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½ August 15, 2009
I was expecting "Black Dog" to just be an average action movie, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Jack Crews (Patrick Swayze) has an assignment to deliver some illegal goods, but he don't know it at first. He has some riders to keep him company on the way, one of which is Earl (country singer Randy Travis). Meat Loaf also stars in this movie as the villain who tries his best to hijack the truck Patrick Swayze is driving. Things get out of hand when Jack's wife and daughter get kidnapped. Jack must find a way to save his family while also trying to stay away from the FBI who are chasing him.
I didn't see anything wrong with "Black Dog." It's one of the best action movies I've seen in awhile and I didn't lose my interest in the film the whole time I was watching it. The explosions and action scenes aren't only awesome, they're realistic. All the actors do a great job, especially Patrick Swayze and Randy Travis.

If you like great action movies, I recommend "Black Dog" as one of the best action movies of the year. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. This is indeed one of the more underrated action movies I've ever seen to this day, much like Breakdown with Kurt Russell. I mean, you never hear anything about them at all!
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March 8, 2007
Director Kevin Hooks' movie is a cheesy but sort of fun action flick that could have been better but also could have been worse. Some of the truck crashes are impressive although the actual chase scenes lack a little spark, they are okay but not quite as exciting as I'd have liked.
The acting is OK, Patrick Swayze looks bored & embarrassed, Meat Loaf is Meat Loaf while Charles S. Dutton puts in a funny performance as a FBI agent.
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December 24, 2007
With apologies to Andy Micak, I defy all of Flixster to find a Swayzier movie than this: it's worse than road house. How did Swayze EVER get work??

This is arguably the funniest movie ever made, but you're not supposed to be laughing... particularly bad are the bit players drudged up from community theatre to play Swayze's wife, the Chief Investigator and loveable loser Wes. While the action sequences were bearable - and thank god this movie was mostly action sequences - it is probably the worst-acted movie ever made... when Meat Loaf turns in a film's strongest performance, you're in serious trouble.
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½ July 25, 2006
Another undderated movie!! Patrick Swayze is alright, but the co-stars are very good - namely Meatloaf as the bible-spouting raving lunatic! Good old truck driving action!!!
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September 25, 2010
Patrick Swayze plays the role of the ex-con Jack Crews, forced to do a job against his will in order to save his house and family. Meat Loaf (Red) joins Jack on this trip along with Randy Travis (Earl) in order to make certain the goods are delivered safe and sound at their destination. There are plenty of wild scenes dealing with trucks playing all kinds of stunt tricks on the road.
½ January 2, 2011
An absolute time crusher, had some okay action scenes but everything around it like story, the acting were below average and dragged considerably.
½ February 23, 2010
good movie id say pound for pound some of the finest american actors but they should have played moor songs from meatlofe.
December 23, 2009
That was one Kick Ass Movie SWAZYE style. Rest in Peace Pattrick This also reminds me of Back in the day when i use to ride with my exhysband. I didn't even realize that was meatloaf till the end and i read who the reast of the aciors were. I knew he looked familiar lol
November 28, 2009
Um... no. The plot is almost as lame as Meatloaf slandering Scripture. Fortunately, many truck crashes cover a multitude of sins.
April 26, 2008
November 12, 2007
a very good movie..
If you like action and drama, and like to see car cashes and crashes of trucks and the good guys winning, you must see this movie..
½ November 5, 2007
A very good movie...I would be wondering if you could do that with a truck..but watching my brother in law in action when we had to do a job like that and boy he could drive a truck just like patrick did in that movie..
August 22, 2007
a very good will be surprise how it ends and with meatloaf not giving up until the very end..
August 19, 2007
a very good movie and with all the action in it and when you think that it is over, here comes meatloaf to start up some trouble yet again with patrick and who will got to watch the me, it is worth it..
½ July 12, 2007
a very good movie.. a must see and with all the action in it and all makes a very good movie.
June 9, 2007
An ex-con daredevil trucker must reinfect himself with white-line fever in order to save his wife and kid from nasty gunrunners in this enjoyably mindless, twisted-metal-fest from the director of ...( read more )Passenger 57. Longtime MIA action stud Patrick Swayze (who snagged the part after Kevin Sorbo had to suddenly vacate due to health problems) is even more expressionless than usual in the lead role, but helmer Kevin Hooks compensates with a seriously rocking country soundtrack, some pleasantly eccentric supporting characters (including erstwhile crooner Randy Travis and a way-over-the-top Meatloaf as a psychotic trucker preaching damnation by the dashboard light), and--most importantly--a whole lot of rolling iron getting smashed in spectacularly kinetic fashion. A low-down, down-home, cotton-picking flick that blows up real good. --Andrew Wright
June 1, 2007
this is the one of the best truck movies that i have seen with all the action in it and how patrick drove that truck, makes me want to go and get in a truck and see if i can do all that. but my friends would try to stop me even though i was a block for a run of guns like in the movie.. it was the most fun i have had in a long time...
½ May 22, 2007
WTF?? Where's Dalton?? Where's Terry Funk?? Why does this take place in a truck instead of the Double Deuce?? He doesn't even say "Pain don't hurt"!
April 25, 2007
18 Wheelers, Meat Loaf and Patrick Swayze are the stars in this flick when Meat Loaf is a corrupt trucking company trying to stop Partick from starting his own company. The Black Dog is what truckers see when they become to tired to drive while driving, it makes them swerve off the road.
April 23, 2007
a very must see...if you like action and driving movies and trucks destoying other cars and other will like this one..and it is funny..
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