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½ November 22, 2009
My daughter loved this movie. it was cute and fun. We had a blast cuddled up on the couch laughing and enjoying this one.
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½ November 30, 2008
Well I'm still yet to see an animated film that can topple the mighty 'Toy Story', 'TS' still sits on its throne with the number one spot. But Bolt is a nice film, very sweet, very nice, a touch of emotion and you have a good solid performance.

The story is as usual pretty unoriginal but it still works well, it has a touch of 'Lassie' in there and 'Homeward Bound' with the cross country trek to find the owner but this does give it a soft touch that can pull at the heart strings in places.
It starts off kinda weak, your not too such what the films tag is or where the plot is going but it soon starts to pick up when Bolt reaches NY.
It looks great with some very detailed fur action going on and brilliant movement copying with other animals such as the pigeons. The funniest parts tend to be with the funniest character...that being 'Rhino the hamster', an almost Jack Black type rodent haha not an overdose of humour in the film but most comes from Rhino.

Solid film for all but still cant compete with the mighty 'Toy Story' trilogy.
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½ December 30, 2010
A fun and cute movie. Although this movie follows a very familiar formula, it's a lot of fun and feels fresh because of the quirky and live characters. The animation is great. An awesome movie for the kids but can keep the adults entertained as well.
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½ August 15, 2011
It's pleasant enough to entertain kids but that is after all why the film was made.
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½ November 19, 2008
Very lovable, charming and really nicely animated adventure about a canine film star who has to realize he can not rely on super powers in real life. Accompanied by a cat and a hamster he is trying to make his way back to Hollywood and learns about the power of friendship. Of course the message is stuffed down the audience's throats, but that doesn't make it any less true or this film any less fun. Likable characters, fun action sequences and a sweet sense of humor make this enjoyable for young and old, even if the main audience is definitely supposed to be children.
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November 20, 2008
It's like the Truman Show meets the Incredible Journey in animation. Bolt is a hero from an action movie who rescues his owner from her arch enemy. However he doesn't know that he doesn't have real superpowers, and he escapes the movie studio to rescue his owner Penny because he believes she really has been kidnapped.
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June 19, 2011
A kid friendly adventure with three cute pets that try to find their way home. Nothing really made this film memorable to me, but I'm sure the younger audiences will love it.
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½ May 17, 2011
Before Tangled there was a great movie by Disney's 3D team called Bolt, full of charm, wit and personality with a moving original story.

Unfortunately it was released around the same time as Wall-E and that pretty much kicked it off the radar.
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½ April 20, 2011
John Travolta as a cute little dog? The result is amazing; at least for me. This really is a genuinely good movie with a story that's worthwhile and characters that are fun to watch. Sure, it has a few minor hiccups (such as the dumb hamster sidekick), but this was made for a younger audience so I understand why some things had to be the way they were. Honestly, John Travolta is great here; the way he plays the delusional Bolt is hilarious. Disney has gotten really good at making good animated movies; even enough to make a cynic eat their words. It goes to show that Pixar isn't the only Disney production studio that can make good movies.
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½ April 21, 2011
I just wanted to get this review over with. "Bolt" probably has to be the best Disney attempt to make a computer animated film without Pixar. They failed with "Chciken Little" and were okay with "Meet the Robinsons". "Bolt" had action, comedy, thrills, and charm but I didn't find all of that which I just mentioned enjoyable.

The plot follows a mega-famous dog named Bolt who is the star of a BA, kick-A, action series that bears his name. After his last episode ends with a cliffhanger in which his owner, Penny, gets kidnapped, Bolt leaves the set to find her due to the fact that he thinks the situation is real. Bolt goes on a road trip with a streetsmart and witty cat named Mittens and a hamster who claims to be Bolt's biggest fan named Rhino.

If theres anything I really LOVED from the film, it would have to be the opening sequence. We learn that Bolt started off as a pound puppy and gets adopted by Penny. How sweet. But then the whole film turns into an animated episode of "24" as we see a clip from the show where Penny and Bolt are on a rescue mission. I'm a guy so I obviously love action. The scene looked like a Bruce Willis action scene only with a dog and looked like it was directed by the Wachoski Brothers using Joel Schumacher's lighting technique. Very good scene that was actually a shame to see it end. If the whole film were like that, I'd give it a higher rating.

