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December 15, 2009
A Comedy Bordering On Insanity
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August 8, 2007
Somewhat funny, but Cheech keeps hammering the title point "Born in East L.A." over our heads until it's annoying.
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½ February 26, 2007
Funny flick. I liked this one and my brother and I always watched it.
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½ January 22, 2007
pretty good movie
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April 27, 2011
easily cheech marin's hillarious and best performance he's been since up in smoke. A+
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November 13, 2008
Kinda cheesy, but Cheech Marin is so funny in this crazy comedy, as he plays Rudy, who accidently get's deported into Mexico when he forget's his ID at home. Funny scenes. ;)
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½ April 12, 2007
½ May 7, 2016
A Latino American is mistaken for an illegal immigrant and shipped off to Mexico where the comedy is he can't prove he's American. This comedy drags especially when our lead attempts his way back into the United states. It's filled with cliches and stereotypes at times but it does have it's moments.
December 2, 2010
i'll remember i seen this movie in the theater i was about 7 and i'll remember i was an afraid with rudy (cheech marin) in tattoo scene. so now im so enjoy this movie of cheech marin the starring, written, and the director this film.

this is a good funniest comedy movie of with cheech marin did great role as rudy of the character. this is the good opening credit with the red-hair female walking by. i wish tommy chong appear an cameo and tommy is to turned it down and i wish myself that he should an cameo (sadly). so this is the funny plot and paul rodriguez (javier) also starring and funniest character also role as rudy's cousin.
½ April 1, 2009
This was one of my favorite movie that I love to watch. In here, Cheech Marin plays a Chicano who is deported by mistaken identity and tries to sneak back to the US. The movie ensues in some very funny moment including some laugh out loud moments. The movie has a great theme song that will not be forgotten and at the end, I loved the way Cheech enters the US, finally! I thought Paul Rodriguez with Jesus painting scenes were lame in a way, but made me chuckle a lot and thought "oh brother." Born in East LA is a riot that'll make you sing "I was born in East LA"
December 3, 2008
I watched this movie at the prompting of my somewhat senile Dad. It's as low budget and low brow as it gets, but still couldn't help but find some parts pretty funny.
April 22, 2008
I can not count the times I have seen this movie! quite possibly my all time favorite fall back classic.
February 23, 2008
One of my favorite Post-Cheech and Chong films about a Mexican-American being mistake for an illegal alien and then deported to Mexico without a means of help from his friends or family. Soon, it is up to him to find a way back into America. Filled with laugh out loud, rolling on the fucking floor racist hilarity towards the Mexican community!!! I never knew whether to be offended or laugh my ass off, although I always wound up choosing the latter of the two. I really, really enjoy this movie!
September 20, 2007
A rather, flat and flaccid comedy -- Cheech Marin is barely an actor, and DEFINITELY not a director.
July 14, 2007
hilarious and genius. its a great story and many of its moments leave you in laughter. from "O.T.M." to cousin javier and the talking Jesus picture, there's not a dull moment in this film.
½ June 9, 2007
Funny, but runs out of material fairly quickly. Great side role for Daniel Stern, and one he normally doesn't play.
April 4, 2007
A great and funny film with Cheech Marin as a Hispanic-American mistaken for an illegal alien and gets deported to Tijuana, Mexico. Daniel Stern also stars in this film as a smuggler who ends up helping Cheech get back to the States.
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½ February 19, 2007
"If you want to be cool, first you pull your headband into the cool position. Then you just lean back, put this hand in your pocket and then you wave this hand behind you like you just cut one and you're trying to shoo away the steeench."
½ February 12, 2007
^^ hehehe this movie so funny!!!!!! Didn't get to see it all though *sobs* (It said the "F" word 6 times to many for my family to handle =P*
½ October 6, 2006
A funny Cheech without a Chong but we have Daniel Stern as his sidekick this time around. Teaching the barrio slang to the Chineese guys is just plain crazy and funny and Kamala Lopez is one hot Latin in this movie.
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