Inside Walt Disney Animation Studios - A Photo Tour

We visit the Burbank, CA campus.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Welcome to Walt Disney Animation Studios headquarters in Burbank, California. Adjacent to the main Walt Disney studios lot where the live-action magic happens, and opposite the ABC building, this is Disney's most striking architectural creation. It's the house that the mouse built, with Mickey's tall, blue Wizard hat dominating the building's exterior and reminding all who pass through the front doors of the century's worth of history upon which Disney is founded.

But the staff of Walt Disney Animation Studios is looking to the future, not the past, as Rotten Tomatoes is invited to tour the studios. In April 2006, Pixar's Ed Catmull and John Lasseter were respectively appointed President and Chief Creative Officer of the studios with a clear goal front of mind: to return the studios to their place as a factory of feature film classics.

Bolt is their first release in charge of the studios, and its Certified Fresh Tomatometer suggests they're well on their way to achieving that goal. Join us as we find out how the Pixar effect is rubbing off inside Walt Disney Animation Studios.



Andrew Nguyen

Pixar's studio looks better, at least according to the pictures. Disney's studio looks rather conventional other than the art.

Feb 13 - 07:27 AM


danny hannon

So that's where classics like "brother Bear" and "Little Mermaid 2" were created ugh!... I hope the boys from Pixar can save the mouse. I remember when I was younger being excited to see the new Disney animated movie. Now, unless Pixars involved,Disney makes POOP!

Feb 13 - 07:34 AM


Nate 2709

Aside from Bolt, pretty much everything Disney does animation-wise has been junk.

Feb 13 - 10:25 AM


Nate 2709

In recent years, I mean of course.

Feb 13 - 10:26 AM

Kathleen S.

Kathleen Smith

I don't know- "The Princess and the Frog" really seems to have some potential, as does "Rapunzel." It's nice to see Disney return to classic 2D animation. As much as I love Pixar and CG animation, I feel that Disney's heart belongs in 2D, now and forever.

Feb 13 - 11:20 AM


Arend Anton

Oh look, you visited my neighbors.

Feb 13 - 11:54 AM

Mr. Dufresne

Chip McNair

John Lasseter had got to lend me some of those shirts! =) I'm gonna have to try to get a business hook-up with him somehow.

Feb 13 - 01:30 PM

efanar rules me

Christine Abrego

im getting tired of this "only pixar movies are worth watching." Don't forget...without Disney, there would be no pixar.

And they have done much more than just "sequels". Unfortunatly it is not what it was 10-15 years ago...but it's getting there again.

These few pictures don't justify how awesome the Studios actually it is. I've been there and it's a wonderful place!

Feb 15 - 07:29 PM

kyle x.

kyle xy

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Feb 15 - 09:31 PM

Hogarth H.

H Hughes

Your article states the following: "around the corner the WDAS screening room - shockingly bereft of 3D projection - is decorated with the familiar mouse ears logo."
I don't know what the author of the article is smoking, but the WDAS screening room is perfectly capable of 3D projection, and has often been used for just that function.

And to Kathleen S. - Rapunzel will be a CG feature, not 2D. After Princess and the Frog, the next scheduled 2D release from WDAS will be The Snow Queen.

Feb 18 - 10:18 AM

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