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July 11, 2007
Ridley Scott takes on the subject of war. Everybody does their best as a technologically advanced American crew of expert soldiers work to extricate key figures in a dirtwater African town torn apart in a civil war --- until it all goes wrong, big-time. Hold onto your seats, it's going to be a bumpy ride, hoorah. Blistering combat, don't say I didn't warn you. For giggles try to spot the foreigners playing Yanks, I dare you. Having a weekend allnighter? Do a doubleheader with Zulu, with Michael Caine, another whiteys against the rampaging darkies show.
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February 1, 2012
Not just a thoughtless quip-and-rip action blockbuster - decently memorable characters, precise tactical narrative, and a good amount of heart. And surprisingly, bridging the edge of my gore tolerance but not too overwhelmingly violent for me.
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½ November 2, 2006
An American Black Hawk helicopter is shot down during a raid on a Somali warlord in Mogadishu leading to a desperate rescue mission faced with overwhelming opposition. In Black Hawk Down, Ridley Scott has created one of the most realistic war movies ever made. You really feel like you're in the thick of an urban warzone and the excellent ensemble cast make for very believable protagonists. It's usually a fine line between respect for the bravery of the fighting man and macho, gung ho bullshit, but Scott stays on the right side by focussing on the loyalty between comrades fighting for each others lives rather than the usual "God And Country" crap that many war films fall back on. It laso concentrates on the fact that despite what the propaganda machine may have us believe, modern warfare is, as ever, concerned with the brutal, harrowing deaths of many young men as the film has a lot more in common with The Alamo or Zulu than Jarhead or The Hurt Locker. It takes a lot of stylistic cues from Apocalypse Now making for artful visuals that are attractive without ever compromising the visceral realism of combat and despite a rather dry opening full of military jargon and diagrams, as the situation gets more desperate and the fighting more intense, it gets better and better. It's true the film doesn't really explore the political context of the conflict and the Somali side of the story is largely ignored, but what is presented on film is executed to perfection. One of the best modern war films around.
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½ April 29, 2009
Black Hawk Down is one of the many war films I have watched recently. It too is one of the better one's I have watched. It is packed with a lot of talent. Which of course makes this film that much better because the performances are so good. Tom Sizemore is good in this movie and it makes me kinda sad to see his life go to shit, cause he is a tallented actor. Eric Bana was a bad-ass in this movie. He moves like a panther and doesn't seem scared but determined. Ewan McGregor plays Ranger Specialist Grimes. He is very comfortable with his position of being behind the desk and out of the fighting scene. But when his time comes it's a big surprise at how he handles himself in the crossfire.
Plenty of action in this film. It's loaded with plenty of exploisions, blood, and gore. It's sad, funny, and like any war film, scary that people go through this. It's not a movie I would watch again. I just don't watch most war flicks more than once."
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September 18, 2010
Overrated to the max. A movie that has action throughout the entire movie with no characterization to be found. When soldiers are hurt, they're simply bodies that bleed blood and then near the end they try to make the audience sympathize with one soldier who is captured... really? Now you try after an hour and thirty minutes? The movie fails on every level except for the cinematography and action.
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½ August 20, 2011
Absolutely brutal and visceral, this is a film that doesn't pull punches. This film was released the same year that the disaster "Pearl Harbor" was released. One of Pearl Harbor's biggest flaws is that Michael Bay decided to sprinkle the plot with a bull crap AMERICA IS DA BEZT message and a contradicting tone of defeat and victory. Black Hawk Down doesn't have this problem. This is a combat situation gone completely wrong, and it doesn't shy away from death and despair. The situations get ungodly intense (one of the more infamous scenes in the film, finding the artery, will even make a seasoned filmgoer cringe). The lack of shaky cam is another plus, allowing the viewer to really focus on the action and chaos. But now, it's practically essential viewing thanks to Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2. Both of these games ripped so SO SOOOOOO much from this film, it's not even funny. But this film would be worth watching even without that fact. Seriously, just sit down, and enjoy this spectacular catastrophe.
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½ March 3, 2011
One of my favorite war films ever. A lot of characters make it hard to follow sometimes, but I guess thats what wars like, its hard to remember everyone. The plot and realistic war scenes were extraordinary. One of my all time favorite action films.
