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Blood Brother Reviews

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March 24, 2014
Documentary concerning HIV-infected Indian children dropped off at a orphanage by their families and the disenchanted American who meets them, then devotes his life to working with them.
March 9, 2014
For anyone calling Braat narcissistic or self-absorbed: I dare you to tend to the wounds of a child dying from HIV/AIDS - on camera or off. I dare you to show the love portrayed in this film in as vulnerable and humble a manner.

"Love is not self-seeking, it is not proud, it does not boast." It's clear to me Braat was recorded by his friends, friends who happened to be very talented filmmakers and wanted to tell Braat's story. Braat is clearly reluctant to share so much to the rest of the world, and he only does so because he trusts his friends.

If Braat had been the one making and directing this, and if he had gone to India specifically for the purpose of making this film, then I would agree with all the dissenters and this film would be garbage.

However, as it is clear he went there to serve and meet the needs of others, even before the film was made or any thought was given to the film, and he is clearly willing to risk his life for these children in the best display of sacrificial love I've ever seen, this is the best film I have ever seen.

It's a story of love and the power of discovering one's purpose. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it now. You will be the better for it.
March 1, 2014
This is an amazing love cannot help but to feel changed and challenged by the amount of love shown and how much we take life for granted. Rocky is a great example of how we should be willing to sacrifice to take care of others who are in need. We need more people like this in the world. I have seen it three times and will see it many more times.
February 13, 2014
Shots of dying children do not - unfortunately - a compelling film make. This doc has some beautifully shot moments, but, I was ultimately left unmoved. There was no coherent narrative. Was the film about the filmmaker or the subject? Why is Rocky even there? What is his background? How can he afford it? What charity does he work with.
I was left with as many questions as answers. And Rocky seems a little bit odd.

Misses the mark.
February 7, 2014
What a great movie, heartfelt and inspirational. Must see
February 5, 2014
Very moving documentary...the scenes with the kid in the hospital almost dying of AIDS were so powerfull so glad he survived.
January 22, 2014
I am not surprised by the critics of this film. Individualistic cultures, like ours, cannot separate the drive to find authenticity from being self absorbed. We see success as having a "good" job, making a large paycheck, and having a bunch of junk. We "medicate our suffering" in order not to deal with it. In turn, we create bigger monsters that take bigger weapons to "cure." Rocky's desperate journey to prove to himself that the life most American's live is not all there is to living brought him full circle to what really matters (because it was what was missing) - love. He gave of himself, to those in desperate need, what he felt was never given to him. He rejected chasing after empty happiness and leaped for what he knew in his heart to be authentic joy. I wish I could do the same.
December 12, 2013
Great Movie. A must watch documentary!!
November 26, 2013
It was intriguing to hear about the stories of the children and the reality of their situation, but the film often focused too much on the only somewhat likable protagonist.
November 16, 2013
Great film. A character study that examines the complex realities of wanting to find acceptance for yourself and the desire to make a difference in the world. A very well crafted documentary that tugs at your heart strings and exposes the struggles of so many children fighting for their lives in the third world.
November 9, 2013
Heart-breaking movie. I've never before been in a theater so quiet after the film ended. You could hear a needle fall to the ground. And feel the emotion in the room. The only word I heard afterwards among the audience and through their tears was "fantastic".
November 5, 2013
Such a moving documentary (and funny at the same time). Highly recommend it. All the profit from this movie goes to the charity for the orphanage for children with HIV and HIV initiatives in India.
October 27, 2013
Being a member of the church that Rocky is a part of (internationally), I was worried upon seeing this film. If I did not like it, would I get ridiculed, and if I did like it, would others think I was just biased?

Well, I can safetly say, now, that I loved it. To say it is just about a guy who likes to serve is only scratching the surface. I too have taught kids in church (never at this level of intensity), and I know how it feels when you feel responsible for the kids. The way a child looks up to you is one of the greatest feelings anyone can have, and you feel like you are their parent (or at least a good older brother).

The main thing that Rocky has to go through that I don't (and I really doubt I could) is the death of a child. Even thinking of seeing one of my former kingdom kid students dying is hard to even type about.

