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½ January 16, 2008
Although I definitely see the problems with it and it suffers from tons of Indie Movie syndrome, Joe Carnahan's debut feature is a testament to what can be done to make an entertaining and watchable film for only around $7,300. That's pretty special, really. There's some good jokes, some good character stuff, and Joe himself as an actor is quite engaging. I'm also glad to see where Smokin' Aces came from in many ways. Wish he'd remake this with a $30mil budget.
½ May 31, 2006
hilarious early movie by the director of narc. "Bano? El bano?" "El Bano? you mean El Banjo? bathrooms over there, asshole!!!"
October 25, 2011
Not great as a stand-alone film, but a must for cinephiles, if only for the back story.
½ January 21, 2010
Extremely low budget, But somehow just a great film. the plot was interesting. the directing and editing unique and also a first time directors so props to him. I enjoyed watching this. Quality was terrible but still pushed me and kept me interested. A almost hidden classic, I recomend it and believe it is a must see but also a bullet practice sheet for critism. Funny, Original and action packed.
August 27, 2007
What kind of movie can you make for eight grand? This is an excellent example of how a young director/writer/actor puts together a very good cast of characters for nothing more than bags of nacho chips.

Basically, you have two guys who worked for one of the biggest car lots on the west coast and decided to start their own lot. Big mistake. They are 80+ grand in the hole and a foreclosure on the business is eminent. Then, their wholesaler 'Ray' comes to them with a deal. Park this Pontiac on your lot for two days and you get a quarter million in cash. Oh, don't touch, start, or open the trunk or your either shot or blown to bits. If that is not enough, a string of dead bodies going all the way to central America and the FBI hot on the trail of the car and it's owners are added for spice.

The dialog was good, however he almost lost me at the beginning. The yelling and screaming as they tried to close a car deal and at the same time get better cars delivered from their wholesaler was a bit much.

The low budget ride gets better and the final scene was OK for a wrap up. No big surprises here, but not bad for a first effort.
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