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½ August 5, 2010
Excellent, excellent, excellent!

In the same league as Saving Private Ryan, it's that good. BHD is not only one of my favorite war films, but one of my favorite films period!
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March 14, 2011
A stressful and frightening war environment that fills 90% of the movie with gun battles and frantically running from point A to B. The lack of character and plot development is a little disappointing but the action sequences are very intense.
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January 1, 2011
There is a lot of noise, a lot of yelling and a lot of explosions in "Black Hawk Down". For whatever reason Ridley Scott thought it would be a good idea to take his 2 and a half hour runtime and dedicate most of it to one long action sequence. This, potentially, could have been fine if Scott and his team took the time to craft some really good character development in that first half hour. Unfortunately for me (though no one else really seems to have a problem with this), he does not. All we learn about these men is that they are in the military, and that's it. Sure, some of the action sequences are well constructed and the visuals are nice, but for a film that is based on a real event and should have some type of message attached to it, "Black Hawk Down" is insanely boring.
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June 12, 2006
Technically perfect war film about the Somalia incident 1993. The breathless pace, great cinematography and the outstanding cast make this one hard to forget. The atmosphere is full of lead, sand and debris and leaves as much space to escape for the audience as for the soldiers. Director Scott doesn't dare to carry his death toll into the ranks of the biggest stars of the film, though. That's rather surprising but weakens the film's effect a little bit. In the end it is still very touching and gets its point across.
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August 5, 2010
I not only love the action and great plot of this movie, I also love how it was incredibly accurate about the event that took place in Somalia. This movie was so intense and amazing. I've watched it so many times and it never gets boring. This is one of my favorite movies by far.
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June 24, 2007
In my opinion, one of the best war movies ever made. It features an outstanding cast, relentless action sequences, a memorable soundtrack, and incredible pacing by the great Ridley Scott. The film gives you a realistic depiction as to what being in the middle of a battle is - it's not focused on developing characters expertly, nor does it have to (this is rare), it's completely dedicated to showing a first-person perspective of being in the middle of a battle. Every few years or so I watch this film, and the intensity it brings every viewing is simply unforgettable. It truly is an experience.
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½ March 26, 2007
Well produced with an outstanding cast but just one long sad battle sequence. Gives quite a sense of actual combat but is that really something to be offered up as entertainment?
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July 5, 2010
The best war film ever made, Black Hawk Down is by far one of the most accurate war films ever made. The cast does a remarkable job at bringing the battle of Mogadishu to life. The film is also one of Ridley Scott's finest films. A none stop roller coaster ride of war action, Black Hawk Down delivers one of the fiercest portrayals of a firefight. An intense film not to be missed. Based on the book of the same name, Black Hawk Down tells the tale of the battle of Mogadishu on October 3rd, 1993. A film that shows the brutal reality of combat, this is a film that will bring you into the heart of combat. Some people may feel like this film is inacurrate in how certain groups were portrayed such as one scene where Pakistanis bring water to the tired troops of Task Force Ranger, which if you read the book, is accurate. This is not a film for the common movie goer. This is a film for the diehard war film fan, it's a graphic and depressing portrait of warfare at it's most unhinged.
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June 6, 2007
They should have called this movie "Call of Duty"...Shot incredibly well, and very intense from start to finish! Whoever assembled this cast did an awesome job...lots of star power. Lots of scenes seem to be the main inspiration for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Had a blast watching this. A great Bruckheimer film!
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September 9, 2007
Absolutely amazing!
Another really good war movie and directed by my favourite directer as well ridley scott is truly talented!
This movie is explosive with amazing cast that i love and beautiful cinamotography that you have to appreciate!
Its fast paced, exciting and sad it shows you the true horrors of war but this movie is simplly fantastic that shouldnt be missed!!
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January 12, 2007
Welcome back, Ridley Scott.
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½ November 26, 2009
A really great modern war film. It has a great message and the story was very realistic and meticulous. The cast was flawless, almost everyone gave a great performance. Ridley Scott's best movie in years, it has his great unique style that has been lacking in other recent films.
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