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Blue Crush Reviews

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Jay H

Super Reviewer

July 7, 2011
The viewer stands to gain little from watching this film. Its boring, recycled plot can be found in many sports movies. Athlete is good at his/her sport, gets distracted by life, is encouraged to go back to the sport, is skeptical at first, but then decides that the sport truly is more important and succeeds in the end. That's all there is here. So there's nothing unique or exciting about the core of the film, but hey, at least Kate Bosworth and friends spend half the film in bikinis.

Super Reviewer

July 3, 2011
Kate Skarratt: And when I tell you to go, you gotta go. You gotta paddle your little heart out. You can't hesitate, you can't pull back, you can't hold back. No fear. Alright?

Blue Crush was a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be. The surf scenes are really well made and look great. I don't think Kate Bosworth is a great actress, but she's beautiful and isn't too bad in this one. The movie for me falls apart because it is over dramatic and most of the time pretty cliche. You can probably guess how the final scene will play out before the movie gets 15 minutes in. Another aspect I hated was the soundtrack. It was really annoying with horrible rap and pop songs and it kind of ruined the best parts of the movie for me. Every time there was a long surf scene they would play horrible music and totally demolish the scene. Not a horrible movie; just a predictable decent one.

Super Reviewer

August 28, 2010
A solid chick flick that delivers when it comes to the oceans and its small stories that flow with it's average dialogue. I can only mildly recommend this, but it is a good movie!

Super Reviewer

September 10, 2007
i quite liked this movie, its sweet enough not a movie i'd watch again though i dont think , although i liked the friendship and it is quite amusing in places and it certainly is sweet and ambscious movie it just doesnt appeal to me as such becuase its not got enough comedy to make it a comedy and its not inspiring enough to be a nice heart felt drama so im left in the middle, it is worth the watch but not a second watch!
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 22, 2009
Who would have thought a film with three beautiful girls in bikinis? would be so un-entertaining! This is awful but beautifully shot.
Daniel P

Super Reviewer

April 22, 2007

MARKETING DIRECTOR: Alright, word's just come down from the board that we need to sell more clothing, give it some more "mass appeal".

PRODUCT DIRECTOR: So, you're saying we should branch out into clothing other than surf wear...?

MD: What?? NO! That would cost a ton of money that we don't have, and it might not even work. We just need to make people buy what we're already making.

PD: So we should... advertise?

MD: Advertise? Where is there an advertising budget? We make clothes for surfing... we can't afford to advertise to anyone else.

PD: Ok, so we target surfers?

MD: No, no, no, we've got surfers. We need to target non-surfers.

PD: And how do we do that?

MD: We have to make them think surfing is popular... accessible... easy... fun... cool... you know...

PD: And how do you do that, exactly.

JANITOR SWEEPING FLOOR: Make a movie about it, dumbass.

MD: Yeah... yeah we could do that... or just throw some money at a movie someone's already making...!

JANITOR: There's a new one coming out about mountain climbing?

MD: Now, see, that's ridiculous. No one climbs mountains.

PD: So we get them to change the story...

MD: Yeah... and then they only wear Billabong... there's Billabong posters in the background... banners... sponsorships... surf gear...--

PD: --and "casual wear"...

MD: Yeah, that's it! (PICKS UP TELEPHONE) Get me John Stockwell. (PAUSES, WAITS FOR CONNECTION) Hi - yeah, John, it's me, how are you? (PAUSE) Listen, you know that mountain climbing movie you're making? (PAUSE) Yeah, yeah, well how about surfing? (PAUSE) What do mean it changes the plot? (PAUSE) Story? What story? (PAUSE) Oh, the lazy Rocky plot... use "find and replace", climbing for surfing... yeah, yeah just change the names, no problem... no, no the plot's fine, I'm sure (PAUSE) whatever, you'll make it look good.

PD: Ahem...

MD: Sorry, Marty, hang on... (TO PD) What is it?

PD: Characters...

MD: Right. (BACK INTO PHONE) So what are the characters like? Yeah, you know the jock guy in the lead... make him a girl. (PAUSE) So what? A hot girl. (PAUSE) No, no, she doesn't have to know how to act, I don't care, just make sure she looks good. (PAUSE) Empathize? No, we don't want to empathize with her, we want to see her surf, dammit! (PAUSE) Yeah, just give her some kinda hot friends, but make sure she stands out... ok, get back to me. (PAUSE) What's that? Oh, yeah, costumes... well, that's why we called, we want to take care of that for you...


*Dramatization - may not have happened.

Super Reviewer

September 28, 2007

Super Reviewer

November 8, 2006
This female surf film is light-weight, but entertaining, with an appealing cast, colourful locations, and excellent surfing scenes. Three Maui surfer girls are good-looking athletic and sexy - WOW!
Apeneck F

Super Reviewer

July 7, 2007
i saw this

i'm sorry
Rachel F

Super Reviewer

July 5, 2007
I love this movie. This is pretty much the only film Kate Bosworth has been in that i've actually liked. Plus its a film about could I not like it?
Edward B

Super Reviewer

March 20, 2007
For what it is, it's a nice, fun little movie.
Sophie B

Super Reviewer

February 22, 2007
I love it!
i wish i could surf like that!
a bit too predictable though

Super Reviewer

January 24, 2007
far better than i thought it would be
Jason S

Super Reviewer

December 27, 2006
Girl power movie that involves surfing and stuff.
Leigh R

Super Reviewer

November 7, 2006
It was pretty good.
Luke B

Super Reviewer

May 28, 2006
I'm sorry. I know it isn't that great. I know it's predictable. But god damn it, I just feel so lovingly towards it. Also it's sweet how they cant play a scene without some cool rock or pop laying down beats. Anyways the cinematogrophy during surfing scenes is breathtaking, so shut it.
Steven V

Super Reviewer

March 24, 2009
"And when I tell you to go, you gotta go. You gotta paddle your little heart out. You can't hesitate, you can't pull back, you can't hold back. No fear." - Kate Skarratt

Blue Crush is a very enjoyable and touching tale with spectacular waves that will have you screaming at the screen for everyone to get the hell out of the water. It starts off badly, with a rather psychedelic flash back sequence that shows us the traumatic surfing experience that haunts Anne Marie and is the reason she has been out of the professional circuit for the last few years. But very soon the characters begin to win us over. Kate Bosworth gives a great performance and perfectly portrays the mixture of adrenaline, exhaustion, vulnerability and absolute terror that anyone facing mother natures at her most magnificent would feel. The waves are the most spectacular you will see on screen, with stunning camera work and sound. The surf sequences are absolutely gripping. On land the movie holds up just as well. Eventhough many ideas and sequences are lifted directly from a variety of other movies, they are handled in a fresh way, and have plenty of laugh out loud moments. The supporting cast is uneven, from the two brilliant big and black American Footballers to the dubious use of real life surfers and locals. However this seems to add a realism that actually works well as these few scenes can feel like the link shots used between the action in real surfing videos. The plot is not great, and is has been accused of being a mindless sports/action movie that uses scantily clad girls for titillation. But a great movie to get you in the mood for summer.
Fascade F

Super Reviewer

February 19, 2007
A cool sand, sun, shore, and surfboarding movie. a pretty good flick!
Erin C

Super Reviewer

August 31, 2008
Better than I thought it would be. I wasn't expecting much, so I was pleasantly surprised.
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