What the movie does not say is (I am more than likely sure) why Rocky wants to do it: He does it for God.

The movie reminded me of another equally great movie, "Born into Brothels". That movie is one of my top ten favorite documentaries, and so is this.

This is the best movie I have seen all year.
October 12, 2013
what a great movie - don't miss it in theaters!
October 31, 2013
This film is so complex but moving from the get go. One could not possibly follow all the lives, or the impact on those lives, through these two young men journey. In this story I saw these two young men, who possibly could have had the world by the tail. Jobs and lives that they had potential to build, to be anything they wanted. They had talent and ability. One walked away from the money,lights and fame to pursue something deeper. The other in search of why? thinking he knew, but learning there was something deeper. Rocky had a rough start to his life and searched to make a difference instead of sitting around complaining or crying about it. He found a way that he nor his friends and family did not expect. Rocky seems to be reconciled to his past with his parents etc much is due to his strong faith.. In a world especially now in this generation of " I want" "I deserve" here we have two talented, dedicated young men, that took the time to share their two separate journeys. Because of the love for both one for the other, they found a way to bring the story to us, to share it with us. Many many people who loved these men, and helped make this film and get it finished is part of the story many don't understand. It is part of the story, its part of the journey. The most wonderful thing is the children will get to benefit, and have benefited already, and will be helped through the telling of the story the way they lived it. This film changed my HEART. It gave me respect and admiration for "film makers" who take on the task of showing us raw brilliant footage, that will not make them rich. It gave me Respect, and Admiration for those who dedicate their lives to feeding the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of those in places here and abroad, who cant meets those needs themselves such as these sweet wonderful children.They needed someone to show them, make them believe.
"They were always Beautiful"
October 31, 2013
I saw Blood Brother last night at a special screening that my friends hosted. I was both excited for and dreading the film because I knew some of the images would be hard to see. Right away the movie pulled me in as the cameras followed Rocky around the Home where kids infected with HIV were living in India. The children were so beautiful. They all wanted attention, and Rocky did his best to give it to them. Living in India is no cake walk. No one in the village had running water to their homes. The kids took a handful of pills everyday to keep them alive. So many seemed full of joy and life, but could take a turn for the worse in moments. Rocky and the women at the orphanage did their best to care for them. I was truly inspired by how much this American boy was willing to sacrifice for these kids that weren't his own. This documentary was heart wrenching, and stirred in me a desire to do more with my life; something meaningful. I highly recommend this movie for all people. But be warned -- it has the potential to leave you wrecked. It may even cause you to question your whole way of living. So watch this movie if you want to be encouraged to be a better person.
October 31, 2013
This film is a must see, the realness, rawness and vulnerability tugs at the heart strings from the get go. the reason,motivation and the inspiration for this film comes from the kids and Rocky's desire to do something impact-full with his life rather than just enter the rat race and go through the motions. In a world full of extreme selfishness and false motives this film is very refreshing and shows the powerful impact of selfless service to our fellow humans.(To all the men that may see this film it is ok to cry, its good for you, it just means you have a heart!) Great Job, Rocky, Steve, Danny, and Tyson!!
October 30, 2013
When I read a review about this film that states "misses its mark, emphasising the struggles of a wandering Westerner, as seen by his filmmaker best-friend, rather than giving a fuller understanding of the painfully tragic lives of those he wants to help." I can't help but wonder if the viewer went into the right theater. This film was outstanding - start to finish - and provides deep, vivid insight into BOTH the kids and Rocky's lives.
October 29, 2013
Ignore the 'Screen' review of Blood Brother. Cynicism is the easiest thing in the world. Anthony Kaufman obviously has never made a movie and most of this movies' skill and subtlety is lost on him. Even though the film makers are obviously incredibly talented, what one IS left with after watching this is these precious kids. That's the point: that they are precious even though that's uncomfortable for people like Kaufman. This is a film about exactly that: the process of getting out of the Western Bubble and how uncomfortable but vital that is. Completely missed by the cynics whose last hope is to watch this film.
October 29, 2013
Excellent movie. Very moving. Very well directed.
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