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½ June 13, 2014
You ask silly questions you get silly answers.

A genetic engineer running tests on moths discovers a serum that creates a creature that is a "death moth" that can transform into a beautiful woman. The creature escapes the lab and lands in a small town. The scientist tracks the creature's behaviors as it kills the local town's people. Can the scientist stop the creature or will the creature take down the people and scientist?

"This man has been strangled. How did you get this body from the morgue?"
"It didn't exactly make it to the morgue."

Vernon Sewell, director of Ghost Ship, House of Mystery, The Black Widow, The Jack of Diamonds, Terror Ship, and Home and Away, delivers Blood Beast Terror. The storyline for this picture is very poor, even for a creature horror flick. The action scenes are scarce and the plot is fairly dry and boring. The acting is just okay and the cast includes Peter Cushing, Robert Flemying, Wanda Ventham, and John Paul.

"It's virtually drained of blood. No normal wound would do that."

I grabbed this off Netflix because it starred the legend, Peter Cushing. This was a below average horror picture and even a very average performance from him. These femme fatal movies were popular from this era and generally pretty bad (outside of The Wicker Man). Overall, I recommend skipping this picture.

"We consider these attacks to be by some kind of wild animal."

Grade: D
April 15, 2012
great opening gothic music and visuals.panned by many i thoroughly enjoy this film every time i see it.get the blu ray, looks great.
July 1, 2011
Bears all the trademarks of 50's-early 70's horror, but nothing beyond that. Only recommended if you're a huge fan of Peter Cushing.
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