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One of the many problems, other than Damon's lack of emotion, is the fact that there's no suspense.

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Wilson Smith

what a freakin idiot...

Jun 28 - 08:33 AM

Christoph B.

Prentis Cletus

Good job, Tony. The whole movie was suspense. Great analysis.

Feb 8 - 06:52 PM

Joseph F.

Joseph Findeis

Suggest you go back to the drawing board mate

Apr 14 - 04:32 PM

rocket science

ned no

The point is he's emotionally hardened so when he does show emotion, it's a big deal. And the whole movie is suspense. You sir, have this whole movie wrong.

Apr 18 - 04:34 PM

Brian D.

Brian Dunston

Sure the movie has plausiblity issues, but the movie still delivers the action we expect. Suspension of disbelief -- see the film for what it is.

I agree that the movie lacks suspense -- but why does it need it? Hitchcock has suspense. The Bourne Identity is an action/thriller. I'm reminded of the Hitchcock metaphor that Ebert often cites -- if a bomb is under a table and doesn't explode, that's suspense; if it explodes, that's action.

I absolutely don't see a lack of emotion though, and I'm curious what you mean by it. If by "emotion" you mean excessive sappiness in a government-trained assassin then you're right, but Damon brings a powerful array of other emotions to the character - paranoia, urgency, frustration, anger - all of which drive the ACTION that makes the film enjoyable.

Nov 24 - 12:18 PM

Sebastian Montesinos

sebastian montesinos

There was no suspense? wtf

Apr 22 - 05:38 PM

Allen Y.

Allen Yang

I don't know if your brain is not rotating or something. No one really knows, but this review/short comment is pretty much one of the most pathetic ever. Lacking suspense? Is Bourne being chased by government agents and car chases, with gun fights not suspenseful enough? What do you want? A horror movie? I'm afraid not, because this is a spy thriller. Get with the program. Lacking emotion? He had feelings for the woman, aren't those feelings? He might not have cried. Why? He's a hardened and trained agent, being hunted by his own. You want him to be extremely emotional? Then change the plot completely and not call it Bourne. Otherwise keep this ridiculously invalid and pitiful half-assed review to yourself.

Apr 29 - 06:11 AM

Phill B.

Phill Basak

you are retarded.

Apr 30 - 03:04 AM

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Oh yeah, assassins are supposed to be boiling with emotion.

Aug 28 - 11:32 PM

Jon L.

Jon Lau

You didn't watch the movie at all did ya?

what a retarded critic!!!

Feb 23 - 11:34 AM

Zachary Palaszewski

Zachary Palaszewski

what movie were you watching?

Apr 10 - 02:46 AM

Zeng Yi

Zeng Yi

Say not that there is no suspense. Say that you are simply of the same mind as the director.

Aug 19 - 08:03 AM

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