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August 1, 2013
The Bourne Identity is a clever action/thriller that is well blended in regards to the formulaic tone within the script. Matt Damon is impressive in Doug Liman's film of a super agent who has no knowledge of his identity and his ventures to avoid trouble and gain it back. 4/5
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½ November 15, 2006
A fishing vessel rescues a bullet-riddled amnesiac from the ocean and upon reaching shore, he discovers that not only is he a world class ass kicker but nearly every government agency in the world seems to want him dead. Along with Ronin, The Bourne Identity heralded a new era of high octane grittiness for the action thriller and a decade on, it actually stands up pretty well. Of course the "hi tec" aspects look a little dated, but it's still a breathlessly exciting conspiracy thriller that dispenses with any irrelevances and gets straight down to the bare bones of a tire screeching, bone crunching rollercoaster ride. Matt Damon is the perfect combination of hard case and bemused victim and Franka Potente makes a much more interesting romantic interest than the generic dead-eyed bimbette that usually adorns this kind of thing. It all looks a bit familiar in this day and age, but this was one of the originals and is still the best Bourne film in my opinion.
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August 26, 2007
16/02/2013 (Online)
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½ January 5, 2007
the more i consider and watch this series, the more i like it. like bob dylan on rock and folk music, and die hard on action films of the 90's, this series has its fingerprints all over action films since its release in 2002. one of the best action films of its decade.
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July 21, 2011
Bourne is the American Bond.

Not only is this film smart for the genre it's forced to work in, its protagonist has dimension, and the story? Just as mysterious and thrilling as the action. Truly an engaging experience that transcends the average expectations of an "action flick"
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½ September 25, 2010
As a man wakes up after being lost at sea, he has no memory of what his past has been that lead up to this moment. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) must search for his identity, while being hunted by the government, after a failed project known as Tread stone. This film is brilliantly paced and the story is far more original than I expected it to be. That being said, there is a lot of promise that this film has and by the end of the film, you can only hope that it delivers, and oh my god does it ever. The action sequences are awesome, the hand-to-hand choreographed fights are note-worthy, and the acting, for all it can be, is fantastic. The end of the film pretty much gives you all the answers you need, but even during the awesome action sequences, I was really hoping for more Bourne characterization. "The Bourne Legacy" is one hell of a thrill ride!
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August 7, 2012
Friday marks the day where we can no longer refer to it as the "Bourne Trilogy", so I better go back and rewatch the previous three Bourne movies to prepare myself for the fourth one. The Bourne Identity starts off with Jason Bourne being lost at sea, hes wounded and he has amnesia. So now Bourne begins his journey to find out who he is, but along the way he's tracked down by security who want him dead. While on the run, he finds out he has a lot of skills like martial arts for example. One thing this movie did really well was making the audience actually care for Jason Bourne. I was just as interested in resolving the issue as much as the character and that was handled really well. I really like Matt Damon as well. The character could've easily been some bad acting muscle guy, but we got Matt Damon and he was great in his role. The best thing the movie really had going was the intrique. Like I said, I couldn't be more invested into the plot and the movie's intrique just helps the movie along with a nice pace. It's a mystery and suspense movie, but it's also a great action movie. Between all the interesting dialogue scenes there's some action scenes that are just awesome. There are car chases, shootouts, fist fighting, the movie supplies enough to any action fan. The action isn't just average "fight scene, slow dialogue, fight scene, boring ass characters". The movie has action that excells. When a fight scene looks like it's over, something happens and the action just picks up and it's really exciting. As expected in any action film, there's going to be some romantic aspect and there is. Bourne comes across a german gypsie and theu fall in love. Surprisingly, I wasn't bored with the romance. As a matter of fact, I welcomed in in some way because the movie itself needs stuff to make it flow better, and it wasn't done in a formulaic way like with most other action movies. By the end of the movie, you're most likely going to be left with the feeling of sadness because the movie actually has to come to and end, but it's also a gratifying watch because it's not just a basic, grade-B action flick. If you've ever seen a spoof movie and they're spoofing some kind of action scene, it's probably going to be from The Bourne Identity. The movie is one of the best thriller/action/mystery movies out there, the acting was great, the action was superb, the intrique was executed perfectly, it's tense as hell, it's well written and paced and it's just a solid action film that is more than capable of being awesome entertainment.
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½ August 7, 2012
I remember when this came in the Summer of 2002, everyone was talking about a Vin Diesel movie called "xXx" and how he was the new action guy. But, no one was talking about "Bourne Identity". I mean, Matt Damon as an action hero? Please, he is just good at math("Good Will Hunting" joke). Then it came out and "xXx" kinda sucked, and "Bourne" was amazing, and everything you could want in an action movie. You have espionage, action, car chases, shoot-outs, and a great story to boot. Damon stars as Jason Bourne, a mane who gets shot twice in the back and dumped into the sea. He awakes on a fishing boat with no memory of who is at all. All he has are his instincts, and his instincts are to be a bad-a** highly trained assassin. As he tries to figure out who he is, he is on the run from the CIA in Europe with the help of a German gypsy named Marie. The performances and the directing are all top notch. This really put Damon back on the map as a true Hollywood star. If you have never seen this, then go get a copy or ask me how to stream it, because you need to watch this! If you have, then do what I'm doing and revisit this before you watch the new. Movie gets better and better with each watching, year after year.
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September 18, 2010
An espionage thriller that realistically seems stationed in the real world.

