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While fine films like Saving Private Ryan depict warfare at its worst, they do not depict warfare in modernity. I cannot imagine a better representation of war, with all of its urban complexities, than Black Hawk Down.

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Dan K.

Dan Kay

This film was nothing more then an Action film disguised as a real war event.

All this film delivers is blood and bullets with no real story and a political message that is lost 15 mins into the film, which in turn makes you think, why am I watching this rubbish.

The only thing I came away with from this film is an understanding to how the US loses every war they start and how even the best directoers can make bad films.

the story was choppy and the constant moving from one group of solders to the other seems like a poor attempt to make the film one long shoot fest.

This film will appeal to the people who like nothing more then to see blood and guts and don't care about good acting or a good story arc with character development.

If you want a good war film watch Full metal jacket or saving private ryan. If you want a film to pass the time and forget about 10 mins later I would say watch this.

the guy who reviewed this film obviously knows nothing about films and fails with epic proportion

Aug 17 - 12:42 AM

Psycho Manana Banana Man

Declan Mckeown

I agree totally with Dan K. This was just an action movie without much plot or character development.

Oct 19 - 12:19 PM


Liam Randall

If either of the authors of the comments above knew anything about filmmaking or had maybe watched a film in thir lifetime and paid attention, they'd know that Black Hawk Down not only achieves the realness, the tention, the conflict, and the fear like any decent war film should, it does so with intense detail. It most definately isn't just a gore fest. And yes, it is an action film so the movement of the camera doesn't mean "poor filming". Again, action films have short transitions, and often juxtapose imagery. Each situation the soldiers face is captured in a unique way. It may seem chaotic, but that's combat (relatively speaking, this was easier to follow than many a less complicated film).

Until I hear a real soldier tell me the film is bs, I think I will agree with the reviewer.

Feb 21 - 12:21 AM

Pee M.

Pee Murz

agreed. what the hell would those hacks know about a real war event.

Feb 26 - 07:42 PM

Keyser S.

Keyser S

This is overall a better film than Saving Private Ryan.

Jun 1 - 03:01 PM

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