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November 3, 2010
i've seen a lot of boring movies, but this one deserves a special warning: avoid at all costs
½ July 19, 2007
This is a very strange movie, and just like Vanilla Sky in the same genre, you will love it or you will hate it. The first hour is quite boring, and there seems to be no real direction. But it comes alive for the last 30 minutes, with a big twist in the tail that will leave you trying to understand it for quite a while.

To be honest the ending doesn't really add up. And that's the big problem with it.

The film is about paranoia. How one man mistakes everything he sees for danger, and it begins to overrun his life, until he finally snaps and events take a turn for the worse, placing a huge strain between husband and wife.

It's an interesting ending, as I've already said, but it does have holes, and that's where a lot of people will lose interest, if they haven't already done in the first hour. I think it's decent, but I'm perfectly willing to accept that people could find this absolutely brilliant or absolutely terrible, so from that point of view I don't really think this is a film that people should listen to critics for, and make their own mind up about it.
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