With an outstanding performance by Matt Damon, a sharp script, a narrative plays a balancing act between romance, action, and tension, and powerful action sequences that carry both brawn and brain, "The Bourne Identity" acts as a spring-cleaning of what we know of Hollywood-ized CIA thrillers. Of course, "Supremacy" and "Ultimatum" packed in more of a visceral punch towards its action sequences, but what "Identity" did was build a narrative foundation that the rest of the iterations could build upon. And what a foundation it is. There seemingly doesn't seem to be a dull moment in this clever but bold action thriller. Doug Liman is definitely lacking in terms of technicalities compared to Paul Greengrass (evidently shown in many of the fight scenes and the mini cooper chase sequence), but "Identity" still stands up there with the likes of the many exceptional espionage films. Plus, it has one of the most memorable spy vs. spy, wits vs. wits action scenes involving Damon and Clive Owen.

"The Bourne Identity". It's a must watch and a hell of a good time.
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October 20, 2006
The Bourne Identity is without a doubt one of the coolest CIA espionage thrillers that I've seen in a long time. It outdoes most of the James Bond and all of the Jack Ryan movies with its fast paced storytelling, amazing action sequences, and gripping, edge of your seat drama that is the staple of all the best action pictures.
Matt Damon is perfectly cast. The movie starts with Damon as Jason Bourne, shot twice in the back and left for dead in the ocean. Waking up on a shipping vessel, Bourne has no idea who he is but realizes he possesses the ability to speak multiple languages, can analyze every room he's in to the most minute detail, and could kick the crap out of pretty much anybody, even if they were to gang up on him. As he tries to figure it all out, the CIA realizes he isn't dead and commences a plan to dispose of him before his memory returns. But Bourne is too smart despite not knowing his real identity. He pays a German invalid named Marie Kreutz (played by sexy Franka Potente) to drive him to Paris. From there, they are pursued by assassins from all over, and as they struggle to avoid being captured or killed, a romance blossoms.
The chemistry between Damon and Potente is great. Both actors are able to tap into the vulnerability of their characters and their own individual wants. Of course it's an action movie and it's typically formulaic for the guy and the girl to fall hopelessly in love, but the actors make it much more believable, so it doesn't feel like the film is just going through the motions.
Much credit goes to the director Doug Liman who is very proficient at balancing all the aspects of the cat and mouse chase between the CIA and Jason Bourne. This film spans a lot of locations - from Zurich, Paris, to Virginia - and it never once feels convoluted or confusing. The audience is never confused as to how each character fits into the puzzle, and just enough information is left out to hold interest for the outcome.
And of course the fight scenes are simply astounding. The choreography involves a lot of hand to hand combat that moves fast and is often staged in close quarters, keeping Bourne and his adversaries trapped in an enclosed area that warrants such close hand to hand combat. It's almost like elements of a martial arts film have been lifted into the espionage plot, creating a movie that you can watch for its exhilarating action scenes as much as for its intelligent story.
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December 11, 2011
The first of the Bourne series is a thrilling but forgettable action conspiracy film. Matt Damon performs excellently as he did in Ocean's Eleven and Good Will Hunting. It's not as good as these movies because for an action movie it can be a bit slow but The Bourne Identity is nonetheless an entertaining bond style action flick.
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July 25, 2006
A good series starter. Clever and interesting.
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½ August 5, 2011
Best suspense/mystery/thriller franchise out there! This thing delivers.
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May 4, 2011
The Bourne Identity loosely based on the bestseller by Robert Ludlum (I say loosely because the books and the films are highly different. is one of the most energetic action spy films to ever grace the screen. The cast assembled here is an incredible cast of talented actors. In the lead is Matt Damon who gives one of his best performances of his career. Starring alongside him are Chris Cooper and Brian Cox who play Ted Conklin and Ward Abbott. Two men who hunt Jason Bourne an amnesiac spy who has no idea who he really is. The Bourne Identity is a phenomenal spy thriller, not perfect, but not terrible. The film is excellent actually and is almost flawless. But as proven with the sequels, the sequels have surpassed this film only because we find out more about the history of Jason Bourne, and theres a lot more story development to that effect. The Bourne Identity is a top notch spy thriller than will hold you in suspense throughout the film. At first I have to admit I really didn't care for this film, but after viewing it a few times after its initial release, I concluded it was a superb film with awesome thrills and action. If you're an espionage film fan or you're fascinated or read works on the CIA and are an absolute junkie on espionage stuff (like I am) I highly recommend this awesome spy Thriller.
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April 1, 2011
An intelligent and well-written action thriller offering a unique mix of action and suspense, with a admirable performance from Matt Damon.
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½ March 5, 2011
Amazing, thats just one word for it. It lets go as we watch secrets unfold as the series begins. My only problem is you have to pay attention maybe too much. Besides this what a intense and awesome movie. Damon is Bourne.
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½ February 20, 2011
Thanks to Robert Ludlum's novel, Doug Liman gets a successful spy thriller attached to his name known as The Bourne Identity.The 110 minute story wastes no time by unleashing the mystery and intrigue from the get go. The nice thing is that the film keeps it this way through the final act. There is a steady flow to the picture as the pacing isn't too slow nor too fast. It is just right and there always seems to be something happening within the story.Intertwined throughout the picture are various action sequences. The choreography for the hand to hand combat is noteworthy and the same can be said about the gun play. To top it all off, the film throws in a car chase as well.Matt Damon steps into Jason Bourne's shoes without much difficulty and proves that he is a suitable choice for a film of this caliber. The lovely Franka Potente is also a good companion to Damon.To sum it all up, The Bourne Identity contains all the makings of a good spy thriller. This is a movie that is easily recommendable.
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½ January 22, 2011
Plot: A man is picked up by a fishing boat, bullet-riddled and without memory, then races to elude assassins and recover from amnesia.

