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February 26, 2009
Joan Collins at her bitchiest...
January 3, 2013
Im a lover of bad movies. The campier and over the top the better. But this sequel to the Stud was just horrid. At least the first one was entertaining in an oh so bad its good film, this one wasnt even in that league. Joan is back as Fontaine, now no longer married to the millionaire but living off the profits of her disco Hobo. Hobo has been losing money but she still spends like no tomorrow. On her flight back, Fontaine meets hustler Nico(a horribly miscast, and badly acted Michael Coby.)who could be her perfect match. With the success of the first one, a sequel was inevitable. This is a rush job of a film, not concern with story(the ending was slightly changed from the novel.) It was more or less capitalizing on the disco trend of the time before disco goes on its way out. Extended scenes of dancers just like the first one(Probably to get the running time to 90 minutes.)Great disco soundtrack and the theme song is quite catchy. Skip this one.
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