among bad movie lovers as well being mocked by the film community. So with the unexpected success of Birdemic: Shock and Terror Nyguyen started work on a sequel. What he failed to realize is what made his first outing worth seeing is his belief he made his masterpiece making it unintentionally funny. Intentional humor this time fails to recapture what viewers enjoyed from the original.

Birdemic 2: The Resurrection is about a platoon of eagles and vultures rising from the La Brea Tar Pit attacking Hollywood, California. The plot structure is exactly the same as it predecessor so expect a pointless musical number, random nature dude, global warming, awkward conversations, an abrupt ending, and other references to the original. The major difference being this time the terrible plot is intentional. So you'll get the inclusion of cavemen, zombie, and bloody rainfall that intentionally never get much of an explanation. It doesn't add any kind of humor to the film and makes it come of as lazy writing. It introduces new characters and makes clear which one are just chow for the birds (one for the zombies) and which one will live. Simply put it's largely a rehash of the original Birdemic only this time it's intentional and unfunny.

Production values this time are somewhat competent. It actually looks like it has a budget, but even with a larger budget you get audio dropping in and out, bad green screen effects, continuity errors, and so on. It's very sad that Nyguyen even attempts to copies the poor productions value. The acting this time is less awful. The actors are less wooden and seeing how it self aware it's hard to hold anything against them. Especially when they fight against birds, zombies, and cavemen in goofy fashion. One actor even does judo kicks to kill some birds and prepare to witness guns with unlimited ammo. I can't recall a single time an actor ever reloaded a gun. Well I guess unless you count the one scene where an actor is talking in a RV and hear an gun reloading sound effect. Guessed he had to reload his dialogue? Not to forget this film takes place in an apocalypse where it very populated with people. You'll constantly see people moving in the background or a car just passing by in this suppose apocalypse. The special effects are less awful. They still retain the bad animation, but at least the birds don't look squarish. Also, it contains random nudity to keep the viewer awake in case they haven't left the room playing the movie.

Birdemic 2: The Resurrection is rehash of the first film only this time in HD and with a self aware nature to intentionally make things bad. It doesn't work on any level and those who enjoyed the first will be disappointed. Yet sadly this rehash has slightly better production values, less awful acting, somewhat improved special effect, and its intentional bad nature makes it more forgivable for it faults.

Caesar Mendez

Super Reviewer

Some of the awfulness is intentional this time, put that doesn't stop the movie from being an awkward mess, in fact it makes it worse. Another flaw- it's literally just a crappier rehash of the first film! One nod to the attack in birdemic one, and then the exact same plot again! It's almost as if James N. thinks his constant plot rehashes of the first film make the movie seem clever. Birdemic 2 is without a doubt the worst film ever made. 1/100

M. C.K.

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