This movie is based off of Robert Ludlum's novels with the same title. The film stars Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, the fighting man with memory loss.

I'd like to point out that this is an outstanding start in the Bourne trilogy. I also think that this is the best of the three.

My favorite Bourne movies (In order)
1. The Bourne Identity
2. The Bourne Ultimatum
3. The Bourne Supremacy

This was a great movie for many reasons. It could be Doug Liman's genius directing techniques, it could be the fantastic script, or it could be the action sequences. All of those are great, but I think that Matt Damon's performance seals the deal making Bourne the most badass rebel ever.

The music in this is great. I'm really glad that they used Moby's "Extreme" in it. It went along smoothly with the film. You should really check out the soundtrack!

The screenplay is phenomenal, written by Tony Gilroy, who wrote the screenplays for the entire Bourne trilogy, and also wrote and directed Michael Clayton, which I've been dying to see.

Overall, this is a very well done film. Matt Damon shines as Jason Bourne and the action sequences are as exciting as the first Matrix movie.

Grade: A-
Marc L.
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February 11, 2011
Though the movie lacks many of the characters and scenes from the original, it's still an amazing film. I could tell from the first 5 seconds of this movie that is was going to have a mysterious, smart feel to it. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did.

The best part of the movie is easily the story. Jason isn't your classic spy. He doesn;t use fancy gadgets, he doesn't have anybody working with him, and he doesn;t have a very good repuation. He has two different sides. First there's the tough, cold blooded assassin side we see when he fights the Frenchmen in his apartment room and when he is in the field with the sniper. But he also has very moral qualities, like when he refuses to kill Wambosi because his daughter is there.

Matt Damon's acting might be on par with Leo DeCaprio's in Titanic. It's almost hard to believe he read it of the script! He played every aspect of Bourne's personality to a hilt. His menace, his kindness, and sometimes his slight insanity. The guy who played Conklin did a good job too. He played Conklin as a cold, mysterious man whose only concern is saving his own skin, and that is the perfect mold for a villain.

The fight scenes came at just the right moments too. In most of them, there was a lot on tension before Bourne, or the person trying to kill him, struck. That is muy importante for a spy thriller.

Though the movie sacrifices many central themes in the book, it's a wonderful story. I'd reccomend it to not only action fans, but movie fans in general. A masterpiece. Well done Damon, well done.
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November 18, 2009
Definitely what I consider to be the best and most interesting of the three, it's just such a great story and execution. This is able to cover so much ground and have so many characters and subplots yet still feels grounded in reality and well-paced. It's unfair to call this the American James Bond, in no way does Jason Bourne want to be a killer or a spy. He really just wants to be left alone. So in that respect, this works so well as an action mystery; a genre that doesn't have many to its name. Doug Liman directs this movie flawlessly and brings class to what could have been a simple shoot 'em up or hokey thriller. Matt Damon also contributes to the legitimacy, as does the rest of the cast. This is such a rare find, a popular movie that actually delivers ten fold.
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