The vocal performances were good. I'll give props to Miley Cyrus because the character she played really looked like her and her vocal work went very well with the character's actions and emotions. John Travolta as Bolt was good although the character dosen't really give us a feeling of Travolta. But he was funny and cool. Mittens probably had to be my favorite and I am definetly not a cat person. I really like how they made her know about canine sterotypes. She teaches Bolt how to drink out of the John in one scene. Rhino grinded my gears and I wasn't fond of him.

The design of Mittens and Rhino is something I'm gonna praise. Mittens was always talking in a sarcastic tone and the lines she had went well with her tone. She is also a black and white cat. From my perspective, Mittens was like a sarcastic emo person whos fun to hang out with. Rhino was a chubby hamster who reminds me of fanatic college fratboys.

The art was also good. Looked a lot like Pixar's but had many of its own original flair. Very three-dimensional and detailed.

"Bolt" has good voice acting and chracters but had its cheesy moments like the end (which I liked) and Rhino's quotes. Also, the fact that the dog has powers like superstrength and supersonic barks were a little weird but I was still find of it.

Its cute, has good dialogue and structure, (Except the middle. It felt drawn out.) but "Bolt" can be forgettable to some and lovable to many. I fall right in between. I've only seen this once and I'm done. I bet you've guys have come across a film that you enjoy but don't feel like looking at it again. That what this film is for me. I just can't see myself watching "Bolt" over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and get the picture.

Funny film, had its weak spots, but enjoyable and fun. But the fun and enjoyableness is only fun once since this is a one-shot film for me. Not a Disney masterpiece though. Very far from being one. Its got a 89% on this site, which I think is too high, and a 7.3/10 on IMDB. I'll have to go with the IMDB voters and give this a 70%. Thanks for reading, guys. Leave clean comments below.

"Go on, use the dog face. This is gonna be beautiful."
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March 5, 2011
Funny and cute, but doesnt live up to other classics. John Travolta and Miley Cyrus have great voice roles. The music is great, and the plot is just okay. The animation was pretty good, but doesnt live up to Pixar and Dreamworks. But whats great about this is that its funny, and in the end this movie rocks.
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½ August 9, 2010
Surprisingly very enjoyable!
michael e.
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December 8, 2010
the actors were chosen and matched perfectly with the characters and as a result we get a wonderful kid friendly film that is fun for all ages
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July 9, 2010
One of the better animations I have seen in a while, had the pleasure to watch it in HD, make out all the lil details, even the fur! Quite a good story line, a bit more grown up than I thought it would be. It might not be overly funny as some but I enjoyed it all the same anyway. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet!
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October 6, 2008
Extremely adorable... even made me laugh a bit.
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½ March 19, 2010
Another great piece of metafiction from Disney/Pixar. The voice cast is really good, the story nice and emotional and fun (even if fairly standard), and the animation looks great. I'll admit that I was getting pretty emotional and torn up by the end, especially since it's been almost a year since my beloved childhood cat died. This is good stuff. I really recommend it.
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January 14, 2010
From the trailer, to the big screen I knew this movie was going to be a hit!
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½ January 6, 2009
Cute! Even a few laugh-out-loud moments for moi and I'm older than Hogan's Goat (only old people know what that means).
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October 19, 2009
starting off with a brilliant premiss, that of a dog who "acts" in a tv series that he thinks is real life, the film touches on some familiar themes, but there is enough wit and invention to make this film a solid winner.

The action scenes at the beginning, only to fade to the studio control room, set the pace, and just when you think the film will bog down into the traditional "travel" flick, there still lies enough inventiveness, clever dialog and sight gags to make even the sappy song that absorbs the middle of the film seem tolerable.

If you love dogs this film has all the mannerisms laughingly down pat; and I loved the revelation from Mittens the cat - that cats don't like dogs because they envy them!
The scenes where Mittens teaches Bolt how to "be" a dog are priceless.

Good entertainment and some seriously laugh out loud moments - like Mittens playing godfather to a flock of pidgeons.
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